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Hope’s Bright!
Co-Writer Cynderz*
Beta Reader Kitty
Beta Reader err0r4o4
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Hope’s Bright!
Hope’s Bright!
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The Reason I Fight
Aug 31, 2016
13 Mins Read
Comments ( 5 )
Dlofc84 - I tried to leave this last night but the site or my internet had difficulties but no worries. I think the chapter was excellent all the way to the last sentence. You need to nix it out and that information can be revealed through another mysterious means VIA CSOG assassin knowing more of Ray's abilities and how to neutralize them. Other than that, you were right about Ray's growth in this chapter. He flagged during part of the fight but the only thing that kept him from defeat was fear of losing. Now that he has won such as major victory he seems to be walking taller, Pennie, though she is being more mature, still has not lost that wonderful heart of gold.
7 months agoreply

Cynderz - Im glad you liked it. At this point Ray’s abilities that he had in the past are just starting to return. Each battle he becomes stronger, but each enemy begins to know more about Ray and his abilities. In the final arc (i think its the last ten chapters) two character arrive that are able to predict Ray’s moves and neutralise him as you want. One i particular knows so much that he is able to get Ray to the point he cant get back back up. (Its happens in the chapter I’m writing at this very moment) 
7 months agoreply

Cynderz - A question to all those reading. 

 If there’s a traitor, who do you think it would be. Or do you think Mr Raynhart lying to throw Pennie of her game. 

Comment your answer bellow.
7 months agoreply

Cynderz - Pennie has been a really hard character to write about. When I get to a Pennie section I often get stuck 😑
3 years agoreply

Flow - Pennie's a bit of a weak character smh. I suggest some character development, but otherwise great chapter!
3 years agoreply