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Lei Xharmynt: The Concubine's Daughter ~BOOK 1~
PG Completed


Lei Xharmynt is the favorite daughter of the King of the West and the daughter of his beloved Concubine Wan Meixiang. With the support of his father, King Lei Huizhong, she began training several sorts of martial arts at the age of five and became an expert in them. When they were 13 years old, the Crown Prince of East fell in love with her and asked her to be his Crown Princess and Empress once he ascended his Royal Father's throne, but she was burned inside the Cold Palace where she was living as a child because of her evil twin's scheming. Do you think she can survive her wicked twin's scheme? But what if the Crown Prince found out that his childhood lover had been murdered and now he was being forced to marry her elder twin sister, what would he do now? Is this the conclusion of their love story or the beginning of something new for them? The Favored Concubine's Daughter's adventure will be revealed as you read on!

*Important Notice: This is my original work, not a novel that has been translated. Only the photos I posted above are not mine; their primary purpose is to help readers visualize the characters.*

Date Started: July 07, 2018

Date Finished: December 07, 2018

written by: DarkAmethyst07