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Hopes Bright! Heal the Heart
Co-Writer Azaliea*
Beta Reader E. Scott
Beta Reader Kitty
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Hopes Bright! Heal the Heart
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True Strength
Jan 11, 2017
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ijCaId61e4upnvXmD5QSposted on PENANA

The battle had been very evenly matched. One minute Noori and Sean were overpowering Blaze, and the next Blaze had sent Noori flying backwards. Fire, wind and lightning filled the building; the power was so intense that Pennie was struggling to remain standing. Suddenly a stray lightning bolt came hurtling towards her. Sean just managed to grab her and guide her to safety just in time.101Please respect copyright.PENANAeaBmgvcdjD
copyright protection97PENANA82H3Xa5fCf

“Careful Pennie, It’s dangerous here.” Sean stated as he put her down, “I’m going stay here to protect you.”copyright protection97PENANAOUyr5gEciT

“But you need to fight, you could get rid of Blaze’s power!” she saidcopyright protection97PENANAgMjEhg1VmS

“Unfortunately it will only work a couple of times on an Elemental” Sean replied.copyright protection97PENANANvVvySGD7j

Pennie looked towards Noori. She could tell that he was in a lot of pain as he fought, “Could you dispel Nooriya’s magic so that he can stop fighting and you can take over for him?”copyright protection97PENANASWernkH2w0

“My little trick won’t work on the Valero kid,” Sean explained, “and besides it was him who asked me to come protect you.”copyright protection97PENANAVNMer3vsYR

“But Nooriya…” Pennie interjected. “If it was a normal enemy, I know he’d be okay, but I’ve read all about Blaze Tooronga. Before being adopted by the Tooronga’s, he was an Aliene, a family of Elementals who were once the Earls of the Haiva Nobility. Noori…”copyright protection97PENANAlMmgiU8Yyg

“Will be all right on his own.” Sean ensured her. “He is a Valero after all.”copyright protection97PENANAhrcwTzQBBm

Unsure what Sean meant by that Pennie sighed. She looked to Nooriya once more. She was surprised to see his being more defensive. He kept leaping around Blaze and dodging his attacks instead of going in for attack himself. The patterns he was creating was as if he was setting something up. A strong tornado blew him into the air. As he hurtled towards the ground, Noori rotated his body, so he landed on his feet and skid across the floor.copyright protection97PENANABx9nLArg3q

“Just what are you after, Blaze?” Noori growled as he grimaced in pain.copyright protection97PENANA8pduFvpNtY

“Because you’re all pathetic and weak!” Blaze bellowed, “They were nothing but a bunch of powerless fools. I’ll destroy Twilight Heart and rebuild it so that everyone will fear its name. We’ll be the strongest fighters in the world!”copyright protection97PENANA3LqghjP7Ur

“But you’ll never save anyone if you rule upon fear. Twilight Heart’s goal is to save the world; how could we be saviours if we hurt others along the way?!” Noori yelled, running up to Blaze and preparing to attack him.copyright protection97PENANAuwYDTKek0i

“Only the weak feel that way!” Blaze yelled as he blocked Nooriya’s attack kicked him in the stomach which sent him backwards, “How do you expect to save the world when you’re all so weak minded! If we want the power to liberate Le Alba, we have to crush everyone in our way!”copyright protection97PENANAK9HXEmt4aX

Nooriya leapt off his hands to perform a back handspring. Flame erupted from his feet as he flew towards Blaze.copyright protection97PENANA2eItu0Nk8I

“You’ve forgotten the true reason for fighting!” he yelled, “It’s not about power and destroying the enemy! It’s about helping those in need and protecting what’s important to you!”copyright protection97PENANALCeKg7uusv

Pennie watched in amazement. Even though he had sustained more injuries than Blaze Noori’s attack began to get faster and Blaze began to find it harder to dodge his attacks.copyright protection97PENANANcEuaiRDm1

“To protect those people you need power!” Blaze yelled, “Without it, we are nothing, without it those we love will die!”copyright protection97PENANAApfjSKkG4s

“It’s not always about power!” Noori said jumping backwards.copyright protection97PENANAoP5CzlK4Qc

Pennie watched as he clenched his fists and glared at Blaze. He stood tall and proud, confident in himself and Twilight Heart.copyright protection97PENANAzDpd8zwZdS

“It’s about dedication and faith! Those who focus too much on power tend to miss little details. Like…” a huge smirked spread across Noori’s face, “How you missed the trap I set up!”copyright protection97PENANA1Oih8a1sQ5

Blaze was too busy on his full frontal attack to notice Nooriya’s cunning plan. Pennie smiled. Knowing Noori, their victory was assured. A red light circled Blaze as small flames appeared from the ground.copyright protection97PENANAVfV0RvmBzd

“What’s this?!” Blaze growled.copyright protection97PENANAN9QdmZNSZ0

“I knew I didn’t have much of a chance beating you.” Noori admitted, “I had sustained too many injuries from a previous fight, and my usual power moves wouldn’t cut it. So I decided to try something new.”copyright protection97PENANAL0P3iYejq5

“Impossible this would…” Blaze began. “You don’t have the gut’s, Valero! Your weak ideals a blinding you to understand true power.”copyright protection97PENANApmklncRJOq

Noori clasped his hands together, so they sat flat against one another and prepared the spell, “You can’t judge me or lecture me on my beliefs or tell me what I can and can’t do until you’ve learnt your own place!”copyright protection97PENANAWBzNPWNCPM

Pillars of fire erupted from the ground and created a cage. The flames were so bright and powerful that Blaze swallowed in fear. Blaze screamed as the raging fire burned to ash. Pennie watched as the flames disappeared. Blaze stood still and began to lose his balance. He stepped backwards, his hair falling into his face as he began to breathe heavily. It looked as if he was unable to move his right arm while he held the other across his body. Nooriya stood a few feet in front of Blaze, trying to catch his breath.copyright protection97PENANADBNsE5rTpR

There was silence. No one moved for a couple of minutes before Blaze began to laugh. Blaze made a loud growling sound and clicked his tongue.copyright protection97PENANAYOejaBw1lk

“I must say I’m impressed. I don’t believe anyone has injured me this much before. If someone has, it escapes my memory.” He stated. “My right arm might be paralysed for now, but that won't last for long, so I am far from done.”copyright protection97PENANAsiW25LYSnO

“No way…” Pennie stuttered with shock. “Even after all of that, he can still fight?”copyright protection97PENANAF0pst4yUXX

Pennie looked towards Noori. She could tell just by looking at him that he no longer had the strength to fight. She guessed that he must have used to last of his energy in his final attack against Blaze. Nooriya did not move; he looked up at Blaze with a dark expression on his face.copyright protection97PENANAMWM0gWCMYX

“I can keep fighting too. I’m not backing down no matter what.” Noori snarled.copyright protection97PENANA6qf2tlNreb

Blaze’s expression changed. There was a long silence as he began to step backwards.copyright protection97PENANAgTbFlFKTAH

“Wh-what, why can’t I?” Blaze muttered. “What is this feeling?”copyright protection97PENANARmEDnUAZGy

Pennie watched Blaze stand in silence as if he was almost frozen in place. Although it was hard to make out Pennie could have sworn Blaze’s eyes were wide with fear.  With a click of his tongue, Blaze struggled to clasp his hands together. The clap of his hands made a bellowing noise almost like thunder. Once he did, he began to disappear.copyright protection97PENANAWNZcPsxDUL

“I’ll retreat for now, but next time won't be so pleasant.” He growled as he faded away. “You will regret this, Nooriya Valero.copyright protection97PENANAOaE0Q0FAUg

Pennie sighed with relief once Blaze's transportation was complete. She didn’t expect for Blaze to retreat so suddenly. She began to wonder if it was some kind of trick, that in the very next minute, Blaze would return and attack. She turned to Sean. He performed a low bow and disappeared, confirming that they had successfully won the battle. She looked towards Noori. He stood tall in his wake of victory. She was amazed at his fighting skill, amazed at how he spoke and how he continued to fight despite being at a disadvantage. As she stared at him, her heart began to beat so fast that she couldn’t help but stare at him in amazement.copyright protection97PENANAiMDWp0R00y

 “Noori… truly is amazing,” she said with a sigh.copyright protection97PENANAzXly9b1GPV

Noori’s knees buckled and gave way. He no longer had the strength to stand. He lay on his back and sighed.101Please respect copyright.PENANA8VLciYb3WJ
copyright protection97PENANAsD67EX7jy2

‘Nah, I don’t want to move anymore.” he said.copyright protection97PENANAAQOdNedEee

His body ached all other, and he felt exhausted. Two battles in a row had taken his toll on him. In fact, he was surprised he was still alive. There was a ringing in his ears, and his head spun. He was glad it was over because any minute longer and he wouldn’t have made it.copyright protection97PENANAdNbzmkKn1z

“Are you okay?” Pennie asked who had walked over to him and crouched over him.copyright protection97PENANAjudpBRnJbV

“Not really…” He said honestly, “But I will be after a long nap.”copyright protection97PENANALLLAZzPce4

Pennie chuckled, “You really are an idiot.”copyright protection97PENANAqrRC0eWLBY

“No I’m not” Noori growled as he tried to sit up but his back ached so much from hitting so many walls that he fell back down again.copyright protection97PENANAlUszk3qHMC

Pennie lay next to him, “I’m exhausted too, so let’s just lay here till someone comes to get us.”copyright protection97PENANACyoo9nXYAb

Noori frowned. He didn’t realise how much stress Pennie had gone to through the whole ordeal. For some reason, he began to think it was his fault. They lay side by side in silence for a while before Noori spoke up.copyright protection97PENANA21DUDD8zpK

“I’m sorry” he muttered.copyright protection97PENANAyKF0k04KHQ

“Huh why?” Pennie asked turning her head towards him.copyright protection97PENANAnkpLJy8GxI

He turned away from her, “It’s my fault that you got caught in this mess. I was the one who brought you to Twilight Heart after all.”copyright protection97PENANASAJvun9DWy

“No…” Pennie said grabbing Noori’s hand, “I guess I never thanked you for that.”copyright protection97PENANAovj3vD4zoM

He turned to her in surprise. She smiled blissfully with rosy cheeks.copyright protection97PENANAqM6QxPpGwW

“Thank you for getting me into Twilight Heart, Noori” she smiled happily, “Believe it or not, even during the scary parts I’ve had a lot of fun. I’m glad I got be meet you, and I’m glad I joined Twilight Heart.”copyright protection97PENANAppw9U1w4Ft

Noori smiled back at her as they both looked up to the roof and laughed.copyright protection97PENANAC3YW7uAb4Z

“Yeah, I’m glad you did too,” he said with a chuckle.copyright protection97PENANAXvL4liUKZr

It was a while before everything calmed down after the huge battle against Regal Night. Pennie’s uncle and Master Ackerman were arrested by the Magical Liberation Council immediately due to the overwhelming evidence against them. However, due to the lack of proof, Blaze Tooronga wasn’t charged for his crimes. Nooriya had told Pennie that he believed that it would occur as there was no evidence apart from their personal statements to label him as a criminal. With so many questions left unanswered, Pennie asked Benny about Blaze’s behaviour.101Please respect copyright.PENANAVzdDnklrqc
copyright protection97PENANAHoQexLf4PV

According to him, Blaze continued to fight for Twilight Heart and was genuinely motivated to saving others. However, one day he was sent on a mission and the CSOG suddenly attacked. Blaze was gravely injured, while the friends who accompanied him were killed. The entire town was also destroyed. When he returned, the trauma of the incident had left him with massive holes in his memory. Benny stated that Blaze once said that he still felt like someone was missing, but deep in his heart he knew they were killed in the same incident. After that Benny stated that Blaze changed for the worse and became the person that Pennie had fought against. After hearing his story, Pennie began to feel sorry for Blaze. However, she still found that she was afraid of him. There had been no word from the authorities, which meant Blaze’s whereabouts were unknown.101Please respect copyright.PENANA5EnG1DbdQu
copyright protection97PENANAxsYwo50Zh4

A week after Master Ackerman’s arrest, the MLC announced that the survivors of Regal Night were forced to disband. It took a while for everyone to recover, but they soon began rebuilding the Twilight Heart base. Brittany claimed that it wouldn't take too much time as they could easily use magic to restore it.copyright protection97PENANAYezJjU2dF2

“We’re going to combine the stadium and base into one building.” Brittany explained, “It’ll be bigger than ever before!”copyright protection97PENANAEnqvBYgR25

“Oh, I can’t wait! It’ll be so amazing!” Benny exclaimed. “Maybe we should add a gym for training as well.”copyright protection97PENANAMAxL6WQ6W8

Pennie sighed. Even though Noori wasn’t present as he was still recovering, she could still hear his voice in her head. She knew he would complain about not wanting to make changes and keep the base exactly how it was before.copyright protection97PENANAbUmKEFFHTl

“Problem is we don’t have the funds for that.” Master Isaac sighed.copyright protection97PENANAJyIa3k8jbb

“Maybe if we can attract more customers we can get a loan and pay it off.” Lynx pointed out, “We should add a gift shop or a café, maybe even a pub.”copyright protection97PENANAoYLWJRTzYP

“I’d defiantly visit more often if that were the case.” someone stated.copyright protection97PENANAH9J4UoKz6E

Pennie turned to see the mayor of Asteria walking up to them.copyright protection97PENANAVQcD0fX8z9

“Mr Mayor, what are you doing here?” Master Isaac asked.copyright protection97PENANAkX75UQWNqV

As it was Pennie’s first time meeting the mayor, she found herself staring at him in awe. The round belly man had rosy cheeks and a friendly smile. Pennie thought that he looked like Santa Claus.copyright protection97PENANAC84mdYLXyR

“Oh, I’ve come to invite you all to a party.” the Mayor explained, “You will be our guests of honour. The whole town would like to thank you for saving them from Regal Night and Mr Raynhart.”copyright protection97PENANACtHO7I45QD

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