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Writer Isabelle Galea
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Chapter 24
Isabelle Galea
Aug 27, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!w5ssuLTT0IsQitlENEPIposted on PENANA

When I opened my eyes, I was in my room. copyright protection27PENANAOAawWUy2Ll

I got up quickly and checked everywhere.copyright protection27PENANAXirpLWbEQb

" Morning beautiful."copyright protection27PENANAmi1EMmjz18

My eyes turn to see a naked James with only a towel around his middle. copyright protection27PENANAiQJsmFmVI8

My eyes fill with tears and I ran and jumped on him.copyright protection27PENANAhFrI5cEgRv

He chuckled. " I'm still here Luna."copyright protection27PENANAreOtSAQcaR

I hugged him tightly to me. copyright protection27PENANAltH4V4JiZs

" I'm still here." He whispered into my ear and stroked my back.copyright protection27PENANArg8SZd5EuX

It's already been a year since the accident and I still have dreams about what happened while I was in the coma.copyright protection27PENANA9WbXp4xfgI

James moved me to the bed and put me down.copyright protection27PENANA6BbOF7SpqS

He leaned over and locked me in place.copyright protection27PENANARR8ZK7dQMH

" What me to show you how much alive I am? I can keep going all day."copyright protection27PENANANVDZS33qij

I nudged him and chuckled. copyright protection27PENANA9pVleBs61S

He kissed me softly.copyright protection27PENANAYSK7Suf6l1

" I have to tell you something very important today. So for now rest, when it's time to go out I will wake you."copyright protection27PENANAO9Xr8QubgN

I shook my head. copyright protection27PENANAvqdqLr2dy3

" If I sleep, I will probably have another bad dream."copyright protection27PENANA6xVREOmUVH

He sighed and climbed on top of me. copyright protection27PENANAWJQTaYJFa0

" Luna."copyright protection27PENANAtFqG6b78pF

I looked into his eyes.copyright protection27PENANAbwc7nRWJMR

" What?"copyright protection27PENANArIAiBLglqr

" I have a very important question."copyright protection27PENANAlU6MAdYIlo

" What is it?"copyright protection27PENANAnwUAEisA2e

He smiled softly and kissed my forehead.copyright protection27PENANArtW1LyM2Ud

" Would?" copyright protection27PENANAug7A2IN1q9

He kissed my nose.copyright protection27PENANApOFjpkCRUE

" You be-"copyright protection27PENANA5l82nTAaWv

He kissed my lips.copyright protection27PENANAoqLv1NdPPE

" My wife."copyright protection27PENANAYesExRYaJS

I gasped.copyright protection27PENANAOOeWRCQsMN

James's smiled and stroked my lips with his thumb.copyright protection27PENANAXadIGfwU4l

" Would you give me the honour of becoming my wife?" copyright protection27PENANAz3z1H7TGhC

Tears started to fill my eyes again and I hugged him to me. copyright protection27PENANAz6rO2iqSKd

He pulled me up and hugged me closer.copyright protection27PENANAGIoTq49XZe

" Its  that a yes?" copyright protection27PENANAjyhSAZ0tFi

I nodcopyright protection27PENANA6fox3qQtjB

" I would love too." I continued to cry and kissing his beautiful face.copyright protection27PENANAGZj4TK92I9

"Damn, you became such a crybaby."copyright protection27PENANAh1HyUhyULe

I punched his stomach.copyright protection27PENANAcStApx1g0l

" Never mind."copyright protection27PENANASHkbMeWWhF

I chuckled. He pulled me closer and kissed me softly.copyright protection27PENANA5yGN7A5FvQ

He licked my lips to let him in and I did as he asked.copyright protection27PENANATHImi8TkpU

Our tongues danced together. copyright protection27PENANAFhC0tpeqlv

The kiss got deeper, hotter and sweater.copyright protection27PENANA5r3LeamjQR

His hand went up against my shirt and helped me pull it off. copyright protection27PENANAaJyT6R20bs

His hand kept tracing every inch of me until he was at my jeans and he unbuttoned the jeans and put his hand down my sensitive spot. copyright protection27PENANAVQJxQdX5Di

He pushed his finger in and I moaned and bit his lower lip.copyright protection27PENANAAIKEuZPQiF

He groaned and pushed me on the bed.copyright protection27PENANAHtpgnv7qvj

My jeans and panties when flying and so did his towel.copyright protection27PENANASraBZ1PW6s

He was marvellous.copyright protection27PENANAfHbZlFYbwh

" I love you, Luna."copyright protection27PENANAQdLfu9LCzh

I smiled and put my arms around his neck.copyright protection27PENANAVrI53H7SEd

" And I love you." copyright protection27PENANAlTVwTgcRsI

He smiled and pushed himself into me, pushing himself deeper and faster.copyright protection27PENANA9jWUyr4k3D

I bit his shoulder so I wouldn't scream.copyright protection27PENANABY5k482b1G

" Jesus Luna." copyright protection27PENANApnzkTsB6k3

He pushed himself deeper, trying to explore every inch of me. copyright protection27PENANAPumMoVdtfg

" James." I moaned. copyright protection27PENANA6Rfbckkevm

He groaned and bit my lower lip. copyright protection27PENANAUVJugDXRJi

" I can't explain what you do to me." He whispered and he cupped my breast and stroking my nipple. copyright protection27PENANAVzMhlbdzEt

I was breathless and sweating. copyright protection27PENANAPKk5WxpgLV

He pushed himself at one last time. copyright protection27PENANACGQlb6Y8XI

We both screamed and he fell on top of me. copyright protection27PENANAqThdaDooc2

We were both panting and breathless.copyright protection27PENANAR1Mc7JJwZv

He kissed me softly and stroked my cheeks. copyright protection27PENANArCbhXnoWwm

" I'm getting too obsessed with this. You are too addictive."copyright protection27PENANAEWfWapzyNM

I chuckled and kissed him.copyright protection27PENANAAFNnRU6Ar5

" You are like a drug to be as well. I can't live without you."copyright protection27PENANA5SHh9FEyCa

His eyes glossed over. copyright protection27PENANAUh79dhzNPn

" I feel the same way. I can't wait to call you my wife."copyright protection27PENANAzq2nNTiTuJ

I chuckled and put my hand on his cheek.copyright protection27PENANAZABHSLnwkZ

" Same here." copyright protection27PENANAHegPnu7XiX

He looked at me and said. " I, James, take you, Luna, to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.copyright protection27PENANAkRnnfbgy5L

I smiled softly. " I, Luna, take you, James , to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, from this day forward until death does us part." copyright protection27PENANAh5lTMdFaKZ

James smiled. " I do."copyright protection27PENANA9sdqhBVpyd

" I do," I said.copyright protection27PENANAmT5KglVxT0

He chuckled and kissed me. copyright protection27PENANAia5E4SSK2D

" I will make you forget those horrible four years you thought were real, with love and with beautiful memories. I promise to never leave you alone again." copyright protection27PENANAJc5XDnzyM8

A tear slipped from my eye.copyright protection27PENANAM91STidOP6

He stroked it with his thumb. copyright protection27PENANAP8hUMlNF5P

" And I promise to always love you like you deserve to be loved," I said.copyright protection27PENANAiP2oNFLmdy

James kissed my neck.copyright protection27PENANAv0IxSBP5qF

" You already do. I was so lucky to meet with such a grumpy woman so damn in the morning. I thought an angel was coming down the stairs."copyright protection27PENANAbfNtaAOXgU

I laughed.copyright protection27PENANANyKPWxuIUI

" I can't say the same-"copyright protection27PENANAhpJZXBAMH0

James tickled me and I couldn't help but laugh.copyright protection27PENANAsTgfmrQbo6

" I thought I was in heaven when my eyes fell on you."copyright protection27PENANA5cFP1Bnwkh

He smiled and put his forehead on mine. copyright protection27PENANAfBHYAEAarh

" James?"copyright protection27PENANAbTas9xT0Ii

He looked at me. copyright protection27PENANA6NuMDwn02I

" If those years in coma thought me something. Is that you are the only love of my life and even then, there is no one else for me. And if living those years meant that I could be here this moment with you and that I have the opportunity to become your wife than it was all worth it."copyright protection27PENANAihj0gTEQ45

James kept staring at me. copyright protection27PENANA7gZiI8PC9x

He crushed his lips on minecopyright protection27PENANAUflo1YUpZX

" I was no one until I met you."copyright protection27PENANA8ieriulXlp

I grinned and nodded. " True."copyright protection27PENANA3sG2KpbA1k

He laughed once and tickled me.copyright protection27PENANA7WAslCrf2r

" Thank you for sacrificing your life for me," I said. copyright protection27PENANAdaKsB3XX0i

James eyes glossed over. He knew that it was all a dream but he knows well enough that those memories will always be with me. copyright protection27PENANAn3K36vti5u

But I know that those memories will help me live a better life.copyright protection27PENANACdrdGMP82S

A life in which James is with me. copyright protection27PENANAzf2kHEnFBo

A life full of love.copyright protection27PENANAXYrI2yevQk

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