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First Seed

University was Erin’s chance to begin a normal life free from an emotionally erratic mother who treated her daughter’s chronic illness like a personal project. The mysterious disorder Erin had been born with not only threatened her life, but altered her appearance with traits that didn’t come from either of her parents. Icy white-blue eyes and exceptional height attracted more than second-glances in her rural California hometown. For eighteen years she was treated like a fragile doll who was the unspoken cause of everything broken in her family. Now in a dorm room shared only by a spider, Erin was able to redefine herself.

Symptoms of her illness flared just when she was finally feeling in control. On her dorm room floor she convulsed as a burning itch erupted from the nape of her neck, going down her spine and through her veins. As consciousness faded she was unable to recognize the imposing figure leaning over her. When Erin’s senses returned, she found herself further from home than ever before. In the house of a tall stranger, she discovered that her greatest wish had come true: her illness was cured. Although contrary to how she’s always imagined, the moment was far from the answer to all her problems. The stranger revealed that Erin’s birth and illness had world changing implications. Erin soon realized she was anything but in control of the chaos to come.