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    T. S. Stone
    T. S. Stone
    Heyo, you can call me Small or Stone. I write mostly kids books or books for young teens. I try to be original in my works and I encourage others to be as well! I don't write romance or overly mature books. I also don't read romance or overly mature books. Basically I would like to read books that are similar to what I write. I look forward to writing as a career and doing a lot of illustrations and maybe even animation.
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Biddle's Burgers

Biddle's is hiding something sinister. The manager is putting on an act. Pretending that people don't go missing there. Pretending that there isn't a grotesque monster in the dumpster. She denies it all in the face of the public.

Casey, the newly hired cashier, knows snooping around is rude, but she soon learns that if she doesn't, she could become a part of Biddle's Burgers forever.

As monsters torment Casey and the manager tries to make her an accomplice in the restaurant's twisted crimes, Casey finds clues as to what's really happening at Biddle's. However, the manager intends on keeping Biddle's secrets secret, even if it means "firing" an employee.

This story is a surreal and uncanny work. Silly and odd things are taken seriously to produce a humorous effect. Please enjoy.