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Young Adult
A Higher Plane

The premise is simple; everyone should be accepted with equal rights, no matter their religion, skin colour, sexuality, gender or gender identity. When Blake Reid, an activist, organises the “A Higher Plane” movement to spread acceptance for minorities, he moves boundaries that aren’t often moved, causing the media to twist the stories every which way. Especially, when a young, Muslim, university student is killed at one of the protests, all hell breaks loose in the media. Meanwhile, Theo Penev, a young Bulgaria/Chinese diver who has just suffered a major crack in his perfect career, struggles with his gender identity. With the media’s constant analysis of his life, he sees himself forced to choose between his career and his identity. Nehir, a young second-generation immigrant rebels against her mum’s lack of will to integrate into the community in which they have lived for years. At the heart of the European Union, Katrina, the black, female secretary to Benjamin Artmann, a conservative member of the European Parliament, is constantly pushed aside in favour of the white secretaries in the institution dominated by white men. But when worlds collide, and the things you would rather not share come into the light, you will face opposition and intolerance, and you will light a fire to demolish the opposition. Even if that opposition and intolerance comes from within yourself or the people you thought you could trust.