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    So yeah, My name is Charity I am an author from rural Georgia (the sticks yay actually no we're right next to a major city so more like suburban?)

    So what do I like

    Light novels


    uh like good anime (that time I got reincarnated as a slime its intros are SICK)

    and an overwhelmingly large amount of Kpop(BTS) and like boy bands (one direction, the like) I also like the weeknd and high school musical + Tom holland is the best spider man and he can DANCE weird that he's British tho (I have nothing against british people, my grandmother was born in London but when you take ap gov and learn about the declaration of independence.... yeah that's all in the past after all, I wasn't alive back then and I prob wouldn't be here right now if britain hadn't done what it did so yeah thanks btw queen elizebeth is like IMMortAL).

    thats all i have to say

    btw lesbian rights gayness is greatness
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Raven Sparrow and the Academy for Brights

Long ago, a fresh and beautiful world full of magic and wonders came into existence. The new world and its magical life forms lived peacefully and coexisted with non-magical beings such as humans. These creatures enjoyed the world and its possibilities.

Sadly, even this world had its shortcomings, with all the possibilities that existed in this world it was only inevitable that dark creatures would also exist.

Most dark beings, also known as demons, expressed no interest in a world of bright magic, instead of making their homes in the deep underground caverns near the core of the planet. They considered themselves and their magic above all others and simply stayed where they were, never interested in going to the upper world. One demon, by the name of Tera Vera, came up to the world out of pure curiosity. After seeing the beauty of the surface, he sought to harness the magic he did not have.

He failed, due to his inherent lack of magic other than his own. His curiosity was instead replaced by hate. He decided that if he could not control the new magic, then no one should. Using his dark magic, he created five curses, each holding terrible power. Using the curses and their power, Tera Vera waged war with the beings of the upper world.

However, a brave band of heroes, led by a courageous woman named Lady Rahleen gathered an army to face the demon.

After many battles, Lady Rahleen managed to seal the five curses and the demon away.

The curses were not done though. One curse, the curse of the plague, escaped and used its power to infect the minds of the creatures and turn them into soldiers.

Preying on a recovering world, the plague devastated what was being rebuilt, and Lady Rahleen was called once more to fight.

After a long war, Lady Rahleen managed to imprison the terrible Plaguemaster, the leader of the Plague armies, and the plague lost its grip on the world.

Realizing the power of magic, and what it could do, Lady Rahleen and her followers decided magic needed to be kept in check.

After deciding this, Lady Rahleen started writing the ancient laws. The laws intended not only to keep magic from making its wielders too powerful but were also made to make magic easier to handle. This was to make it so if evil did come back, it could be dealt with in a much easier fashion. And so, either they found a way or the world willed it so, the Ancient Laws came into effect, leading to a long and peaceful period.

But even with all the countermeasures, the Plague still stirs. Ever since its imprisonment, it grows in power and hate. Centuries after it first was thrown into its confines, the plague manages to extend its power beyond its hastily built prison. This leads us to our present-day

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