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Lilith and Leon

This is a story based on a Roleplay I did a few years back, let me know what you think! Both characters are OCs and their dispositions may not make as much sense in the beginning, but backstory will follow (hopefully) soon.


Character Sheets:

~Name:  Leon Compton

~Nickname: None yet

~Gender: Male

~Race: Dragon

~Age: 21(21,000)

~Sexual Orientation: Straight

~Height: 6'11 (7'6 when including his horns)

~Weight: 240

~Body Build: Lean, toned, tall.

~Likes: spicy foods, sweets, music, napping, and attention occasionally.

~Dislikes: Pretty basic, being ignored and people jumping to conclusions.

~Personality: Let's find out-

~Talents: He's a talented chef and loves to cook, and other than that he is talented at being the strange dragon he is.

~Things he always has: like many other dragons he has a large fortune hidden somewhere near his home.

~Family: None.

~Species information: similar to a human form with large wings on their backs. They are able to conceal their wings for about a day before they need to release them to keep them from getting cramped. They will have a slightly lower body temperature than humans and there will always be a scale on the base of their neck which is why most dragons have their hair to be a bit longer to cover that identifier.

~Feral - dragons transform at will after they reach maturity. They can keep this form for up to a week before their energy runs out. They can get as large as a blue whale but those are the elders it takes hundreds of thousands of years to reach that status so most are between Shetland pony to elephant-sized. Covered in scales and large wings to allow flight. They often live in colder climates so a fast way to immobilize them is by increasing the heat as they cannot tolerate high temperatures for long periods of time and overheat easily. (This heat must be on par with molten lava at least.)

~Abilities: All the basics of a dragon, fire breath, flight, nearly immortal life.

~Passive special ability: High tolerance to any magic used on him; for magic to work on him it must be from a very powerful and experienced magic user.

--------------------------------~Name:  Lilith Kudo-kai (name of the clan in which she was raised)

~Nickname: Lili

~Gender: Female

~Race: Unknown

~Age: 19 (19,339)

~Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

~Height: 5'3" (5'8" with ears)

~Weight: 140

~Body Build: Shortish, thicccc

~Likes: NAPS, shiny toys/people, lots of attentions (unless she's robbing you)

~Dislikes: Being ignored and dogs/dog people

~Personality: Has a lot of ego, but otherwise nice (until she gets away with your wallet)

~Talents: She is a very talented thief and pickpocket, and has risen high in the criminal underworld for her skills

~Things she always has: a set of lockpicks, candy (especially lollipops), her signature potion

~Family: None.

~Species information: A rare case, in that this person has obtained the traits of several species (see backstory)

~Abilities: Claws that can extend up to a full foot in length, night vision and supersonic hearing, as well as the ability to fall from any height and land on feet with no damage whatsoever