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    Hey! I’m Em, but I go by dieFabuliererin :)

    I’ve just finished studying English Literature, Philosophy, Religious Studies and German, I want to study History and Modern Languages at university, but I’m taking a gap yah (if you know then you know :P) which gives me time to work and write (yayyyyy!!)

    I’m British and American, so there will be a mixture of terms used in my work. I may say 'couch' in one chapter but 'sofa' in another, all the while meaning the same thing.
    Generally, I spell words the British way as I've always went to school in England.

    You can find me under the same name, on a variety of writing platforms: Fanfiction. Net, FictionPress, Quotev, Archive of Our Own, Wattpad, Penana, Sweek and Inkitt.

    Find my playlists on Spotify: ‘Unapologetically Female’ (all female artists, empowering af), ‘you’re not sorry’ (sad love) and ‘the best part of me is you’ (happy love).

    Yours truly, dieFabuliererin
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The Alpha's Son and His Rogue Mate

Tommy is the future Alpha of Firestone Pack, but he's far from leader material. In fact, Tommy doesn't even want to take his father's position; he'd much rather his headstrong sister do it. It would take a miracle to turn him into an Alpha.

What if that miracle happens to be a rogue wolf?

Briony is a one woman army. Barely seventeen, she manages several jobs to keep her three younger siblings fed and clothed. She tries to stay out of the way of packs due to trust issues, but she must steal from them in order to survive. It's not the life she wants, but it's the life she had to choose when her parents left. 

What will happen when the Firestone Pack finally capture this troublesome rogue and find out what she and her siblings have been through? Can they trust her? Can she trust them? 

Will Briony and Tommy become beacons of hope for each other? Or will their different upbringings and beliefs cause a divide between the strongest bond of all? The mate bond.

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