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Family of Freaks


Hello everyone, my name is Foxy, I write this because I feel like people need to know what we have been through, but before we get to that a little about me. So my favorite colors are orange, black, and red. I usually always wear headphones because my ears are sensitive to loud noises so I wear headphones to block it out. I don't know my dad much, I have a younger brother named Jace, he used to live with us but my grandparents took him away from me, they don't like me much. Jace looks nothing like me, he looks more like dad. Dad never liked me, he thought I was a freak like my mother and like everyone else he abused and used me. He thought I was some freak show to make money off of so since then I've changed my appearance of jet black hair to a darker orange, blue eyes to green ones. I was trying to get every tie I might have with my father away from me and into the deep past. Read our story and learn what happens to me and the gang. We will be posting new chapters and point of views as much as we can. Check out our side stories as well. Well let's get started with the first chapter shall we?