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Hope’s Bright!
Co-Writer Cynderz*
Beta Reader Kitty
Beta Reader err0r4o4
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Hope’s Bright!
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Awakening Disaster
Jan 4, 2017
11 Mins Read
Comments ( 4 )
Dlofc84 - My first thought that I had to scurry to the bottom of the page and jot down was: Dimentros is loud, obnoxious, annoying and well hilarious. I like him a lot and he is competing for my top spot for the favorite character now. I see the growing tension for leadership between the two natural leaders, lynx and Ray. Poor Pennie still does not want to admit her feelings and is stuck between insult or adore and then you have the little brother figure to Ray in Noah. I am still working on him. Slowly my suspicion is being confirmed though! Sorry for the delay on the review life is a wee busy but I missed my little walk I normally take. I really do mean I missed it.
2 months agoreply

Cynderz - It's interesting hearing about who's the favourite characters, since everyone had a different opinion. There is one thing that people seem to agree on which ends up being a strong dislike for Lynx (My youngest brother constantly asks me to kill him) Tension between him and Ray will keep growing until Lynx says something unforgivable. Unfortunately Noah is my least developed character. I've been able to add a few bits about him but not much in this book. I once considered getting rid of him but Ray really needs him and decided against it in the end
2 months agoreply

Dlofc84 - @Cynderz, Everyone needs a sibling like person to lean on, especially those who have lost the most. Ray seems to depend on him to keep sane at times
2 months agoreply

Cynderz - @Dlofc84,that is very true. Without Noah, Ray wouldn’t be who he is now
2 months agoreply