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    Rhys A. Dagwood
    Rhys A. Dagwood
    Rhys A. Dagwood, pronounced Reese, is an African-American author of fiction specializing in epic/high fantasy. She does, however, dabble in other subgenres. Her aim is to inspire all those who come across her work with the words she pens in her various novels and short stories. She is sharing some of her work for free using various platforms as a way to grow her audience and she hopes you all enjoy what you read!

    Site: https://booksbyrhys.carrd.co
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How Her Hair Turned Red
PG-13 Completed


"We are coming for you...


Evil isn't born, it's created.

Singing used to be a joyous affair. Everyone lifting their voices to the water's surface during all the festivals and whenever the mood struck. Merpeople from all the oceans came together to sing and commune with their ancestors every fifth blue moon until the Wraith War destroyed merfolk and humans alike.

Ayriel hasn't used her voice ever since the destruction of her home. Assuming she is the last of her kind, she's surprised to meet Tristan, a merman with a powerful method for bending others to his will.

A different tailspin on The Little Mermaid.


Inspired by The Little Mermaid and Come Away to the Water by Maroon 5 and Rozzi Crane, this short story was written in 2017 and kept in its original state.