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    Newly 27 years old. I love Young Adult, urban romance, urban teen romance, and Teen Fiction. That's what I write. I used to write Fantasy and Romance, but I had to branch out. Write to heal. Write for healing. Write to make sense. Write to be heard. Write to not be judged. Write for life and write for passion.
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No Illusion

Bad boys are kind of Azaireyah Calhoun's thing. Rough, tough, hardcore, drug-dealing, prison-time bad boys. She wants to help them change. Time and time again she is disappointed. The final straw is when her boyfriend tries to get her convicted when he goes to jail. She can't take it anymore. Weary from failed relationships, Azaireyah ends up dragged along to her best friend's church. Life seems to make a miraculous 180. Maybe it's the church, but maybe it's the boy she meets at church. The pastor's son, Saturniano 'Santos' McDaniel, might just change her perspective of things. However, her relationships so far have been built on materialistic things. Giving up that life style is harder than Azaireyah suspected. Now she's faced with a choice: a whole new life with Santos or a life filled with fancy jewelry and jail-time boyfriends. She isn't the only one with a choice though. Santos has to make one too: his father's approval or the girl that he needs.