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Seven To Chose From
✪ Submission Closed

There are seven deadly sins, choose a sin and write about it.  You can create a character or any representation of the sin, but it must creatively and effectively communicate and portray that sin.

There is Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride.

I'm really looking for the creative edge in these entries, guys!  I'm hoping to find new and interesting interpretations of the sins, not just the surface meaning.  For example, people can lust for something other than sexual desire (since lust is simply desire in general); people can be greedy for things that are not materialistic; people can be wrathful but passive-aggressive or simply broody.  See what I mean?  Really dig deep into the word and find a way to represent it.  Again, I'm looking for creativity!

Have fun and good luck,


Example entry: Lust

This is to show a more abstract grip of what one of the seven deadlys can mean.  I chose "Lust.".  Entries can be longer, include a short story and dialogue, or have much more involved, or it can be simple like this.  It's up to you!

I always seek out a challenge, although, on first appearance, I'm not a challenging person.  I take my challenges inside my head, constantly thinking about self-improvement or any form of maximization.  They go unnoticed.  For someone who's constantly doing something, I look fairly laid-back and slow-moving; yet everything spins in my head as I figure out way after way of getting around, going over, or going through any and every situation.  I am always looking for a new challenge.  Always looking for what's next.

If someone says "good job," I may agree, but I know that it could've been better.  Anything can be better.  Everything should be better.  I should be better.  And that is the ultimate challenge is it not?  To strive to be the best?  And perhaps not for self-glory but at least the satisfaction of it?

I fear the day I cannot improve anything.  I fear that I will wither up.  That my strength will slowly diminish and I will become dust.  Purposeless.  And out of this fear drives this unending need to do.A need to gain.A need to advance.  If ever I reach the end, I pray my time will already be up.

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I Fear.
✪ Submission Closed

At what point do you become fearful, and what is it you fear?

•This isn'ta horror story.  In fact, stay away from horror.  Instead, think about your life and the obstacles you face.  At what point do you retreat back into yourself?  When do you feel over-whelmed?


• Stay within the anxiety theme

• Word limit needs to be under500

• Your fear cannotbe a physical object

- - -

Here's an example:  (My own fear of silence)

It’s when words fail me that I become fearful.  If I talk I can fein confidence enough to even convince myself, but when my speech falters, when my mouth refuses to open—when I’m silenced—I’m terrified.  My throat feels dry.  If I can’t even respond, then how can I feel okay?  Someone just popped the bubble that I’ve been living in for so long and I can’t even defendmyself, so howcan I feel okay?  It’s raw skin under these callouses.  My armor’s only show.  I’m not all that big underneath, I’m only skin and bones.  And now you know that.  So how can I feel okay?

I can’t speak.  I can’t even fathom.  It’s as if my brain’s on pause yet moving a thousand miles per hour, and I.  Can’t.  Speak.  Fear settles at the pit of my stomach, it’s cold and hot all at the same time, and everything seems like nothing.  The only words I throw out I trip over, the only sentences I can speak are choppy and incomplete.  I’ve been silenced by shock.  By Fear.  How am I going to be okay?

- - -

Write you hearts out!

If you've got any questions, feel free to comment!

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Glance. Pick. Think. Write. A Second Time.
✪ Submission Closed

I'm giving you a list of words.

Glanceat the list. Don't Google or search up the definition.

Pickone and Thinkabout it, what does it speak to you?

Scroll down to the definition. Read the definition of the chosen word and Write.

You don't have to use the word but, you may if you wish to do so.

Try not to Pickanother word or learn the meaning before enlightening yourself to the word.

:) I wish you all good luck. Good Day.














Convivencia-"living together"; unity, oneness, co-existence and harmony with one another to exist and live peacefully together.

YύyῙn-the remnants of sound that stay in the ears after the sound has stopped

Wasuremono-forgotten or lost things; an item left behind somewhere or forgotten at home

Trouvaille-a valuable discovery, or a lucky find; something lovely discovered by chance

Rawa-dawa-the sensation upon suddenly realizing you can get away with doing something really awful and reprehensible because nobody is there to witness you doing it

Jijivisha-the strong eternal desire to love and continue living

Flâneur-a person who walks the city in order to experience it; one who wanders aimlessly but enjoyably observing life and his surrounding

Librocubicularist-a person who reads in bed

Kattebel-a small, short note or a non-formal handwritten memo passed on to someone or kept to oneself as a reminder that a particular matter won't be easily forgotten or escape one's attention

Meltem-a sea wind; the summer breeze that blows from the ocean

Latibule-a hiding place; somewhere no one could find you - a place of safety and comfort

Kiasu-afraid of losing and likes to compete with others; selfish, grasping attitude arising from a fear of missing out on something

Dustsceawung-"contemplation of the dust"; reflection on former civilizations and people, and on the knowledge that all things will turn to dust

Just a little Reminder:You do not have to use the word itself in your writing but the concept of the word must be included.

​Sorry if the words do not mean what they mean.If you know (a) word(s) in the sum given, and the meaning I have given is incorrect, I am sorry. I retrieved these words of the sources below.


Also, this is a second generation of a previous contest of mine.The first one has no selected winners yet but, they will be up by the latest of Saturday. A set of people enjoyed the first generation and I thought I'd make another s, more of you can join.

:) Thank you and Good Day to all of you!

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