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    I've been writing stories in notebooks at home and then I found out about this website. Then, I figured I could type up stories on this website and get people's feedback about them and see what other people think. Of course, I'm not going to be the best. I'm really not that fond of writing, but I could use this website to practice and try to improve.
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A Story of Forbidden Love

I kept seeing a bunch of stories about forbidden love and I decided to make my very own.

This is a story of two worlds: the demon world and the angel world. Of course, the ruler of the demon world is the devil, but the ruler of the angel world is unknown. One of the angels loves to go out on adventures and ends up bumping into someone during one of them: the devil's son. She goes back home and after several days, she realizes that she's in love with him, which is a bad thing. She tries to hide and ignore it by paying attention to her personal life, but eventually realizes she can't. So, she goes and tries to find him. She does and tells him her issue. And he reveal to her something very shocking: he's in love with her too. They both realize this is an issue and try to do something about it, only to make it even worse. They just fall deeper and deeper in love with each other. Then, a battle comes up and they are picked to prove themselves to their own people.

Will they fight each other? Or will they fight together​​​​​​​?

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