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Submission Closed


Rewrite a story in any genre! I want to hear your version of a story you've grown up hearing or just thought was interesting! It can be a fairytale/folktale, a ballet, a song, or any other type of story you can think of!

Edit: Since I've recieved 4 questions about what is acceptable source material within the last 24 hours, I just want to make it super, extremely clear that you can write about anything you want. Anything at all. Only rule is that it has to be a retelling of something. Your options are practically limitless. :)


1. Please refrain from retelling any well-known Grimm/Perault stories: Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow white, etc.

2. Word Count is unlimited! Go nuts!

3. I set the rating at PG-13, but as long as you don't go overboard, I really couldn't care less what you decide to put in your story. You're the writer, after all!

4. Any format is accepted too. Poems, short stories, anything.


The three winners will get a secret prize sent to them!

Most importantly, be creative and have fun! ;)

Total Reading Time: 58 minutes


Anastasiabelle - Is Alice in Wonderland alright?
5 years ago
Ari Finn - I haven't seen many retellings of that, so sure! Go ahead! :)
5 years ago
shnuffeluv - Is Anderson an acceptable fairy tale maker? I want a modern twist on of his fairy tales, but I'm not sure if he counts as a popular fairy tale writer.
5 years ago
Ari Finn - Could you tell me what story you have in mind?
5 years ago
shnuffeluv - @Ari-Ink98, "The Wild Swans"
5 years ago
Ari Finn - @shnuffeluv, yeah, that's fine! I just didn't want something like "The Little Mermaid". :)
5 years ago
Davrielle - What about The Lady of Shalott? I have ideas brewing around it :)
5 years ago
Ari Finn - Yep! Go for it! I'm excited to see what you come up with!
5 years ago
sar-low - Am I able to use a Franz Kafka story? He was an amazing author and I have one in mind that I want to retell anyway.
5 years ago
Ari Finn - Absolutely! Can't wait to read it!
5 years ago
Davrielle - If it's The Metamorphosis, that would be incredible to read. I love that short story! 

5 years ago
sar-low - @Davrielle, I loved the Metamorphosis! but I was going to rewrite "The Hunger Artist". I really like Franz Kafka I was in a short story reading class and we read his writing for 2 months it was great!
5 years ago
Elliot White - What kind of stories are we talking about, other than fairy tales? I know a lot of Indonesian folk stories that probably deserve one or two retellings, would that count?
5 years ago
Ari Finn - That would absolutely count! That's actually what I'm looking for. When I say retellings, I mean really ANY story that you can think of. Folktales are encouraged!
5 years ago