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    Hi, I am Maaya for Penana and I love to write out my imagination with colourful words. I am an easy-go person and definitely not all the time. Do read my story and comment on the same to explore a beautiful experience.
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Neezhi Palace

NEEZHI PALACE is the abandoned area where no one enters because of the belief that it is haunted by the devil called Neezhi. No one knows what happened there before ages. 

Leela and Laila are twin daughters of Inayat Kaleel who is the Ruler of Praja Kingdom. Inayat Kaleel is very particular to get her daughter married to the Prince of Thilwar Kingdom and only God knows why. On the other hand, Raghava Shamshi who is actually the son of a farmer got trapped between the events and became the savior of the bride. 

How Raghav Got trapped between this and whom he saved from the danger? what is the connection between Raghav and Neezhi Palace? How Raghav met the love of his life? Will his love be an angel or satan? 

Read the Story to know the answers and I am sure you will enjoy the story by diving into the deep feelings.

Warning: This story will run slow due to its plotline and have the patience to read the story with abnormal twists and turns. Some of the scenes may appear similar to any factual incidents and I assure you that all such things are completely a coincidence. 

Do vote and comment on my story which I encourage with an open heart and avoid copying my story or any characters which are not so good for a gentleman or a superwoman.

Thank you my lovely readers.

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