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Pictures Tell a Thousand Words
Contest Holder Ramsus*
Challenger SL_YT
Challenger Wu Lin
Challenger Ciro
Challenger Ivy Starr
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Pictures Tell a Thousand Words

Pictures Tell a Thousand Words

Submission Closed

I will pick a simple picture and then you have to try to write a beautiful short story relating to that picture in some way. I am not putting any requirements on the short stories, only that they intrigue, interest, and emotionally stimulate me. I understand that everyone has a different writing style, but what I'm looking for here is the hint that you were thoroughly prepared before writing. I will not judge anyone's writing, nor should anyone else. This contest is for those who take pride in their work and want to share their pride with the world. I want to see some brains in action. After this being said I want everyone to have fun! If I get enough support in this contest I will do a new contest every week where people can attempt to beat me in a beautiful romance, fantasy, action, etc. short story. I will leave the voting up to the public, just like whatever pieces you enjoy the most and at the end of the week I will consider these likes, and my opinion, and make my decision.

                                       Most Beautiful Wallpapers Ever (74+ images)

The first image titled "Chill". Write a short story emulating your thoughts, emotions, and feelings on "Chill". Good luck!

Total Reading Time: 25 minutes


Ramsus - That is the image title. That image doesn't belong to me, but my friend, who made it, said that the title of it was "Chill". It's just the name of the picture, it adds no meaning to the contest. :)
1 year ago
LovelyBacon - lol, I meant chill as "cold" or chill as "we chill bro?"
1 year ago
Ramsus - @LovelyBacon, Take a look at that picture and you tell me ;)
1 year ago
LovelyBacon - what is the meaning of chill in that context?
1 year ago