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    A.C thompson
    A.C thompson
    I like to create another world and push my imagination. Theres a thin line between reality and fantasy and I'm somewhere in between. I'm into horror, science fiction, romance action all in one story, so it's fast pace but have time to breath and enjoy romance or back story aswell. I like characters with a huge development some more than others but write The good, the bad and the ugly but not all that have more of a bad side are monsters, and not all that seem good are innocent. I love reading and cant wait to read some interesting stories short or long. I like to write log storie, and Im currently working on my first novel called "Salems Island" that is in different point of views(POV) and is a work in progress as I find time to write or recover from readers block ?
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Written in the stars

My name is Harper Montgomery and as long as I can remember Carter Hastings and I have always been best friends, Ever since moved next door 16 years ago

We're complete opposites hes a carefree player who Has been around more than I can keep track and can't commit, while I'm a tomboy who was a late bloomer and can't keep a long term relationship and never been kissed also is a 19 year old virgin but I never told anyone, not even Carter and now we're going to collage together and were going to be roommates. Suddenly everything's changing boundaries are blurred, lines are crossed and I'm feeling things I shouldn't and before I know it. I have the biggest secret yet between us.... what if I fell for my bestfriend who's all game and heart throb temptation but if he found out about it, I don't think our friendship would survive..

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