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    OFFLINE FOR SUMMER Dora: "Can you say toxic?" Me: "ummm...The mha community" Dora: "Louder!" Me: "THE MHA COMMUNITY!" Dora: "Good job!" ......Hey there, buddy ol' pal *proceeds to eat entire bag of salt n' vinegar chips* You wish to know my name? Feel free to call me Friday. Fri·day /ˈfrīdā,ˈfrīdē/ noun A seemingly strange but ordinary person at the same time who has an obsession with an absurd amount of things. What's my age, you say? I am between the age of when Dinosaurs roamed the earth and when duct tape was invented. I live in a magical place called WinCo Foods, where dreams come true I am a female Homo sapien with a tendency to hiss when mad....why? Who knows. ...Oh yeah and does anyone wanna co-write a story with me?
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When Insanity Beckons

What's so great about being a hero anyway? Its something that people used to dream about as they sat reading nonsensical comics. But when it became a reality.....well most people thought it was a dream come true. But is it really? Is the hero life all its said to be? This is something that Izuku Midoriya will never truly be able to find out. Because society has made quirks the norm, and without it....you're shunned by people who think they're better than you. And frankly, that is something Izuku is far to familiar with...and why is that? Why....was maybe his biggest of his questions...Why COULDN'T he become a hero...?