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Aulia Sheila Diba
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Aulia Sheila Diba
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Terrorist Attacks

I begin with a brief introduction, my name is Aulia Sheila Diba. I'm from Indonesia. I live in Java Island, East Java, my city called Surabaya. I'm a 21-year-old ordinary college student, currently in sixth semester majoring in English Literature. Here, I want to tell you my story, my country... which has been targeted as a bombing site that occurred last monday.It begins in the early morning, Monday (May 13th 2018), 07:15 a.m, my Mother woke up suddenly, she was awakened by the loud sound of explosion from afar. She quickly reaching out her phone, and checking out what's going on. I also woke up, opened my instagram : some Bunkasai (Japanese Festival) events are cancelled due to Terrorist attacks. When I saw the recent news, I could feel my heart stopped beating, I was shocked. Then, I was trying to make a call to Father, he was up in the early morning to go for work. He works at the Airport, Juanda Airport. I can't reach him, I was so worried. I turned on the Television to keep us following the recent news update. The Police Department and the Military are appealed us to remain at home, and suggests us to cancel our plans to go outside, locked up the doors and windows.I couldn't help anything but I helped to keep widespreading the news online, warned my relatives, friends, and nephews, cousins. I hope they're all remain safe and sound. I saw the terrifying photos, the videos....people running around looking for help, the loud sirine of Ambulances passing by, Polices, and Soldiers are swarming around the area, the people are confused and they keep looking for their loved ones. ISIS-inspired bombings that rocked my city in 24 hours were carried out by three families -- including their young children -- who targeted churches and the police, authorities said. A family of five rode two motorcycles to the front gate of Surabaya's police headquarters before detonating explosives, injuring 10 people. The President of Indonesia, Mr. Jokowi Widodo and also the Mayor of Surabaya city, Mrs. Tri Rismaharini are quickly pays a visit and take a closer look in the crime scene, along with the polices and soldiers to investigating. There are three bombings occurred at different Churches in my city. There are 10 deaths, and 41 injured so far. My condolences to the victims. May they rest in peace, embraced by the hands of God. I'm praying in the name of Humanity. I just feel numb, but yeah I do feel sad and it feels so unjust. I've been wondering how twisted some people can be that they feel killing their fellow mankind as a holy-act-thing to do?  Don't worry, me and my families are safe and sound, the bombing site is pretty far away from our home. May, this month supposed to be our celebration of my city's anniversary and also the month of my birthday. Most of the anniversary events are cancelled due to security. This is the worst! Do we have to fear those terrorists? Why we have to fear those people? The Mayor, Mrs. Tri Rimaharini told us, "We, the citizen of Surabaya! We are not afraid of Terrorists! We will fight them...TOGETHER!!!" her speeches of wisdom and bravery, lit up the fire inside our hearts. But deep inside, actually I'm afraid... afterall we're all Humans, we are all have complicated feelings, right? My city is well-known as a cozy and friendly city through diversity, have a strong tolerance. How could this happened to my city....? I blame those cursed terrorists! I won't ever forgive them for targeting my city and my people! Their final penalty is sentenced to death! NOT IN JAIL!Whoever reading this, thank you for spending your little time, I really appreciated it. I'm sorry that i couldn't make this first blog post our proper introduction and greeting each other. I couldn't think other idea what to write first. So, I decided to write about the bombings, I know it's terrible but please understand my feelings. This is REAL. Feel free sending me a private message, I'm open for questions.

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