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Hopes Bright! Heal the Heart
Co-Writer Azaliea*
Beta Reader E. Scott
Beta Reader Kitty
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Hopes Bright! Heal the Heart
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Celebrations and Reservations
Sep 14, 2016
13 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!MlBl3CKFgPNH3b5CgPkgposted on PENANA

Asteria Cathedral had been deck out in sparkling material, multi-coloured balloons, and fairy lights. It was so beautiful it made Pennie’s red silk dress look dull. She gazed at the lovely party atmosphere in the huge space. As Asteria cathedral was created with magic, it had been turned into one giant room, which was what it was probably like in the first place. It actually shocked her that the cathedral was still in one piece after all of the fighting that had occurred. It was to believe that in the past few weeks that she had defeated her Uncle and fought with Noori to defeat Blaze It almost seemed like a distant dream as she watched the people inside smile and laughed joyfully.117Please respect copyright.PENANAkavlVg3uGv
copyright protection113PENANAbXl8Y6UmAM

“It’s quite amazing isn’t it.” Someone said as they put their hands on her shoulders. She turned to see Noori standing next to her with a huge smile, “The people in Asteria are really good at throwing parties.”copyright protection113PENANAcm8OHbrsQH

Pennie jumped backwards in shock, “What the hell are you doing here?!” she shouted.copyright protection113PENANAhEplPvX5kh

Nooriya blinked at her in surprise, “I was invited, after all.” he claimed. “I don’t destroy things everywhere I go. It’s not like they’d not invite me just cause of that.”copyright protection113PENANAmvfIEdPyAp

“No, I mean you’re injured, you should be resting,” Pennie explained.copyright protection113PENANAlNMtBtE2Wv

“Nah, I’m fine now, it doesn’t hurt anymore” he smiled scratching his head.copyright protection113PENANAKe9azZFx50

Pennie sighed. She almost didn’t recognise him at first. It surprised her that he had actually dressed nicely for the occasion. His light blue shirt was properly buttoned, and he wore proper dress pants; However, his hair still stuck out messily like it always did. Pennie found this as a relief. She didn’t think Nooriya would be the same without his wild hair and ambitious smile.copyright protection113PENANAPsw4aai0JS

“What?” Noori asked narrowing his eyes at her.copyright protection113PENANAp4GcxhFckC

“ah-ah-ah N-nothing” Pennie stuttered realising that she had been staring at him.copyright protection113PENANAH5RRgrRVYW

“Then what ya waiting for?!” he exclaimed grabbing her hand and running into the cathedral, “let’s go have some fun!”copyright protection113PENANAVNosSzCazl

Pennie struggled to keep up as he led her into the room. Her heart beat quickly in her chest. She only hoped that her face hadn’t turned as red as her dress.copyright protection113PENANA3ZpJbX1Ram

“Where are we going?” she asked.copyright protection113PENANAtSrlKHMBDK

“To the food table!” Noori called in excitement.copyright protection113PENANAxzyV1rvEB4

When they arrived at the table, Noori let go of her hand and threw them into the air.copyright protection113PENANAZF3ppfnq6x

“Thank you for the food!” he shouted.copyright protection113PENANAMAqeVaWHLA

Pennie sighed in disappointment. She didn’t know what she was expecting, but she couldn’t help but feel uneasy.copyright protection113PENANAsi91ebsJP4

“All you think about is food,” she said.copyright protection113PENANAOOJRe87Bzd

She felt kind of relieved though. She realised that if Noori was eating like crazy again, it meant that he was really okay. She couldn’t explain the feeling when she thought she had lost him forever in that fight against Dimetrios Tuff. It was as if she could no longer breathe, and she felt like she would never be able to stop crying. Noori suddenly sighed, which gave Pennie a slight fright.copyright protection113PENANA9mNAAJKxqv

“I’ve actually been thinking about quite a lot lately.” he said as he stopped eating and leant against the wall, “I think… no, I believe that I have recalled some of my past.”copyright protection113PENANA7TOgU3snNh

“Really?” Pennie asked leaning next to him.copyright protection113PENANArB6btkkAWT

Noori nodded, “There was this girl I knew. Throughout all of this chaos, all I could think about is being like her.”copyright protection113PENANAN5fBFQkqnL

“I wish you would think more about the reckless things you do.” Pennie sighed.copyright protection113PENANAWvEKMzNeWA

“Yeah, I know. I probably scared you back there a bit” Noori said honestly, “I thought I was going to die too.”copyright protection113PENANAvocBzFVUfS

“Then why did you keep fighting? You knew your life was at risk. Why didn’t you just give in to save yourself?”copyright protection113PENANAN3X3FDUZ4i

“I don’t really know” he claimed, “I wanted to when Master Isaac was captured, but then I remembered my promise with that girl. I promised that I'd keep fighting until everyone can smile again and stay true to myself. So I knew I could give up and it gave me the strength to keep fighting.”copyright protection113PENANAL0NqKzZyNW

“Noori…” Pennie sighed.copyright protection113PENANA9jklVU0ROg

Nooriya shook his head quickly, smiled and stood straight again, “Enough of this serious stuff” he yelled, “I’m gonna eat all this food before it gets cold!”copyright protection113PENANAJCjHGZlAYp

He began to quickly eat again with a big goofy grin on his face. Pennie frowned. She wanted to smile at his happiness, but all she could do was frown. She wondered why, why was it that when he talked about the girl from his past giving him courage made her stomach feel strange? Why was it that Noori’s eyes sparkled with joy of the memory of that girl? Why was it that it hurt her heart so much?copyright protection113PENANASKpGaagaI4

Pennie sat alone at a table. She had to get a drink and take a moment to breathe. Once she stopped thinking about everything her chest stopped aching. A man came up to her, who Pennie recognised as her cousin; Allen Raynhart. Pennie thought he looked just like his father.117Please respect copyright.PENANAgww01vwtar
copyright protection113PENANA7Snsdime9b

“May I speak to you?” he asked.copyright protection113PENANAvTOPAuOV5N

She nodded nervously, “What are you doing here?” She asked.copyright protection113PENANAkYxKFIUVSD

“With my father’s arrest I have inherited the Manor, so I was wondering if you would like to come back home,” Allen said as he sat in the chair in front of her.copyright protection113PENANAZ0vmsJFOYP

“Why would you do that?” she asked.copyright protection113PENANA0tIPijk6ep

“I always thought that my father mistreated you, you were the true heiress to the fortune. If you’d like you can have all of it.”copyright protection113PENANATzoqj38eY1

Pennie sat back in her chair. She couldn’t believe that after all these years she could get everything she lost back once more. But for some reason, it didn’t feel right. She realised that it was never what she really wanted. She wanted to help people, save them from the daily misery they face. She wouldn’t be able to do that in the manner, being restricted by the CSOG. The only way she could do anything was to fight alongside Twilight Heart. The friends who supported her, even when her family threaten their very existence. She shook her head.copyright protection113PENANARY1nlt60i4

“Thank you for the offer Allen, but no. I’m happy here. It’s where I belong.” Pennie replied.copyright protection113PENANAQjyz8QSsW6

“Then at least let me give you half of the wealth,” Allen stated.copyright protection113PENANASPFhgZlpdk

Pennie shook her head again, “No, I’d rather you give it to those who really need it. Use it to help those people who have nothing.”copyright protection113PENANAr5itsDWzDf

“Are you sure?” Allen asked once more.copyright protection113PENANAEuzc3H2VaY

“Definitely” she smiled.copyright protection113PENANA23OIl5HGuV

Allen got out of his chair, “Very well, I’ll donate the money to someone who needs it.” he smiled as he walked away.copyright protection113PENANA0V0iosVl2z

Pennie felt relieved. With that final confrontation, the fight against her uncle was over at last. She didn’t know how his son would react, but it turned out just fine.copyright protection113PENANABG4aS7SU23

“May I have your attention please” the Mayor called tapping on his glass.copyright protection113PENANAT46IMsNu8h

The music stopped, and everyone turned to the Mayor. Erika who wore a dark purple dress with her dreadlock braids tied back into a bun came up to her. Lynx followed closely behind wearing all black.copyright protection113PENANAp8dqrBTnXV

“I wonder what this is about?” Erika whispered as she sat in the seat next to Pennie.copyright protection113PENANAWyB1Ju8Bob

“Probably going to do a ‘thank you’ speech.” Lynx pointed out, sitting on the other side of Pennie.copyright protection113PENANAFifM12eOxm

“Firstly I’d like to thank the members of Twilight Heart for their efforts in the battle against Regal Night.” the Mayor continued, “To show our gratitude we have a gift for you. Thanks to the generous donation from Allen Raynhart, we at this moment give you the funds to rebuild your home base.”copyright protection113PENANA6WujmWVfjS

The crowd cheered in joy. Pennie smiled in happiness and shock. She was thankful to her cousin. She realised that he had used to offer he gave her to save her home. Tears began to run down her cheek, and her mascara started to smudge. She began to realise that not all aristocrats were selfish and that there was still hope for Le Alba.copyright protection113PENANAbgrMhagpMF

Noori leant against the wall near a window as he listened to the Mayor’s speech. He couldn’t help but feel that the money given to them by Pennie’s relative was for guilt, not charity. He sighed, a least it meant that they could rebuild the Twilight Heart base. He thought back to what Blaze had told him.117Please respect copyright.PENANAk9Ze7RaOdc
copyright protection113PENANAArYQdZTrOq

“To protect those people, you need power! Without it, we are nothing, without it those we love will die!”copyright protection113PENANANUmidJf9Zy

He couldn’t help but agree with him. Noori wasn’t strong enough to defeat Blaze. He considered himself lucky that he was able to get him to retreat. He sighed when people walked past him and thanked him for all he had done. For his victory against Blaze Tooronga. However, he didn’t see it as a win. If anything it was a stalemate. Noori had managed to injure Blaze enough to stop him from fighting, but Noori couldn’t fight on at the time either. If Blaze decided to keep fighting, he wouldn’t have won that battle. Noori brushed his hands through his hair. He didn’t want to think about what would have happened to Pennie or the rest of Twilight Heart if he had failed.copyright protection113PENANA2aOtX6Eevq

He shook his head and sighed again, walking away from the wall. It was not the time to be thinking about depressing thoughts. His eyes darted towards the centre of the room. He saw Pennie, Lynx, Erika and Noah sitting together at one of the tables. They laughed as Noori walked up to them and sat in the chair across from Pennie.copyright protection113PENANAU6STW5SQxG

 “What are you guys laughing about?” he asked leaning back in the chair and using his arms to cushion his head.copyright protection113PENANAglBDEPmTYm

“We were just talking about the adventures the three of you went on as a kid,” Pennie replied.copyright protection113PENANAr0xgtvm7KS

“Oh yeah…” he said as he grabbed a drink from the waiter who walked past him, “Which one exactly?”copyright protection113PENANAyEYqxVwqL3

“The one where you were in a middle of your ‘inspirational moments’ and fell over and burnt down a row of houses as you fell down the hill” Noah laughed, who sat in the middle of the table.copyright protection113PENANA71oIE2x1Vv

Noori nearly fell out of his chair, “Why would you say that! And how did you get in here?! You weren’t allowed to come!”copyright protection113PENANAonwVDZq07b

Noah mumbled, “I snuck in.”copyright protection113PENANASGPQ6nLCOx

“B-besides” Noori continued to yell, “it didn’t really happen like that, Lynx got tired of me talking and made me slip on some water.”copyright protection113PENANAFVy4Ed6cf2

“Yeah yeah blame your clumsiness on me.” Lynx chuckled, “But it sure was funny watching you roll down that hill covered in flames. You were like a fiery avalanche.”copyright protection113PENANAIDpez3e03m

Noori growled, then sighed and sat down again. He wasn’t in the mood to argue.copyright protection113PENANAbV20M9oyLc

“You just love making fun of me, don’t you? Whatever, I don’t care anymore,” Noori muttered.copyright protection113PENANA5r8EwMSDY7

“You gave up quickly, are you okay?” Pennie asked trying to contain her laughter, “You’re not in any pain are you?”copyright protection113PENANAFGL5Vk89kc

If he was totally honest, his back still ached a little, but he shook his hand in rejection. “Nah, it’s just finally peaceful around here, and I can’t be bothered helping Lynx destroy it.”copyright protection113PENANAvw7yxUHVst

“Aww but it’s fun to see you fight and cause havoc.” a man laughed sling his arms around Noori.copyright protection113PENANA8xVgbr2441

Noori didn’t have to turn around to know that it was Dimetrios Tuff standing over him.copyright protection113PENANAbKIWPDhYMC

“Stop being a pain, or I’ll burn you to cinders,” Noori growled.copyright protection113PENANAai8iQFcyBF

“Feisty aren’t you?” Dimetrios laughed, grabbing a nearby chair and pulling it towards the table to sit with them.copyright protection113PENANA1JcWZoo2st

Noori sighed. Clearly, the Earth Elemental had had a few drinks and was more annoying than before. The others stared at them in shock.copyright protection113PENANA3EdMB3pS1c

“What’s Dimetrios Tuff doing here?!” Lynx yelled.copyright protection113PENANAvcvDumjHUU

Noori shrugged, “He’s a member of Twilight Heart now I guess.”copyright protection113PENANAmWDzTCXhFq

“But… Noori…” Noah said, trying to make out that Nooriya shouldn’t accept the man who sought to kill him as a member of the guild.copyright protection113PENANAKJ4YvG1Vz3

“Didn’t have a choice, it was Master Isaac’s idea. Besides, who would I be if I refused a person who begged for us to take him in.”copyright protection113PENANA84fDIJZ1rU

“I don’t need your pity, Valero.” Dimetrios said tipsily, “Don’t worry kiddo’s I promise to be good.”copyright protection113PENANAVOQznJck1R

The tension died down when everyone began to laugh at Dimetrios’s drunken state. Pennie stopped and frowned.copyright protection113PENANALMAQK6wM15

“Will this be the last time we’ll be like this. Coming back from an incredible adventure and celebrating our victory. Will this be the last time that we’ll make new friends and think positively about the future?”copyright protection113PENANAP9a4NSOMTf

“Nah there will always be a great adventure ahead.” Noori smiled, “As long as there is darkness there will be an adventure and where there’s adventure there will know friends and new possibilities. We are Twilight Heart after all!”copyright protection113PENANAHP3xpqhBLi

Noori looked around at the people around him smiled in agreement.copyright protection113PENANAsx43nP9TBb

 “Then let’s make a toast,” he said as he raised his glass, “To Twilight Heart, New Friends and Eternal Adventures! And…”copyright protection113PENANAZqk9v71jUV

Everyone put their glasses together over the centre of the table and shouted in joy, “May the eternal song of Twilight bring us hope!”copyright protection113PENANAzCLC9a3rLP

Blaze clicked his tongue in annoyance as he slumped back into the couch. After transporting himself away from Asteria, he returned to his secret apartment in Acqua Stellata. It took over a week, but he was able to move as he wished again, so much so that he considered himself ready to go back and finish the job. However, he knew it would be pointless as the MLC would have arrived in Asteria during his absence. Blaze reached out the arm that Nooriya had injured and examined it carefully. He growled as he clenched his hand into a fist.117Please respect copyright.PENANA2ymxTiOWMu
copyright protection113PENANAJemOiKDsDe

“What was wrong with me?” He snarled, “Why did I retreat like that?”copyright protection113PENANADCFYMa6Nu1

It was an abnormal occurrence. Usually, whenever Blaze was wounded, his injuries would heal in a few minutes. He had always been proud of his fast regeneration abilities, because of them he never received server or life-threatening injuries. He was almost invulnerable. However, after the battle with Nooriya, he did not regain feeling in his right arm. Instead of feeling better as each moment past, Blaze began to feel numb. He didn’t know why is body began to ache more, but it was almost like a poison had been drifting through his body making him weaker. It was a feeling he had never felt before, or at least as far as he could remember. Despite what he had said, there was no way he could have continued fighting.copyright protection113PENANAJ3DuGNEKeq

However, his condition wasn’t the only reason he felt the need to retreat. He didn’t know why and he hated to admit it, but he believed if he had stayed to fight Nooriya a little longer, he would not have survived the battle. Blaze had never thought seriously with Nooriya before when he thought about it some more, he began to think that it was Nooriya’s attacks which had left his body unable to perform as he wished. But that wasn’t the only thing, Nooriya’s cold glare gave him the chills. Blaze had been planning his betrayal for a long time, so he’d been keeping a close eye on everyone in Twilight Heart. Never, ever since he first met Nooriya, Blaze had never seen him pull such a dark expression. For the first time in a very long time, Blaze actually felt afraid.copyright protection113PENANAzXEWLXGppk

“Just who is Nooriya Valero?” Blaze muttered.copyright protection113PENANAD2Xj0Ju7xY

Thinking about what happened made him even angrier. He got out of his chair and grabbed a handful of small weapons, stuffing them into his pockets. There were other plans he had to put in motion. Blaze decided to let off some steam by making as many people suffer as possible as he carried out his next evil scheme.copyright protection113PENANA8g1LLHyprM

“I will get my revenge; I have bigger plans to make this world better.” Blaze snarled as he walked through the front door. “Twilight Heart will be destroyed along with all of this despair. I owe it to them, after all.”copyright protection113PENANAP1KuYvsFUR

With a dark look in his eyes and a wicked smile on his face, Blaze slammed the door behind him.copyright protection113PENANAZyUXRVGl2e

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