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    Jesse Wolfes
    Jesse Wolfes
    Hello! I am Yellow! It is not my birth name but it is a name I chose. I am an author of gay books, though possibly I will write straight romance as well. I can also write other books based on your preference. I am a high school student and my favorite color is yellow. I love wolves and chicken tenders. I hope you enjoy my books!
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Yellow Eyes

Those Yellow Eyes have followed me everywhere since I've moved here.

And I can't get them out of my head.


Blue Myers has moved to sunny California after the death of his parents, and now he lives with his Grandma. After some weird incidences and a boy that is constantly around him since he arrived, what else could go weird for Blue?

Dexter Hendricks seems like any normal, empty headed jock but..that's not really the case. After sensing his mate in the city and even noticing him at school, Dexter can't not be around him. Yet, he needs to keep the fact that he is a werewolf a secret. Not just his secret too. Almost the whole school is full of werewolves. But it seems like those secret walls just come crashing down.

Blue has to make a choice. A choice that could change his life forever.