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MONCAKE : 31V1 9314 (ENG)

This title is part of Moncake's Prime Cases Batch 1


Detective Moncake's premiere cases contain a mystery with a short story and not too deep. For those who want a light story and a mystery that is not too deep, this article is highly recommended. Although it is classified as a short story, it is still written in detail, so that the search for clues and common threads is still clear.


Moncef Keymark, found a letter from a woman panicking and pacing around her shop, containing 31V1 9314. A letter containing strange things.


------------------------------------------------- WHO IS MONCAKE?------------------------------------------------

A man of random hair, a former police officer who is still used as a police dog, tracking criminal cases, Moncef Carmel Keymark lives up to his ideals..Cake, Monkey, Keymark, or Moncake are better calls..His sleepy eyes like a koala often lose their charm every time there is a case, but they are a magnet for women..As a picky detective, that was reason enough to open a "Moncake" bakery in Cambridge. Basically, cooking is his hobby. When asked why the cake shop,."Well, cakes are liked by a lot of young women. That's why as a cake maker, I like young women. A symbiotic mutualism," he said in a charmingly polished bass tone.

G Completed
Twist & Turn

Nothing is peaceful in a world that is always in a cycle of war. There will be twists and turns here and there; and nevertheless, the races there aren't going ot be nice to one another.Roa is the planet's name as its inhabitants are not quite sure about one another.Humans once ruled over this planet alone until they discovered creatures that could shapeshift with powers beyond their understanding. So, they took a friendly approach to them by declaring war with their capture methods towards The Folks. The war between humans and The Folks has been going on for centuries on end. Some hide while others fight for their entire race. However, it seems like they are on the brink of extinction with how much humans want to capture and get rid of them. Though, will that happen in the near future with the chosen folk for the job?

Read alongside characters who will journey through their stories with the main plotline riding along with them.


This story was created out of an old roleplay with an ex-friend years ago, I have replaced every of their oc with my own so it wouldn't be seen as copying their OCs. (and possibly redone the entire plotline in it that strayed so far from the original roleplay)

I hope anyone who comes across this finds this story interesting to their liking, if not, then it's alright. Story updates may vary either from two chapters per month to one chapter per month, or sometimes even one per week.

Hope you guys enjoy my work! ^^

5 fates

"In this book, I have written, I have utilized what it is like to be a teenager in this day in age, being a teenager in the present myself. I have brushed on the topics of being part of the LGBTQIA+ community and delved into depth about mental health issues faced by teenagers in the 21st century. Few experiences are inspired by stories and experiences I have listened to, or faced myself. In this book, the character name Michael, was inspired by my late uncle who unfortunately died in an accident before I was born in 2002. While writing this book, my Grandma, unfortunately, passed away suddenly in June 2022. Although I have never faced discrimination regarding race, besides the few times people have made stereotyped comments about Russian people (I am of Russian heritage). I haven't touched on this that much because I don't know what is myself to be discriminated against daily, unlike many People of Color in Australia.

Thank you very much to my friend Erin Clancy and Great Aunty and Uncle who have peer-reviewed this book and helped with editing.

If you need help with your mental health, please contact a local hotline available.

There is a mild language warning and a severe warning on content as there a descriptions of graphic scenes and themes.

This book is advised for people 15 years old and over.

Please add, vote, and comment on this book, this will help me a lot to know what readers of this book are interested in. And share this book with your friends.

This book is set from 2016 to 2027 in Brisbane, Australia.

These characters, other than the house group/form teacher and Michael are fictional.

The following events are inspired by the Save Me webtoon (Un-uploaded)."- O.E Walker.


The book name has been from 'Premonitions', as it is a very popular name and hard to find.