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Short Story
Idk, I was bored *stolen*

HI~! okay, anyways.


most used word(s) or phrase(s): holy shet. woah, calm down, Jamal, don't pull out the nine. that's hot (facts, bro. i say that's hot so much that this one time i was upset..people were like "she's not okay and back to normal until she says 'that's hot'").

how long does it take for me to get ready: that's weird as fuck but, uhm, it really depends on what i'm doing that day and how i'm feeling that day.

do i have much of an ego: hm? idk. i don't think so. maybe a little bit. holy shet, stop coming for me.

do i suck or bite lollipops: 👁️👄👁️....heh heh, which one you want me to do- omg, ew, ew, ew. omg, i bite lollipops. i am so disgusting. gonna go throw up now.

do i talk to myself: why tf-- no, not anymore.

do i sing to myself: idk, wtf do you mean.

am i good singer: hmmm...i would like to say... YES BITCHES~ AHAHAA

biggest fear: death or the dark

am i a gossip: idek anymore

best dramatic movie i've ever seen: i don't watch movies, tf? i'm weird. i watch shows.

do i like long or short hair: both, i guess?

can i name all 50 states of Amurica: hell nah.

favourite school subject: i hate school. but english :}

extrovert and introvert: apparently, i'm both of them but i forgot what it's caleed when you're both...ambivert, probably. eh, i'm too lazy to look it up right now.

have i ever been scuba diving: this is so weird to ask. no, motherfucker.

what makes me nervous: hm...idk

am i scared of the dark: no, wtf? yes, bitch, of course i am.

do i correct people when they make mistakes: i really dgaf with people make mistakes.

am i ticklish: i wish a bitch would try to tickle me. so your answer is, yes.

have i ever been in a position of authority: idk

have i ever drunken underage: is drunken a word?

have i ever done drugs: nope, aha. i'm a good kid.

who was my first real crush: my ex. he was my neighbor but fuck him. he can suck my 12 inch.

how many peircings do i have: two. dumb bitch.

can i roll my R's: yes.

how fast can i type: pretty fast.

how fast can i run: idk. decent, i guess?


20 nosy ass questions


how old am i? - 7091827984173461208736412873687 i am 92, who's asking, yeh fuckin' pehdophile, mate. that shet is gruss.

what is my gender? - i am gender fluid, mother fuckers~

do i have a pet? - hah. do i have a pet? bitch, i have two crocodiles, a unicorn, a  duck, three panda bears, eight dinosaurs, a tiger, nine leopards, sixteen lions, and two dogs.

3 things on my wishlist? - love, my bestfriend to come live with me, for bts to come surprise me and meet me.

my current obsession? - i thought we established what my obsession was already? it's k-pop, dammit.

my favourite game? - i don't play games.

one song i like singing? - i sing too many songs, i can't choose just one, fucker.

do i have a crush/lover? - idk...do i? *jungshookth*

how would i confess? - me: bye-- *walks out the door*

something i regret doing? - i regret a lot of things, and idk how to say them. just-- agh!

what is my sexual orietation? - pervert~ *singing, jungkook style*

my favourite food? - ice cream~! yeddd, omg!

when was my first crush? - omg, this is going to be disgusting but i was obsessed with justin beiber once upon a time. icky. that was in, like, 1st grade or something.

am i s or m? - should i be scared for my mental health?

what's my ideal date plan? - fuck the shit out of me. no, bitch. i think about that when a mfka actually takes me out on a date.

something i can't stop doing? - being a bad child. nah, i'm playing. idk, i do a lot.

what do i do when i'm sad? - i run to bangtan sonyeondan, what do i look like i do? i cry and listen to bts, duh.

something i'd like to try out? - sex. no, i'm playing. having a serious relationship with someone.

selfie without makeup? - ahaha, you thought, bitch, you thought. nope. not i. i shall not put my face on here. that's weird.

something i want to hear from my followers? - i don't have followers. i have like nine of them but who gives a shit? not me.


more stupid questions to answer


who was the last person i held hands with? - my- i don't share my business like that-- oof...

am i loud, outgoing, or shy? - yep, actually. i'm all three :D

who am i looking forward to seeing? - my bestie </3

am i easy to get along with? - yes, actually. i might seem like a crazy bitch,and i am, but i am easy to get along with.

have i ever given up on someone, but then went back to him or her? - yes. three times to be exact. well, dating-wise. freidnship-wise? i'll cut yo ass off and no more.

if i were drunk would the person i like take care of me? - i sure hope so-- but it's fine because i don't drink.

do i think i'll be in a relationship two months from now? - i hope so.

who from the opposite gender is in my mind? - their name(s): kim namjoon, kim seokjin, min yoongi, jung hoseok, park jimin, kim taehyung, jeon jungkook, lee felix, etc. don't ask any questions.

does talking about sex make me uncomfy? - sometimes. it's like, i think about it a lot, (well, not really anymore) but when i write smut it makes me uncomfy...so kind of?

who was the last person i had a deep conversation with? - i call her my fairy godmother now mind your own business.

what does my most recent text say? -well, i’ll come to your room tonight, ight? just-- don't even ask.

how do i feel about abortion? - idk...

do i like big crowds of people? - i'm starting to. three years ago, my answer would be, hell no~!

do i believe in luck and miracles? - idk what to believe in anymore.

what good things happened...this summer...? - bitch, it's not summer yet, tf?

would i kiss the last person i kissed again? - no, probably not because i can't remember who was the last person i kissed. it's not because i kiss a lot of people, it's actually the opposite. i don't kiss people a lot, not even my mom.

do i think there is life on other planets? - idk...  i don't focus on that type of stuff.

do i still talk to my first crush? - no. tf, he's a celebrity and i was 6.

do i like bubble bath? - i don't take baths. i skinny dip in lakes, stupid.

do i like my neighbors? - i don't fuck with my neighbors, not after what happened at my...idk what to call it because i don't even live there anymore.

what are my bad habits? - cussing, procrastinating, letting people have power over me.

where would i like to travel? - south korea.

do i have trust issues? - yes, sort of.

favourite part of my daily routine? - watching tv for like four hours.

what body part am i most uncomfy with? - i hate my body, like, my entire body.

what do i do when i wake up? - i lay in my bed for a few minutes, then i force myself to get up. then i grab my clothes and wait for people to get out the bathroom. then i sit there looking crazy for a good half hour. then i finally decide to brush my teeth and i probably don't even look at my hair. yep. there you go, weirdo.

do i wish my skin were light or darker? - sometimes i wish it was lighter because i am colored and people can be racist and because i want to be a k-pop idol. what if they don't take me because i'm too dark or i do get to go with a group, people don't like the group i would be in.

have any of my ex's told me they regret breaking up? - i don't associate with my ex's.

do i ever want to get married? - idk.

which celebrities would i like to...omg--- have a threesome with? - i'm leaving, bro. wtf is this~!? agh!.........min yoongi and van ness wu *whispers*

is my hair long enough to put into a ponytail? - yes. you callling me bald-headed? wanna die?

spell my name with my chin. - okay? akldex. damn, i suck at that.

do i play sports? - no, i'm too lazy for that shit. i used to play soccer when i was 6 and i used to be a cheerleader.

would i rather live without tv or music? - i would kill myself because i need them both.

have i ever liked someone and never told them? - yeah, of course.

what do i say during awkward silence? - "hi." with this face:

do i think age matters in a relationship? - i mean if they're like 4-6 years older than you, they gotta go unless y'all both over 18. if you're 13 dating a 17 year old, you need to get beat like weiyoung from the show, 'The Princess Weiyoung' cause they be beating her with thick ass sticks.

what is my favourite store to shop in? - maybe ragstock. yeah, ragstock or forever 21.

what do i want to do after highschool? - mfka, i'm just tryna graduate in general.

do i believe in second chances? - it honestly depends.

if i'm being extremely quiet, what does it mean? - someone is trying to kill me or i'm already dead.

do i smile at strangers? - no. well, some times.

trip to outer space or the bottom of the sea? - space, omg! never to the bottom of the sea, i would have a panic attack and probably drown and die.

do i want... a roommate? - ....bitch, i already have a roommate.

what am i paranoid about? - mirrors, windows, and cameras. so basically being watched.

what was the meanest thing someone has ever said to me? - idk and idgaf.

the nicest thing someone has ever said to me? - this lady that i barely talked to, her name is Ca, right? i said she was decent at singing and she looked at me. she said my smile was really pretty and that i was beautiful.

have i done something recently that i hope no one finds out about? - there are only 4 people i don't want to know about it, but yeah.

what language do i want to learn? - korean and english.


last one, okay?


full name? - lady leilani waterton of dogde charger.

zodiac sign? - libra/virgo cusp.

3 things i love? - my family, music, idk.

my best friend? - my dead step-mom and coco </3

last song i listened to? - i'm listening to 'run' right now and i lowkey don't remember what was the last song before thing. i think it was 'i need u'. yeah, i think it was.

4 turn on's? - well, damn. heh, okay. choking me, touching me, growling at me or baring their teeth at me, being sexy~ :] i'm a good kid, i swear.

4 turn off's? - idk....

what colour-- omg... underwear am i wearing today? - pEdOpHiLe~! oMg!

how many tattoo's/peircings i have? - two peircings, zero tattoo's.

how i feel right now? - i feel bored.

something i really, really want? - to meet bts, omg--

my current relationship statues? - omg, bye--

my favourite movie(s)? - like i said, i don't really watch movies, so idk.

my favourite song(s)? - i'm not even going to answer this.

my favourite band(s)? - bts, blackpink, ateez, stray kids, twice, txt, enhypen, aespa-- wait, this is all in my bio.

3 things that upset me? - lying, people, life.

3 things that make me happy? - bts, music, food.

what i find attractive in other people? - face, body but also personailty, aura.

someone i miss? - my step-mom.

someone i love? - my brother...my family?

my relationship with my....parent..? - rocky.

my favourite holiday? - my birthday.

a confession? - i used to try to kill my cat. leave me alone. i was a serious psychopath in 1st and 2nd grade. hearing the cat choke was music to my ears. i used to strangle my cat. it's horrible that i did that and i hate talking about it. also, when babies cry, i laugh. lowkey, that shit is funny and like i said, i'm crazy. not even gonna get into the rest of my craziness.

3 things that annoy me easily? - people. uhm....people again. and, uhm....almost everything.

my favourite animal(s)? - dogs.

my pets? - LIKE I SAID~! i have two crocodiles, a unicorn, a duck, three panda bears, eight dinosaurs, a tiger, nine leopards, sixteen lions, and two dogs! nah, i'm playing. my two dogs, their names are tristan and ladybug. i got ladybug from my step-mom because my step-mom already had that dog but over the years, ladybug has been my little baby and i love her so much. i taught all of my dogs how to walk up and down stairs. btw, i've had 17 dogs in the past 4 years but that's because tristan and another dog of mine mated and then we sold that dog because tristan was horny. uhm, ladybug is 3 years old and she's my baby and she's so stupid but i love her so much. and tristan is 5 or 6 with his old ass. i've had him since i was in second grade and he was a baby then. ugh, i love tristan too even though over the years me and my brother have messed with him so much that he's quick to bite me and my brother :)

one thing i've lied about? - i've lied about skipping school. it was one time and it was one class. never again. i got my ass beat.

something that's currently worrying me? - that i'll lose even more people that mean so much to me.

an embarrassing moment? - idk.

something that's constantly on my mind? - food or bts.

habits i have? - i shall not say.

my future goals? - idk.

something i fantisize about? - don't try to come for me, tf.

what i did yesterday? - karoake and stupid shit.

something i'm talented at? - singing~!

my celebrity crushes? - all of bts. jisoo of blackpink. bang chan, felix, seungmin, i.n., changbin, han, hyunjin of stray kids. jay and jake of enhypen. van ness wu  and tiffany tang from 'the princess weiyoung'. et cetera, et cetera.

do i smoke or drink? - no, sirrrrr!

anyways, i just did too much but have fun getting to know me. bye~

- alex <3

Chapter 26 Demon of Dissent 3/3

"10:00! 2:00!" Beelz pinpointed tangos beyond the walls.

Meanwhile, Jessica kept hers and David's heads down. Bolts of light scattered the interior in an exchange of dense fire that carved a storm. Operatives and Azareans fired, fell, and fired again. During one keen instant, a grenade explosion interrupted the spray, and a holographic shield flew overhead with the arm still attached.

Then it stopped, and in the reprieve, Beelz scanned the floor for casualties. When the dust finally cleared and the wind once again howled, several operatives lay dead.

"Where am I?" David mumbled. Apparently, the chaos had revived his awareness... and fear. The same applied to the rest of the waking—now excited—prisoners.

Alert, Jessica trudged across the room, where she found Shannon and Valerie together. "You guys all right?"

"I am a little bit," Valerie coughed.

Shannon remained flat on the floor. "I need to go to the bathroom."

Breathing a dear sigh of relief, Jessica stood up and sauntered toward the smoke and decay. She found David sitting upright, looking sober and unscathed but dazed.

"Are youalright?" she asked him.

"I don't know." His squinting eyes careened until they fixed on her face. "You're the Tacquizza girl," he slurred. "There are no deliveries here..."

"There's not going to be much of 'here' left."

Outside the gaping hole in the wall, a charred and battered airship rose into view. Quickly, every man and woman who could still lift a gun brought their weapons to bear, until Raptor poked his head outside the cabin. In the Lieutenant's worn expression, willpower remained, and he invited anyone who could see him.

It was time to leave.

Valerie, Shannon, and the Sub Terra survivors escorted Goliath's prisoners to the edge of the tower's new exit. Raptor resided in the first of two airships off which he leaped to help others safely step aboard. The first ship would depart with a cabin full of wondrous and forlorn faces. The second took the place of the first, its pilot delicately balancing its hull over the tower's edge. During that interval in which grateful strangers rambled inward, Jessica watched David carefully.

"I think it's time you quit your job," she told him, offering a hand.

"Wait!" he remonstrated. "This is Goliath, right? Just—."

"We'll make room for you if we have to, David," Beelz said.

David grabbed Beelz by the shoulders. "You're here for something else," he panted. "Sixteen years, I've hung my cap in the enemy's locker. Whatever comes next, with my knowledge of Goliath's global network, I know we can make it count. And I can..." David flinched over his shoulder, saw Jessica, then returned his pallid expression to Beelz and whispered something in the woman's ear.

Right then, Beelz closed her eyes and nodded somberly.

When David turned around, the express resolve in his eyes reminded Jessica of the last thing she needed to address. It started with Beelz, to whom she solemnly said, "I guess you'll be staying until the next airship comes?"

"If," Beelz emphasized. "You don't have to think about that anymore."

The tower ledge brought horizon beyond New Sumer, dark as it may have been. Against the peak breeze, past the capsules and to the airship, Jessica paused where Valerie and Shannon were waiting. Raptor waited beside them, and despite fatigue in his eyes and cuts on his stubbled face, determination still accompanied his parting words.

"There's room for a few more!" He nodded to the cabin, at the huddled group of scared individuals. Some were middle-aged, others were very young, and one... one was Azarean.

What's the common denominator?

Raptor continued half-heartedly, bending his brow. "In case you didn't realize, you've done more than enough today!"

"You and everyone else! I think we have what we need!" She turned to her friends, grinning ear to ear. "Tell me you're ready to leave this place!"

"We have to go!" the piloted rushed.

"I'm ready when you are!" said Shannon. "Whenever. Wherever."

"Of course, you are!" Jessica laughed.

"Jess,areyouready?" Val prodded. "This was your plan, remember?"

"I know!"

"Whoever's going, get going!" Raptor exclaimed.

Jessica stepped onto the airship, followed by Shannon then Valerie.

With everyone on board, Raptor punched the side of the cockpit. Jessica counted the seconds and, gravitating from the ledge, regret, sorrow, and a sense of failure punctured the peace in her heart. Like a virus, they infected her thoughts.

"Take off your boots before there's an accident," she told her friends, then kneeled. Valerie and Shannon carefully removed each pair of prototypes.

"I'm afraid of heights, anyway," said Shannon.

"Me too." Jessica grabbed their slippers... then leaped from the ship's cabin. To her friends' horror, she fell toward the cavity, back to the top levels of Goliath Headquarters. That last second left insurmountable distance between herself and the airship. Over her shoulder, she imagined Shannon and Valerie's distraught faces carried away from danger. "I'm not done yet."

Her friends' voices screamed through the comms.

"What are you doing?" cried Valerie.

"It was the only way to keep you alive."

Shannon's voice cleaved into her ear. "That's not fucken fair!"

"Probably not."

"You don't have to do this!"

"No, I don't."


She removed the earbud. Beelz, Raptor, David, and the remaining rebels spoke to her with the white of their eyes, and she nearly swore she saw admiration. At that moment, another ship's beak rose over the ledge.

Turning with the wind, the metal bird revealed Monarch onboard. Milliseconds later, Jessica realized something was wrong. Because he stood on the edge, alone, with terror-stricken eyes.

"Complete the missio" A blade impaled monarch's chest, bending his expression to anguish. The blade's edge then retracted, leaving the commander to fall, hand over his heart.

Behind him stood Malvis, gnashing teeth with a devil's leer and facial scars. The mere sight of the alien choked Jessica's reaction, but Beelz reacted swiftly and accordingly.

"Blow it to hell!"

Every man or woman with a gun opened fire, Malvis' shield glaring from its repulsion. He stood upright in the face of the heavy barrage; red dead defiance smeared on his face.

"Eve!" Monarch screeched. He was still clutching the bottom of the airship. The man simply refused to die.

Malvis seemed none-the-wiser as he drew and rapidly fired his pistol, sniping multiple operatives in the blink of an eye.

Frantically, Beelz bit the safety pin off a grenade and lugged it at the cabin, but Malvis and his quick reflexes smacked it below. Monarch intercepted, clinging to the deck with one arm. He offered the grenade under a meek smile, letting Malvis grimace before the two sides of his face ignited.

The blast demolished the airship and sent it into a seemingly endless spiral down to the city streets. From up so high, it was an abyss.

Chapter 26 Demon of Dissent 2/3

With cat eyes, Jessica watched as they attached explosives to every support beam. The LEDs blinked from green to red.

Beelz and her men repeated the action on the next floor, which housed a grandiose lounge in front of a glossy white conference room. Every corner was home to an animated plant: a swirling stem whose sleeping petals housed blue bioluminescence; a cactus-like curiosity came with razor-sharp, pink leaves; a white vine stem sprouted dancing dandelions; fungi with glowing green caps that extended over one another like a lava lamp. They were the kinds of off-world wonders Jessica wished would decorate her room, but she had to abandon curiosity long enough to note the gigantic pillars around the conference table – They almost blended into their surroundings yet seemed oddly redundant.

Without a wasted beat, Beelz's crew set more explosives and returned to the stairs en route to floor 85. During their upward trudge, Monarch's anxious and heavy breath returned.

"Sub Terra, listen to me! Our Azarean friends have a new gunship. Don't expect this operation to last much longer!"

Sure enough, the view from up high gave an overlook of Monarch's forewarning. Jessica planted goggles on the horizon, utilizing night vision to see a massive craft flying far beyond the limits of the cracked window. Bigger than the rest, its large wingspan carried the promise of catastrophe.

Thus, despite every fascination, she couldn't afford to study Goliath's outer mysteries. One glance teased a myriad of secrets: glass around refrigerated canisters, vials with the image of a T-Rex; just the tip of an iceberg since there was also a robotic arm stuffed in its own cylinder, then a transparent orb holding sentient black goo. From green-glowing meteorite rock to an entire showroom for an antiquated car. Secrets. None of it made sense, and the strange pillars from the last floor erected up to this floor and into the ceiling. Level 86 presented something else entirely.

86 immersed one in its likeness to an alien realm. Dimly lit by slithering trails of neon along black walls, it had an antechamber with magnificent doors leading left and right. Cautiously, Beelz approached the right before it slid open in four directions. The next room was no different.

Jessica finally understood the purpose of the redundant pillars. Up here, they had shed their white shells in lieu of black spires spangled with a mysterious, luminous energy that flowered into the ceiling. Whatever circuits powered these alien generators powered the current room and whatever else waited above. Still, something stranger landed in front of her.

Curiosity lived in the strange containers littering 86's four rooms. Curiosity resided in their size. Capsules were scattered across the floor, each with a cable from a wired network that circulated and linked back to the room's epicenter. Valerie and Shannon gaped at the sight, so Jessica knew she wasn't the only one unsettled. Even Beelz seemed docile, standing in the midst of the charcoal caskets. Her green eyes, their temporary absence, and silence betrayed rumination.

Done contemplating, Beelz wandered further inside. Part of Jessica even hoped she would leave because, when no one was looking, she logged into the central terminal. The next process required a bit of guesswork, but she had developed an affinity for language early in life: human, computer, and otherwise.

"There are humans in these," Valerie scoffed.

"I know," said Jessica.


Shannon, rubbing her arms together, crept closer to one of the capsules. "Sick... Who could these people be? Why would Goliath keep them here?"

"Experiments? Wait. No—no, the message. That list that Amon pulled from the chip! Whatever the bullshit reason, they can't be left like this."

Beelz unexpectedly doubled back. "There's nothing to be done—" she said, rounding the corner, then stopped and stared grievously at Lynx. "What are you doing?"

Jessica returned a glare. Abruptly, the pods simultaneously cranked their tops and propped open.

"We're being overrun!" Monarch cried.

Beelz met Jessica with canines and a death stare. "You weren't supposed to do that."

"I did it," she replied then tapped her earbud. "Monarch! We're done. Order everyone out and extract us."

"Bullshit!" Beelz pressed her comm. "Monarch?"

No response.

"Are you calling off the whole mission?" asked Valerie.

"I'm getting us out," said Jessica.

Shoulders flexed, darting eyes and forming a fist, Beelz seethed onward. "You don't get to make that call! You're welcome to be a waste of space elsewhere, but Dissent is ending this today."

"These people may be the answer to everything, Beelz! Goliath, the regime, Spearhead, Asgard, Malvis—we can expose all of it. That's obvious, even if we're floors shy of the top. If there's even a one-percent chance of saving these people, if there's even a one-percent chance of their helping, it's worth getting everybody out alive while we can."

"Not all of us will fit in the ships, Lynx."

"I didn't think we would."

With a grunt, Beelz's grip loosened. She rubbed her forehead with the next order. "Help them out of the pods." Her squad followed the order without question. They took after Shannon and Valerie, who were already uplifting strangers from their caskets.

Jessica's friends never lacked initiative, even in her silence, which was a double-edged sword she had to face down. But as the crew of comatose strangers rose to consciousness, she goggled at a familiar face.


"David?" exclaimed Beelz.

David Mourner was feebly lying in the hands of an operative when Beelz jumped to his side, holstering her sidearm. Disbelief colored Jessica's pale face as she crept closer to the sorry sight.

"This is what happened to you..." Beelz murmured, lifting the rest of him outside the capsule. Quivering, David's eyelids slowly opened. Brown irises on a pale face besmirched by utter surprise or shock. Jessica could only imagine the side-effects of hibernation in one of those things. Lumps in her throat, she scrounged the energy to speak.

"You know him?"

"He's one of our own," said Beelz. "He deserved better than this."

"He was the informant..."

Those were like the last piece of a puzzle. She panned across the room as more docile humans came to. Theirs were faces she had never seen before, but she pondered the stories they could tell, the secrets they could spell. That's before Beelz's watch blinked red.

Beelz noticed it, too.


Fire incinerated. Goliath headquarters had a new gaping hole, outside of which hovered an Asgard troop carrier. Beneath turbine screech, armed to the teeth, Azareans jumped into the tower. Beelz tossed her echolocation grenade, and lasers began flying in all directions. The strong winds were felt but unheard, debris reigned, and the floor fell to the mist of endless gunfire.

Chapter 26 Demon of Dissent 1/3

Jessica was already floating to the 82nd floor, skipping past Monarch and his as they scrounged the divided blocks. They were searching—so far as she could tell—every nook and cranny of Goliath Headquarters. Beelz and her team had to be above the rest.

Past the sensations of weightlessness and wind, she entered the 82nd floor through a gaping hole in the wall, to land on scattered chunks of more wall. She was welcomed by muzzles, again, Gemini Squad's assault rifles. Clad in dark greens and their weight's worth of gear, they lowered their weapons as soon as a black figure stepped at their behest.

She wore slick plates on long legs leading up a utility belt of magazines and other gadgets; then black on a bulletproof vest, all the way up the headphones. Eyes below red hair harbored a burning evergreen. Beelz, stoic, pensively ticked her handgun against forehead goggles.

"Let me guess; 'You're lucky we didn't shoot you'?" Jessica mocked. "That's what you were going to say, right?" She stood up and faced down Beelz's entourage. Meanwhile, Shannon and Valerie tumbled inward, pedaling frantically to control their gravity boots until they unceremoniously hit the floor on either side of her. The fall failed to stop either of their gripes.

"Do that again, Jess, and I will murder you!" Shannon said.

"You crazy ass Puerto Rican!" Valerie jeered.

Neither could muffle the sound of encroaching airships.

"Step away from the windows," Beelz ordered.

Eyeing the redhead, Jessica and her friends stepped further into the damaged room and watched as two gunmen set down a mysterious box. One button-press later, the box sprouted a tripod with a mounted turret.

Beelz held her earphone. "We're transmitting the data." She was likely contacting  Amon and Boros on a separate line. It may have had something to do with the man on the terminal behind her, stealing data. She was still thinking ahead, about the long war.

"Ships will be in range soon," somebody warned.

"Engage noise dampeners." Beelz clicked her headphones. Her squadmates pressed hidden buttons underneath their helmets, spawning blue LED lights on their visors. Their commander then gestured with a two-finger point, as soon as she made eye contact with Jessica. "There's an Asgard squad above us" she warned. Two squadmates took cover by the turret, the rest scattering throughout the room as she lowered her goggles.

A series of loud bursts carved holes in the ceiling, from which multiple grenades dropped. Jessica dived with Shannon and Valerie behind the nearest desk, evading the rumble and thunder. The grenades started spewing smoke when lines of rope unraveled from the ceiling and windows.


Beelz thrust Jessica to the ground and tossed a grenade with the other hand. "Cover your ears!"

Jessica punched her own earlobes when the sphere bounced from the ground to the ceiling to the wall, around the room, at high velocity. It fiercely echoed and stirred the eardrums so terribly that, when Asgard descended via cables, their surroundings devolved into a chaotic quagmire. The enemy covered their ears, yelping, one after another blasted off their cables by Gemini gunfire. The action was so automatic, Jessica almost scrunched her shoulders into fracturing. Beelz's team gunned down every Azarean despite the smokescreen.

The gunfire eventually stopped, and Beelz's voice reentered comms. "Our units on the ground are going to have trouble."

From all around, airships descended and hitched beside the occupied floors to retrieve anyone who would not or could not stay. Their proximal engines stirred mild tremors along the tower beams.

"We'll be sure to assemble a warm welcome party for Asgard's arrival," Monarch relayed.

Jessica poked her head out of cover and discovered all the rebels alive and well. Valerie did the same, scowling through her rifle sights. Shannon shivered while peeking more carefully.

"Is it over?" she asked.

"Worst comes to worst, we'll disable the elevators and access points, but don't expect that to stop them," Monarch continued. "Godspeed, Lynx, Beelz."

He said that like he's not coming back.

When the smoke finally cleared, Asgard corpses littered the 82nd level in a variety of awkward positions. Some were sprawled over the furniture; others swayed back and forth on their cables. Everywhere else, nothing but bullet holes and seared remnants.

"Data extraction complete," said Beelz's hacker.

Beelz turned to Jessica. "Lynx."


"Tell me you used that scanner."

Jessica scowled. "Yes, I scanned Malvis's eye like you were hoping."

"Then you just made our lives easier. Which doesn't negate as many variables as I would like... but we've wasted enough time." Backpack swung over her shoulder, Beelz crouched and rummaged through the contents. She retrieved an item and raised it in the palm of her hand like a newborn. It was cubic, small, and portable. "Your ideal 3-D printer," she said.

Jessica delivered the rod; Beelz extracted a microchip from the bottom slit then placed it in the printer slot. They watched an eyeball manifest on-screen. Several ticks and a beeplater, Beelz opened the cube and retrieved what looked impeccably like the real thing. She examined the eye between her fingers as if it were a flawless diamond.

"There's nothing like using your enemy against your enemy" she mused.

"So long as it works," said Jess, wincing at the eye's lifelikeness.

"Too bad it's not the real thing."

Over her shoulder, Jessica caught a mirror of nausea in her friends' faces. Either from battle fatigue or Beelz's coldness, it was hard to tell. Above glass shards, hoping for clues, she decided to fasten her goggles and check the ceiling. Unfortunately, X-ray vision revealed nothing.

"I can't see through the top."

"Y por que no?" asked Valerie.

"If you're utilizing X-Ray vision, which I presume you are, then it's a good and bad sign," Beelz droned. "High chance a lead surface shields whatever's up there."

"Then the laws of mass distribution say there's very little storage," said Jessica.

"Good to know." Beelz gyrated her gun arm.

The tripod turret began firing through the window then, almost muffling Monarch's voice when he shouted through comms.

"Asgard is landing in force! Back to the chokepoint!"

A flick to the eardrums, loud crashes resounded from the bottom of the superstructure, while a muffled cacophony of engines, projectiles, and explosions formed the faintest tremors.

"Jess, let's go!" exclaimed Valerie, pointing to the bodies trudging up the stairs.

At the next door, Beelz cracked the security lock then let the grenade loose through a slit in the door. It briefly thumped across the walls before magnetizing directly back into her glove. "Clear!" she said.

In a world where Azareans go deaf and Beelz wears weird-ass earphones, I'm guessing that's an echolocation grenade... with bounceability.

Past more sliding doors, Gemini Squad found yet more dark rooms sealed behind glass screens. Beelz advanced in the middle of it all, in the middle of fire teams, as they cross-checked their surroundings. Then came to a halt. Several started reaching inside their hardshell backpacks.

"Are those what I think they are?" asked Shannon.

Beelz, like the rest of her team, was lifting armed charges. "They're parting gifts," she said, offering up the brick. "We don't have time to secure more intel, but we can make sure this place and its experiments die."

"The enemy's numbers are growing, Beelz" Monarch's voice interrupted. "You have a limited window while we hold Asgard—watch the flank and give it everything you got!" The turret on the floor below them wouldn't stop firing. And through the windows, loud volleys left streaks of deadly light in the dark.

Time to expedite this chaos.

Short Story
omg~ *another venting warning because i'm losing my shit but also listening to BLACKPINK*

wassup, guys. again, this is alex. who else would it be..? i'm fucking stupid. uhm, i'm in a bad mood. i don't like being in a bad mood like i'm usually happy but people are irritating me. hold up, i'm about to write a ten page essay for my english teacher because he dares to ask me, what is one hardship women faced in the past. and i chose sex trafficking. it was supposed to a two sentence answer...but guess what motherfucker, YOU'RE READING A DAMN ESSAY~! be right back. okay, i'm back. anyways, back to venting.

OMG, SO YESTERDAY WAS THURSDAY HERE, RIGHT? and nothing really happened (or maybe i'm stupid and don't remember anything) until we went home. people are so damn bipolar and hypocritical, oml. okay, so we get  home right, motherfuckers are already arguing for idk what. but it wasn't big aruguing. the we took showers and gorgeous was in a bad mood and didn't want to talk and bunny got butt hurt. i rerally didn't give a fuck, i was chilling, sitting in a corner, by myself and just, you know? fucking vibing. i think so.

so then bunny started cry and when she gets sensitive and shit, she calls herself a failure and all this other shit, wishing to die. too many people have power over her and that's why she does that. yes, she has some power over me but i'm finna cut that shit and just vibe and be myself. so bunny has this thing on her head that if you press it hard enough she'll pass out or if she gets stabbed there again, she'll die, right? her ass was trying to kill herself by pushing down on it really hard. my and gorgeous started screaming at her. like i said, no matter how mad i am or sad or anything, i won't let nobody kill themseles over me or in front of me. that shit is dead as fuck.

so, basically bunny was doing that shit in the car and gorgeous was yelling at her. then we pulled up to the Annex and when i tell you bunny's whole everything changed, i mean that shit. she went from crying and trying to kill herself and ignoring me and yelling at gorgeous to smiling and luaghing and singing with us for karoake. that was the most bipolar shit i've ever seen and i've seen a lot. my mom is bipolar as fuck but that shit was something else. i could never. something else happened yesterday but idgaf and i don't remember.

so, today, we come to the Annex right and once again it's gorgeous and bunny being sarcastic and nutshell arguing. so, then jazzy got irritated and said something. right after bunny said, "today is a good. i'm in a good mood for one reason and one reason only. i have goals and i won't let anything stop me." gorgeous said something and then next thing you know, BUNNY IS IN A BAD MOOD. that shit be blowing me. she start talking about killing herself again and i said, "bunny, people have too much power over you." this is crazy. i can't handle this shit. like, i honestly don't know what to do anymore. at this point, i want to give up on being that one motherfucker who wakes smiling and luaghing and cracking jokes. i'ma wake up and ignore everybody and be the meanest bitch ever because people are dragging me down.

i really don't understand anything anymore. like, life is so hard. i don't want to go home but i do. i dunno what i want. i dunno if i want to with my mom if my step-mom is not there. everything will be different without my step-mom. i still haven't worked on my step-mom's eulogy. my best friend's eulogy. also, coco, don't get sad because you're best friend~! but my step-mom is my ride or die. i still love you a lot, coco. you mean a lot to me <3

my step-mom would want me to be happy and respect my mom. my step-mom would want me to be a singer and follow my dreams. in fact, she'd help my chase my dreams. now, i'm here all by myself. i have the tiniest circle. i don't eve know myself anymore because everything is so confusing. yeah, sure, i have hella friends but do they really love me and trust me the way the say they do? trust issues, i like to call it. depression, i like to say. i don't even know if you people reading this like me or enjoy reading my stupid shit. also, update, i'm not marrying seojun or cole sprouse. i'm still marrying jisoo, no doubt about it.

why am i getting emotional? omg, what's wrong with me. do i even really know what love is? idk anymore. then you have my mom being terrible to me because she doesn't understand me and she expects me to be the same kid as a year ago. like, i be the same after i've been taken away from my mom for alomost a year and i never got to say may we meet again to my step-mom before she died. like, no! i'm not fucking okay, dammit! my mom acts so ignorant. i don't want what she wants, i don't like waht she likes, i don't pet snakes like she does. she hangs around the fakest motherfuckers ever and it hurts me to see her being used and her being so stupid that she can't notice it. i love my mom but sometimes, she can be annoying.

she trusts people to easily then has the audacity to call me naive. yep, i'm depressed again. idk what's wrong with me. i'm listening to best of me on loop. that means i'm going to start crying soon even if the song is supposed to be happy. my mom doesn't let touch the stove a little bit (it's a metaphor) but she never touches it. i just want to protect her and my brother but i can't and it's her fault. she got us taken and she's never let me in so i can help her. every time i try to help her and tell her about herself, she hurts me. all the times that i've helped her when she's been beaten and bruised up, glass in her feet. i helped her! no matter what, even if she hit me while i helped her, i always nursed her. she wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me. she could've died, on so many occasions.

she's alive because of me! she's here because of me! who called the police when she was hurt so badly? me (and some of the neighbors). i can't even be myself with her. i can't tell about me or anything in general. everyone has been leaving me lately, that's it's not even funny. i think i'ma stop venting right there. i know that people are dramatic, jealous, sensitive and too much. so, i'ma stay to myself and listen to music. not sad stuff because i want to be happy and positive. i'ma stop fucking with people. i'ma focus on me and i'ma do good. i am no longer in my feelings right now! i'm listening to 'just dance' which is hype. i'm good, mate. idgaf about people no more unless they are real and in my circle. online and international friends? i still fuck with you~! i'm not venting anymore because i am happy and i feel good. damn, that was bipolar as fuck but if you were me, you'd be happy right now too.

hm, what to talk about? uhm, well, my brother isn't answering me but that's fine because i know where he lives because i lived there with him for the longest time. not me listening to exo. bro, kai is such a tiny baby, idc. nobody can tell me different. even though his mini-album is a little bit sus...let my child live, omg. okay, i don't even like hyuna because she's the reason e'dawn got voted out of pentagon but i lowkey do like her song 'i'm not cool'. it's fun to dance to and i like the beat. not me listening to that song. oof-. *changes it to pretty savage cause i love blackpink*.

well, i hope your day goes amazing and you sleep well. everyone reading, stay healthy and drink water. don't harm yourself, love yourself. have fun and live life happily <3 i sound like that one girl who is overly positive. motherfucker, love yourself or else i'll find you and tell bts. the fuck? lmao, i hate myself. byeee!

- Alex <3

Short Story
AGH~! ❗⚠️ VENTING WARNING ⚠️❗(might get long too)

Hello~! Omg, hi, my name is Syuga of the sky-people. Yep, folks, that there is how you know I am in love with the show 'The 100'. The show is so crazy. But anyways. I have some things to vent out. Okay, so, like I said before, I am not at home. So, there is me (who goes by Suga), Gorgeous, Bunny, and our newest girl, Jazzy at my placement. If you can keep a secret....I'll tell you that me and-- nah, I'm playing. I ain't finna tell my business like that. So, I need to vent about...mostly Bunny.

So, I once wrote on here that someone complains about their now boyfriend all the time and that I wanted him. Yeah, that was about Bunny and her boyfriend. But, that's not even the problem because if you think about it, I've never seen him, heard his voice, or met him. I liked him based off of the things Bunny told him so it wasn't really considered a "crush", feel me? So, I realized I didn't really like him, I was just....being a bad child and feigning for sex. Anyways, not gonna get into that. Uhm, so they've been dating for a second but I'm fine with it, to be honest. But that's not the thing.

Bunny has started to feel like I'm loving her as much anymore or spending time with her anymore, because I like someone. And, no, it's not her boyfriend. I actually call him appa because he is Korean and he told me to because me and Bunny are like sisters but she's like my mom at the same time? Does that even make sense? Welp, anyways. Back to Bunny. So, yesterday we had a meeting and just talked about stuff and she was sad because she got in trouble or something yesterday and basically went on the phone crying to her boyfriend, who I'll call Lion, since that's what his name means.

He gave advice to stop talking to me, Gorgeous, and Jazzy because we get her into to trouble and of course I didn't know what they were talking about because they were having an entire conversation in Korean. Benefits of having a Korean boyfriend, I guess? I think so. I dunno because I've never hada Korean boyfriend. Dammit. Okay, but anyways. So I got so fucking pissed off at him yesterday and I said, and I quote (idk how to spell quote...did i spell it right?), "Fuck him. I hate him, bye." Yes, I was pissed. Then I kept think about how Bunny was sitting less than a foot away from me.

And that pissed me off because she chose her boyfriend over us, or so I thought. I really don't even know what to believe anymore. So, since she was so close to me and I was cry while I was pissed off, I got up and rushed to the other side of the Annex (don't even ask what a Annex is because idek tbh) and sat over there with my sad, angry, hurt ass and cried while listening to BTS. Perfect mixture, my friend. I do that when I cry. I have to listen to BTS or I will actually lose my shit and go off the deep end. I did it when I found out my step-mom died, and I did it yesterday. Now that I think of it...I do that a lot. Go to BTS songs when I'm sad. But I listen to them in general but when I'm sad you will never here my listening to 'Not Today' like I am right now. Never.

So, I sat over there and cried like a little bitch. Then Bunny told Gorgeous and Gorgeous started crying and that made my baby back bitch ass cry even more. Jazzy wasn't with us right then so Bunny couldn't tell her. But Jazzy is the 'I don't Care' type of person so I highly doubt she'd give two fucks. So, I realized that for an accersory (i did not spell that right) yesterday, I was wearing Bunny's braclet. When I tell you I snatched that bitch off and threw it in the trash, I'm not lying. It's still in there. The fuck do I look like? I'm crazy.

Then I cried even more. Then Bunny came over and gave me a note. I didn't read it until I was on the phone with my worker crying like a little baby to her. I vented to my worker a lot. I feel like she's happy that I did too. Butg anyways. In the note she said some stuff and then said she wasn't going to be alive much longer. I told my worker right when I read those words that I had to go. I probably threatened Bunny for telling me that she was going to kill herself. In my head, I know for sure I was like, "I double dog dare this bitch to kill herself. Even if I am mad at her, I will not let her hurt herself."

Yed, so I cried a lot yesterday. Then the day before that I happened to be crying too. Dammit, why have I been so fucking emotional lately? What the hell is wrong with me and why does my eyes want to supply tears now? What's going on here? *cOnFuSiOn In LuNaRiAn* I cried yesterday because my mom was irritating me. Like, damn, last Friday when I talked to her, I heard some man's voice and I was like, who's voice could that be? HOW THE FUCK DID SHE GET FRIENDS IN THAT STATE SO FAST~!?!? I just found it weird. I don't trust her. Then I had a dream of her basically having sex with some man at the house I am at. Here where I'm at, we can't cuss or anything. But I was screaming and cussing and threatening to kill that man.

The reason I was so pissed off is because one, that shit is so disgusting. See your mom bascially have sex and hearing her? That's shit's gross. Second, my step-mom just died. That shit is so disrespectful and I hate it. I will kill anyone who dares date my mom right now or anytime soon. I don't wanna hear nothing or learn nothing about her having sex or dating anyone because I will stab them in their fucking neck and let them bleed out because I'm a psychopath and THAT SHIT IS SO DISRECPTFUL AND I WILL HATE MY MOM AFTER THAT~! Omg, it pisses me off even now. But that was on Friday.  On Tuesday, my brother, my mom, my worker, my GAL, and me were on a Zoom call.

When I saw her get in a car and she wasn't driving that car, I got so pissed off. SOOOOO PISSED OFF! Cause who the fuck was driving? And then I rememeber my dream and my visual got angry. Everyone could tell I was angry except for my mom. So, my little brother started to wonder who it was too after I told him about my dream and how I felt. So he told my mom about how we were bothered by the fact that she wasn't driving and we wanted to know who was driving. And guess what? My mom's ass tried to go off on us. Hah, that's why her Wifi sucked and we didn't really anything. But I got the jist of what she was trying to say and it pissed me off.

I hung up on the Zoom call because I was so pissed off. I canceled me and my mom's call on Friday because I didn't want to talk to her. Because she's always talking about me needing to respect her. But who the hell do I look like? I know it's what my step-mom would've wanted but I just can't. My mom can't even trust me enough to tell which ugly motherfucker she's around. I mean, I wanted to know who it was because if it my cousin, I would've asked to say hi because I miss him. But noooo! So, I'm not going to trust her. She just makes me so fucking angry and I want to scream at her. She pisses me off so much. WHat I have to say to her is not going to be respectful so why say it all? I don't need her screaming at me when I'm trying to scream at her.

At this point, I don't even want to go home. I just wanna stay where I am or go to South Korea.

Me knocking on the door of South Korea: *ugly crying but also doing this while singing 'Let Me In'*~~

*puts on 'Dimple'*


Okay, I think this is my last thing to vent about. I don't even remember what I was talking about. I lost my train of thought. OHHHHH! I remember! It's Bunny again. She always says everyone hates her, but I don't. She says, I'm abandoning her, but I'm not. She's starting to be annoying with that. As soon as I start liking someone or dating them, she feels left out or abandoned. This shit is crazy. Like, the jealousy in this house is fucking crazy. When I first got here, Bunny gravitated to me and Gorgeous got jealous. Jazzy came and I started to like her and now Bunny is jealous. This shit be blowing me. At this point, I'm done. But lemme shut up. What else do I have to say? I am going crazy, omg. Oh, I have one more thing to vent about. SCHOOL, OMG!

Yes, that is the topic for today. Okay, so I decided to hop on my school shit because I'm tryna go on a trip, my guy. So, I did 12 assignments and motherfuckers still said, "That's not enough. You can do better, I know you can." I hate that shit. When people make me seem like I'm more of the person I actually am. It's kind of annoying. I love my "grandmother" but I feel pressured. I don't like that shit. I feel like there is a heavy ass burden on me and everyone is going to be mad at me or disappointed.

I hate that shit. Then you got that one staff who smells like straight SHIT! When I say shit, I mean shit. And like sex at the same time. The point is, she stinks, bro. Then you have the one staff with a big ass forehead and I slapped her forehead. Like, damn, dude. Your head is big, what else do you want me to do? Like, holy shet. Woah, calm down, Jamal. Don't pull out the nine. But, yeah, I'ma go before I get even more pissed off then I already am and start venting again. Bye~!

- Alex <3

Short Story
THE TE@ IS HOT, SIR~! Not really but still. Come here :}

Helloooo, everybody! I know I'm lame so there is probably like three people reading this but anyways. I am happy but thou shalt not talk about it. Uhm, the tea. So, like I said, we go to the Mall of America (M-O-A) a lot and we went again on Friday. We were just walking through it, me and my friend being crackheads and I was dehydrated as fuck. So, in the Vans store I told the staff that was with us and we were heading to the food court. We're right in front of the food court, right? And this man walks up to us, and says, "Can I ask you a question?" To me and my friend. The staff stopped and jumped in front of us and was like, "Whatchu need to talk them about?" And she's short so I think she looked like a kid. I know she does. People be thinking us five are all teenagers but it's really just four of us. So he starts talking about how he's a christian and asking if we know we're going to heaven or if we hope we're gonna go, right? And I was scared out of my shit. Uhm, I am actually kind of scared of men so when a random ass man jumps at me talking about if he can ask me a question, of course I'ma be scared. So he was talking and I was staring straight at the ground, my eyes wide as fuck. Then my glasses started to get blurry and I realized I was starting to cry. My hands were shaking and my friend grabbed my hand, pulling me closer and tightening her hand around mine. I was freaking out. I think I was having a panic attack. I dunno why but I was scared really bad. So my other friend was like, "I know all of this, I go to church and I've already been saved." And we started to walk away and I think the man started to follow us a little bit. But my friend stopped us all and asked if I was alright and I bursted out crying. Everyone was telling me about if he'd done anything they would've fought the man. Then my friend said she saw him touch my arm. I think that's what scared me. So she went up to him again and basically was pissed off. She said, "Next time you come up to someone, please don't touch them. PLEASE, don'tTOUCHthem." She was so pissed off. I was shaking for the rest of the time when we were in the mall. Then when I get sad or scared I go into this habit of breathing in gasps. So, I was doing that and my friend was like, "BTS?" and I nodded. So, where I am at is kind of traumatizing for me because my step-mom just died and I live so close to my old house. So every time we go somewhere I have memories. So, we were driving past a Metro PCS and I bsted out crying. Just crying. Because my step-mom had bought me my first iPhone from the Metro PCS. At first I smiling remembering it then I remembered she was gone. I snatched off my glasses and started to cry. It was a bad day, that day. That Friday because I usually don't cry. I like to say I can't physically cry anymore but I cried four times that day. I talked to my mom that Friday and I was pissed off and sad. So, I made her cry and I felt so bad and I felt terrible. Oof- My life lowkey sucks lmao. But I am happy now. I can't say why but just know I am okay. But I'm too lazy to change my bio or pfp. Or anything that is depressing on my computer. But it's fine. I'm fine. Everything is good.

Have a amazing day. Saranghae <3

💛🥺 A L EX 🥺💛

Short Story
oop-- *vEnTtInG W@rNiNnG*

I am so pissed off right now. Like, why can I never get what I want. I don't know why i'm suddenly feeling this way. It's weird and I've never felt this way before. But I deserve happiness too, right? Like, everyone around me has a reason to be happy. I guess I do too but mine is not as good as there's. Some people have kids, some have boyfriends or girlfriends, some have friends in general. Yes, I have friends and family but they're not near me, I can't even talk to my mom. I can't really talk to my best friend either. And I'm single and lonely.

Don't judge me or sexualize me or whatever when I say this but, I'm lowkey wondering if you can be addicted to sex while still being a fucking virgin. Because that's how I feel right now. My virgin ass is feigning, bro. FUCKING FEIGNING! Like, for no reason, I want sex. Is this a phase or something? Like, wtf is this shit? Hormones? If so, them bitches can leave because I don't need it. And like, motherfuckers hear me complaining about how fucking lonely I am and how much I want a girlfriend or a boyfriend and they start talking about their partner.

LIke, you dick-sucking bitch. I will scream at you. You're lucky that you're getting what you want while I'm just over here, wanting a boyfriend and yo ass has the fucker that I want! LIKE, I WANT HIMMMMM! And you're complaining because he likes you. At least he knows you, at least he likes you. At least he doesn't think you're some bold, little kid. I hate my life so much. And then there's me failing all of my classes except for one and bitches don't know how to leave me the fuck alone.

Like, you stupid whore, I want to be alone. You don't have to nag me 24/7 about school. Like, I don't give two fucks about school. If I did, I would pay attention. I give up. I am going to throw myself away in the dumpster outside.

Well, anyways. Hi, everyone. How's your day? I hope it's just fucking peachy!

​​​​​​​Wait-- AHAHAHA! Why is that funnyyyyy! Omg, I hate myself. Well, anyways. Byeeeeee!