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Young Adult
You'll Always Have Me

When Kaya, a 16-year-old high school student, found her grandmother dead in their house, she had no other option but to move to another country to live with her parents and leave behind everything despite having other plans. She hated even just the thought of going back to her parents who made her feel abandoned and forgotten when they left her in the care of her now late grandmother but through this, she will learn to forgive, mend what’s been broken, open up, and love again. Starting over in another country was a huge adjustment for Kaya; she’d had to leave behind all the great opportunities offered to her in her beloved city, she’d had to go back to square one, and make drastic changes to her plans – but that wasn’t enough to discourage her. She is talented, full of wisdom, and tough. She took risks and within a few months, she’s managed to turn things in her favor. She had new dreams and goals for herself but all of that is about to change when she's faced with more unexpected heartaches, challenges, huge responsibilities, and major setbacks that greatly impact her future and plans. It's always one bad news after the other - an emotional rollercoaster that took a toll on her mental health – every day is a losing battle; she wants to give up but she has to find the motivation and courage to keep fighting because there are people who are looking up to her, depending on her, and holding on to her promise to them when she told them "You'll always have me." she struggles to get it together but she always makes herself available for those who need her. But what about her, who will be her anchor? Who will be there to say “You’ll always have me” when nothing is going right? Is this all there is to her story? Is this all that life has got to offer?

Sea of the Forsaken

This story helped me cope through with depression.  I wanted to write a book to where I would actually read where it did not have the typical storyline for a mermaid falling in love with a human, or a mer prince/princess fighting to get back their kingdom.  I started out writing on Wattpad and now I'm expanding to gain more possible readers wanting to read my book.

It was supposed to be a normal visit to her uncle's place. Everything was planned out to prevent anything from happening by her parents, but it didn't end that way in the end. After taking a dive in an underwater cave with her cousins, Lynae and Meredith, something changed within her. Ever since that day, Amelia, Lynae, and Meredith uncover more on their family's secret lineage resulting in them becoming something that they thought was not possible. Now showing their true scales, they adjust their lives into becoming more than just mermaids, but as the rightful rulers of the five water realms along with two mermen. They meet other merfolk along the way to help guide them into making each of their designated realm a better place for everyone. However, not everyone would agree with what the five rulers have in mind as for what is best. The main concern would be set on the five after they discovered that they each inherited a special power from each sibling. But with those powers come with great distress. Fearing that history may repeat itself, the mer are keeping a close eye on Amelia since she is the reincarnate of the one whom was good at heart but became corrupt to the very end resulting in her transforming into a great beast that terrorized the underwater kingdom. If you want to take a dive into an adventure that stretches around the world while witnessing the supernatural elements these mer face everyday, then you are in the right place. Come under and see why the merfolk are not just a fairytale, but a lost race that the humans have forgotten for over centuries.