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Cahelle; A Secret Sunset

As dusk falls, the clouds are painted bright orange, the shadows of the trees and the landscapes are starting to cover the field that is clearly seen where t stood that afternoon. In that rooftop of an old and rumored to be a hunted law building. Cahelle could feel the faint heat coming from the sunset. It was once a soothing touch of the sun that makes his heart and mind calm, especially in the events that he is not devoured by the sunset alone. But now, it is not the dazzling sunlight or the calmness that makes him close his eyes but the desire to stop his tears from falling.It is the same rooftop where Carlo finds him out of nowhere one lazy afternoon. This unexpected meeting turns into friendship and later on turned to be something more. And it is the same sunset where they both became true with each other. The same sunset that makes them face their fear, but above all, it was the same sunset that introduced them into their true self.Affected by the ones around them sparks a controversy that causes tension in them. Building doubt and misperceptions that separate them until they asked; can this new kind of affection be turned into a love story? Is love only about two people?Still staring into the distance, Cahelle could see from the corner of his eyes that Carlo turned to him, he wanted to say something but chose not to. It is a relief for him.Both of them. They did not know that the place where it all started will also be the place where it all ends, all because Cahelle can't find the will to listen and Carlo couldn't find courage...But is it really the end? Is it really the last sunset that they are going to watch together?

The Hybrid Cultivator

Xiao Xingchen is a nobleman who bears the responsibility of training disciples. He is bereft of spiritual power thus making him physically weak than everybody else in the clan.

Xue Yang is the son of Clan Leader of Maple Clan. He is Rebellious, hot-tempered, proud, and arrogant. He is forced by his father to be guided by Xiao Xingchen to learn.

Xue Yang decides to give Xiao Xingchen a profound lesson. Instead, he loses control of the situation and Xue Yang soon starts developing feelings for Xiao Xingchen.

"Ni Min Ju" is the leader of the Birch Clan. He has a kind of crazy craving for men and to feed his hunger he tortures them physically. Ni Min Ju wants to be at the top of the world for which he is finding the person who carries blood which will help him gain immense power.

It is soon revealed that Xiao Xingchen's blood has that power. The only way to avoid any destruction or misuse of his blood is to poison his blood.

How will Xue Yang save Xiao Xingchen?  What will happen if Xiao Xingchen is captured by Ni Min Ju?

~~~~ Note for Readers ~~~~~- Pavilion in this story means "A School"- Clan means "A Country"- The Picture's credit goes to its owner.- This story is my own work so If you want to translate it into your own language then please let me know.

Last but not the least, Vote's and comment's are highly appreciated

G Completed