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    Arianna Courson
    Arianna Courson
    I love creating my own world and I love my characters even though I put them through a lot. I reflect on all of my characters, meaning they're all real in some way. I am a young writer. Currently, I'm in high school and I enjoy writing in my free time. Of course, my favorite class is English, but I also enjoy math. I enjoy writing and reading fantasy and paranormal romances. I am still learning my new passion, so I hope these novels are good first tries on my future job! I hope you like my books! Book three "The Dark Fated Ones" coming soon
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The Insane Ones
PG-13 Completed

Lily and Jason currently live in their townhome at Mammoth Lakes, California. But Damean is still undefeated. The silence from his wrath worries Lily. She scared him off before, but she's not sure if she can do it again. But then Damean attacks and Lily finds herself in a battle where she is the hero, and she doesn't want to be. She is left with two choices: fight Damean and risk everything, or submit to him and lose everything she worked towards, but save the one she loves the most. She must go to hell to find out.

Which will she choose? Will she choose to risk her life as well as everyone else's? Or lose her life and save Jason?

Find out in the Finale to The Gifted Ones Series, The Insane Ones

Cover art by chainatp

If you want to read more of my books in this series, they're on Amazon!!

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And this is the last book!

I hope you enjoy!