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Should We Just Be Friends?
Writer Doclov
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Should We Just Be Friends?
Should We Just Be Friends?

What is the most precious gift that life gives you? A friend who stands by you through thick and thin, when you make a fool of yourself while trying to impress members of the opposite sex, when you are drunk and don't know which direction is home, and yes, when you have a broken heart and wonder why life still goes on. The list is endless but we all get the picture. While it is the love of your life that gets your heart beating and blood pumping, your friends are there to support you during the wooing phase, when all you can think and dream about is that one special person and they are there when you cannot understand what went wrong. 

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Sometimes relationships just are not a match, there seems to be something missing. What makes it even more difficult to understand is that you really like, or even love, your partner. It may actually be better to say goodbye to a lukewarm romance and shake hands with a roaring friendship that you know is meant to last forever. So how do you decide if you should just be friends? 


You really like each other but there isn't enough passion in the relationship. Instead, what you have is comfortable companionship, which, though nice, cannot replace a romance that sets you afire. Do you find yourself spending your evenings watching your favorite game or sitcom, discussing how the day went, comfortable in each other's company without having much physical contact? 

Physical Contact

The warm hugs you share are great but the kisses aren't really doing anything for you. If you have slept together, it has just made things awkward and you really are not sure how to behave. Apart from the physical part of the relationship, you both get along really well. 

Comfort Zone

Both of you share a unique comfort zone and can be yourselves without needing to impress each other. You have common interests and attitudes and he or she enjoys doing things together that your former partners avoided. They may actually be the person you would think of first if you had two courtside tickets to the next NBA game. While the comfort level is high in the relationship, your partner does not really do anything for you in the sensual sense. 


There is a quiet understanding between you, which cannot be explained. Unlike your ex, your partner understands when you are working late or out with friends. You give each other space and intimacy is not an issue. Bonding is something that comes naturally to you and you don't have to work on it. These are all good traits that you also want in a mate, but you must also have that spark to make the relationship work. 

Many times it is difficult to pinpoint what it is that attracts you to a person. Just as difficult, is figuring out how you can really like and even love someone, but only on a platonic level. Blame it on pheromones or on destiny, some relationships just are not a match and, in fact, friendship is not an alternative but the only choice you may have.

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