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The world is brought to ruins with the sudden emergence of supernatural beings and trials to destroy humanity as a whole, for their corrupted pleasure.

Luna, a normal high school girl with a peculiar past, strives to survive in the harsh reality as a mysterious voice and memories of a war unknown guide her.

Through the sorrows she faces and faced with the bitter truth about her parents, she aims to end these trials plaguing humanity and find clues about the voice.

"The only hope eh?" muttered a woman with short white hair, as she sat leaning against a wall painted with blood.
The lance sticking through her stood tall and proud. It irritated her.

She looked at her broken arm and then at the piles of corpses of short green creatures with pointy ears and noses.

She chuckled at the irony. She was told she was the only hope and yet here she was, dying to a mere thousand goblins.

Her ears perked as she heard footsteps. Through the musty tunnel across her came a hooded man.
He was tall, and had a long beard, the only part of his face she could see.
He had bandages wrapped around his hands and was covered in piles of cloth armor.
He had a large bow in his hand, but he didn't have an arrow in sight.

She once again chuckled at the appearance of the strange man as her painful grunts grew quieter and quieter and to silence.

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