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    Roman Hamala
    Roman Hamala
    Roman Hamala is an experienced sea dog, a half-baked criminologist and a self-proclaimed pirate. After graduating from high school, he traded his lifelong dream of studying investigative criminology for the opportunity to sail around the world on a cruise ship, and spent the next couple of years working in the Caribbean and writing away in his tiny, cramped cabin, no bigger than your regular broom closet. When he met his future wife and came home from his travels, he knew he had stories to tell and wanted to share them with the world. And you know what? He did it. He wrote his first novel, he went public with it and all he can think about now is... ...he could have been a detective. That would be less stressful. I got bold, I got social and now you can find me on even more sites! https://linktr.ee/romanhamala
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Rise of the Hummingbird

“Deep in the heart of England lives a legend…”

This tiny Suffolk forest hides more than meets the eye. They say that history repeats itself, and when the whole world goes mad and people in power start taking from the poor to give to the rich, a group of unlikely heroes has to rise above their personal wants and needs to turn the tables in their favour in this epic tale inspired by the legend of Robin Hood.

Join Elskan Tesoro and his surprisingly amusing group of outlaws on their adventures in the town of Nederstone, where cutthroats, thieves and bent soldiers prowl the streets. What allies and foes await them in the underground and what plots and twists will they uncover along the way? And finally, when the time comes, will they manage to stand up to their oppressors and save their newfound friends from certain doom?
Flip through the pages and pay close attention, because there's only one way to find out.

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