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Writer hanshy
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On May 5th, 2020, an innocent black man was MURDERED in broad daylight by Eric Chauvin and two other police officers who held him down. 

This innocent man's name was George Floyd. George Floyd is a father and a HUMAN BEING. 

Somebody was MURDERED on video, in front of people, in broad daylight, in America.

Social media influences, artists, and many other people came together and protested against this.

These murders have been going on since the birth of our nation.

Our country has racism built into the system.

There were so many lives taken from people of color and many white people get away with MURDER using their white privilege. 

Mr.Floyd was pinned down and murdered.

He was pleading for his life saying "I can't breathe."

Seventeen minutes after the first squad car arrived George Floyd was unconscious and pinned beneath three officers, showing no signs of life.

Read this in order to educate yourself about ways you can help, donate, and inform yourself on the lives that were stolen. Those people did NOT deserve to die.

I stand in solidarity with the protesters as a part of the black community.

I support the black lives matter movement.





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BedazzledBlue - I think that white people don't want to say anything because we're worried that we will say the wrong thing or that we'll offend someone. But that isn't an excuse. Black people are getting murdered in the streets by police officers. We can't stay silent. We need to be willing to take the risk of saying something and then going back and correcting it. And while many white people are coming to FINALLY realize that they want to learn, that doesn't mean that black people are ready to teach. We're asking how we can help-- but black people have told us so many times and we simply aren't listening. They're tired of standing alone. We haven't been there for them when they needed our help. Black lives don't just matter when they're dying-- they matter all the time. So we need to be there for them all the time, every day, fighting for their rights. Our whole system is drowning in racism and white supremacy and its downfall is long overdue. We're literally being told what we can do and where we can donate to, petitions we can sign and anti-racist groups we can join. All of it is right in front of us-- so why don't we start doing something? 

Thank you hansy for gathering all of these resources, this is so helpful and inspiring. I have been and will be fighting alongside you every day.
3 weeks agoreply

hanshy - Thank you so much! I was inspired last night when I watched a thirty-minute video on all the lives that were taken by white police officers and random white men. It made me cry because I myself am half black and half Asian so it really made me sad. I have experienced racism and it is not pleasant. I have also seen white privilege being used and abused. I think if everyone came together to solve the problem then it can definitely be fixed. I just don't understand how this has been going on for so long. I don't blame white people, I blame the system. Racism is built into our system. It's sad and shameful.

Please everyone, If you want to help sign some of the petitions, donate to a go fund me or the BLM foundation. if you don't have money to spare then I've included some way that you can donate WITHOUT money!

Please share this blog!

I love each and every person regardless of size, shape, race, and gender!

I, however, DO NOT support white supremacy KKK groups for that is a hate crime and an abuse of the 1st amendment. That is not freedom of speech that is threatening and frightening fellow citizens.

I also implore the importance of PEACEFUL, NON-VIOLENT protesting! It helps and it shows people that we are willing to come together as one and fight injustice!

PEACEFUL protesting! No looting, violence, or killing like what some of the police officers and military officers are doing right now. If you see injustice during protesting, fil it and share it for others to see and take an example from!

I love you all! 💖❤

Stay safe!
3 weeks agoreply

Maddy - I am on your side. #BLACKSAREHUMANSTOO
3 weeks agoreply

hanshy - https://nymag.com/strategist/article/where-to-donate-for-black-lives-matter.html
3 weeks agoreply

Mahnoor - I am with u!!!
3 weeks agoreply