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Unwanted Luna

After meeting his soulmate, Axel is disappointed by the woman who he has been paired up with. Axel has always been a bit of a Casanova, more interested in the physical side of a relationship then the mental side. His soulmate has trespassed into his territory in a broken and unrecognisable state. She was a part of an experiment by humans to test humans and werewolf pairing. Now that she’s escaped, she is pregnant, alone and confused. Not used to the customs of the real world.

The two must be patient and kind to one another. Axel is very threatening to her and she is everything he doesn’t want in a woman. He is cold and uncaring. He doesn’t realise how hurtful his harsh words are for her.

he learns and develops with her. There bond is unstable and could crash at anytime because of Axels desire for popularity and power. Where as all his soulmate wants is a quiet and normal life where she can be free of others judgments and eyes.

authors note; 

Just a little note here, I will upload every few days. Generally I write the book during my work breaks so I spend a 10/20 mins at a time on it. It’s the only time I want to escape into another world. So I’m more creative then. Please enjoy the book and help me improve it. I’m not an aspiring writer, I just want to do something anonymously. Thanks x