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    Hey! You can call me Cheeto - I know the username is a bit long (or CCCA, or C3A - your choice! Also, the name is cut off - the last word is "alfredo" but it was a bit too much.) I am a hobbyist writer who wishes to share their work with the people on this site. It seems pretty relaxed and friendly here, and since I’m a little anxious about sharing my work, I thought this would be a good place to start. I write original fiction - often times my works’ genres will include: supernatural, action, and fantasy, though after working with these genres I hope to spread out into different genres in the future (romance, contemporary, etc.) Most of my stories will be longer reads - typically anywhere from ~60,000 - 80,000 words with some wiggle room on the high or low end. I hope you enjoy them (and constructive feedback in the comments is welcome.) I also hope to blog about things such as writing advice, writer questions, and, well, just writing related things in general. Likes: Fruit (except for mangoes and papaya), chicken, beef, reading, drawing, painting, writing (of course), music, sleep, winter, spring. Dislikes: Math, History class, school in general really, waking up early, fireworks (unless they're far away enough, they give me panic attacks), arguments, public speaking, really aggressive people, and....that's all I can really list. Favorite movies/anime: My Hero, Jujutsu Kaisen, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, Charlotte, K-On, A Silent Voice Future Career(s): Writer, Comic Artist I hope you all like the work I share on Penana. I look forward to meeting you all! - Cheeto
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A Powerful Secret Book 1

(Author’s Note: TW// Death [Death scenes aren’t EXTREMELY gory, but if you are sensitive to the topic itself, I advise you to step away from the story. If you choose to keep reading, that is your own choice.])

(Note 2: This is a 4-book series - with each book having 2 POVS. One stays the same, while the secondary one switches each book.)



I ran over to the side, my stomach sore. My opponent chased after me. I focused on the flashlight. I should’ve at least had something to use my power on. 

My power wouldn’t work. Why couldn’t I use it? 

Another blow hit me in the back, and I stumbled forward, my head almost being impaled on the sharp point of the stalagmite in front of me. 

I fell flat on the ground and quickly got up, trying my best to ignore the ongoing pain in my stomach and the new ache starting up in my nose. The only way to get out of this situation was to fight my way out. I slowly rose to my feet, pain vibrating throughout my body. 

“Answer me. Who are you?”



In the blink of an eye, Ryo lifted Shiraki and Kamiya up with telekinesis and slammed them straight into the wall of the school. I also started to lift up, too. Oh, no, oh dear God. This wasn’t going to happen - not to me. Fast as I could, I took up some water from another water bottle and splashed it in his face. I dropped down on the ground with a thud, wincing. 

Hina tapped his shoulder, and then came a zip. A yellow static-y glow washed over Ryo. He was suddenly stiff as a board now, his face dripping wet.  

I caught the sound of sirens blazing and looked the other way. Police were escorting students out, and so were teachers. Firefighters hopped in, hoses and all, and started spraying at the fire.

I ran back to avoid getting hit with water. Hina tapped Ryo again, and whatever she’d done to paralyze him wore off...

And Ryo collapsed.