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    CME: Lvshi Wuzi
    W: DarkAmethyst07

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Shuang Lvshi: The Second Prince's Wife ~BOOK 2~


Originally, Shuang Lvshi wanted to meet his father, but when she was nine years old, she bumped into a bandit in the capital and was kidnapped by the bandits' leader. Fortunately, one of the Palace recruiters discovered her and saved her life, and she was sold as a servant in payment for her life. Despite having received some warrior combat training, Shuang Lvshi chose to go with the flow when she spotted the Palace recruiters and swiftly accepted to their terms, becoming the second prince's maid as a result of the events. When they first met, the Second Prince of Zhu fell in love with her and promised himself to marry her and make her his only wife when they reached the legal age to marry, but due to his childhood friend Wang Meixie's scheme she got burned inside the maids chamber, and Wang Meixie became the Second Prince's Concubine due to her lower status as a result of what happened. Shuang Lvshi, who had just escaped her death, plotted her vengeance on the Second Prince's Concubine Wang Meixie by taking on a new identity and becoming the Second Prince's Wife thanks to her medical skills, and it appears that history is repeating itself.

*Important Notice: This is my original work, not a novel that has been translated. Only the photos I posted above are not mine; their primary purpose is to help readers visualize the characters.*

Date Started: February 14, 2022

Date Finished: TBA

written by: DarkAmethyst07