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Searching For You

Warning: This story doesn't really have anything to do with Pokemon, nor does it follow the Pokemon time line. It's basically an AU.

Please keep in mind that I do not own Pokemon or any of the depicted, canon, characters in this story. All the credit goes to the talented people who put all their hard work to create this enjoyable franchise.

- Prologue -

Joyna, a bubblegum-haired, 17-year-old medical nurse in training who had a bright future ahead of her and an amazing mother, father, and younger brother to support her all the way. Life was perfect…

- 🌺 - ✨ - 🖊️ - ✨ - 🌺 -

‘What was that!?’, I thought as I shot up in bed.

I listened to the sound again. ‘There it is again!’

I grabbed my stethoscope, the one my dad gifted me on my sixteenth birthday, off the table near my bedside, to use as a possible object of defense, lifted my blanket off myself, and slowly tiptoed out of my room.

As I finally and carefully stepped out of my room, I noticed that Ash’s bedroom door was left open.

‘Strange… Maybe that was Ash going for a midnight snack? He usually does that’, I tried to reason with myself. ‘Only one way to find out’

“Ash?”, I called out anxiously, as I carefully walked down the stairs.

I tensed up as I heard a creek.

It sounded like…

‘The fridge door?’

I let out a relieved sigh that I didn’t even know I was holding. ‘Yep! That’s definitely Ash’

“Ash! I know you’re there! And you better not be midnight snacking again!”, I chuckled to myself. “You know what mom said”

‘Now that I think about it, Ash has been going more on his midnight snacking escapades since…’, I thought, but then paused, feeling an ache of pain in my heart. ‘No need to think about that right now, I have one objective, and that’s to get Ash back to bed’

“Ash?”, I called out again.


“A-Ash?”, I was getting nervous.


“Ash!”, I screamed, not caring that mom could wake up.

‘I can’t lose you too!’

I speed walked towards the kitchen, but Ash wasn’t there.

Anxiety was building up in my stomach, and it was getting hard to breathe.

I ran to the living room and noticed a gust of wind brush past my feet.

‘It must be nothing, right?’

I finally slowed down as I entered the living room, he wasn’t there.

I ran to the front door area.

‘Please don’t be what I’m thinking, please don’t be what I’m thinking, please don’t be what I’m think-’

My heart froze.

The front door was left wide open, and Ash was nowhere to be seen…

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