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Total Drama Island: Survival of the Talented
Co-Writer SparkleCadet*
Idea Contributor T. S. Stone
Idea Contributor Rehi_Story
Beta Reader Joshua Adam Stevens
Beta Reader HoneyBee
Co-Writer BadasBellatrix
Co-Writer Bethany Joy Swaney
Full House
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Total Drama Island: Survival of the Talented
Total Drama Island: Survival of the Talented

 The world is filled with wonderful and mystical sights. I lived in the country of fiore where magic was used almost everyday. So when 1 day a reality tv show host offers gives my friends and I the chance to participate in a reality show, I'm excited for the opportunity to take a break from it all but that is far from the case........

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters except Besty and other OCs.....

Total Reading Time: 3 hours 17 minutes


Joshua Adam Stevens -

So, I read All of total drama island and I guess I’d like to start off by
saying that I’ve seen all 5 seasons, including the two spin offs. Right off the
bat it made sense the direction you were going. I saw a comment where someone
said they were confused in the first two issues you wrote, but I never suffered
from any confusion (lol) and found that it flowed very well. There were some
parts with extended dialogue where quotations were missing but that’s not a big
deal at this stage. I like that a lot of the story is told through dialog and
it really brings the characters to life. Even though I’m a nobody, I see a lot
of potential with this going forward. As the issues go on your chapters start
to become longer which is good. I like longer chapters personally. Overall, I
was very impressed! :] I hope you keep crankin out material!

1 month agoreply

SparkleCadet - Thanks for your feedback
3 months agoreply

Bethany Joy Swaney - Not to bad. I was already confused in the first two issues though, and I saw a decent amount of grammar issues that didn’t help much with my confusion. Transitioning between speakers, and places were also hard to follow. The last thing is it felt to fast paced for me, and didn’t have enough world setting detail.
However, don’t take this to hard. It’s your first book. It’s not that bad either. Just the main points that need work in future pieces is, speaking transitions, better detailing of the surrounding place(s), and grammar work. Otherwise you have the fundamentals for making great books down. Keep it up. 
3 months agoreply

BadasBellatrix - I can't stop reading it
4 months agoreply

SparkleCadet - Thanks! Glad you like it!☺☺
4 months agoreply

Nashe☆Mel - Great start!
4 months agoreply

SparkleCadet - Thanks NasheMel 😘
4 months agoreply

Nashe☆Mel - @SparkleCadet,anytime❤
4 months agoreply