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Short Story
New chara?

I welcome

Wisteria. Like the Wisteria flower. Look up the meaning. SHe also has purple straks but ARGH ITS SO PRETTY AND JUST LIKE I NEED HER NOW.

Since Wisterias are also more of a flower commonly found in Asia I decided to make her Japanese. Doesn't matter much. She's just a normal girl who's interested in tech though she doesn't really know what she want's in life.

Pronouns: She/her

Sexuality: Straight

Age: 19

Name: Westira Imai

Though she lives in Australia she has Japanese ancestory. Both her parents immigrated when they were younger.


Short Story
#55 The cherry tree

Between the mountains of Jealousy and Perseverance stood a lone cherry tree. In the early days, when people lived simple lives off the land, many villagers would hike to the Cherry tree to pick its fruit. This pleased the Cherry tree, as it often felt lonely.

"How nice of you to bear cherries all year," someone commended.

"We don't have to worry about food or drink thanks to you." Another said.

While the adults enjoyed the fruit, the children did not.

"Your cherries are too sour." They often said.

So the Cherry tree tried and tried for many months, until eventually it finally mastered making sweet cherries. This made the children happy, and they began spending more time with the tree, sleeping in its shade or climbing through its branches.

For many years, the Cherry tree stood between the two mountains, bearing much fruit, and for generations, the villagers praised the tree for it. But over time, the tree grew haughty. To "conserve its energy," the tree bore less fruit. Where once it kept its branches low and wide so that everyone could pick the fruits easily, gradually the tree raised its branches, keeping the fruit high and out of reach. To stop the children from climbing, the tree intertwined its branches, and when that didn't deter them, it grew long, sharp thorns.

Naturally, not being able to harvest much fruit, many villagers stopped visiting the tree. Some villagers tried to grow new cherry trees in its shade to bring back to the village. But the greedy tree used its roots to drink all the water in the ground. When that didn't stop the seedlings, the tree shook its branches, dropping leaves that smothered them.

Unlike trees, humans move away from where they were born. Soon there were more opportunities in the big towns, and the villagers left to start new lives without needing to live off the land.

In the once-thriving village, there was only a couple who visited the tree once a week. The couple were old and frail. The hike to the tree and picking the fruit proved too much for them.

One day, after heavy rains, the couple hiked to the tree. Still, the haughty tree did not bend its branches to help them. The old man's boot slipped on the wet leaves beneath the tree when he reached for the high-hanging fruit. Trying to stop his fall, the man grabbed his wife, who also lost her footing. The couple fell down the hill and rolled into a ditch at the bottom; their bodies lay broken and lifeless.

Later, when the couple's children found them, they were furious. They cursed and spat at the tree. Among themselves, they decided it was best to destroy the Cherry tree. From the town, they came with chainsaws and axes. They cut the tree right down and poisoned its roots. Its wood, they took and used to make a pyre for their parents.

Short Story

˗ˏˋ꒰ #HASHTAG ꒱6our hearts


Won-jae had finally released his album. The countless hours and nights he spent sitting in the studio working had all finally paid off.

The gum residing in her mouth swished around as she passed several of his labelmates teasing gestures. They had already had their celebration with the man of the hour, it was now Y/N's turn with her boyfriend.

Her fist gently pitter-pattered against his assigned room door which she entered once she heard his gruff voice.

His beanie slouched slightly over his line of vision turned to face the woman holding celebratory flowers. "Congratulations baby," she smiled as he jogged to her to squeeze her figure lovingly.

He thanked her before rushing her to take a seat in front of the large screen and messy desk.

"I have a surprise for you," he whispered shyly dragging the curser across his screen.

"A surprise?" She cocked her head to the side, what could it be? This day was about him and his precious work being released to his fans and supporters.

"Mhm," was all he muttered in response as he continued to pull whatever he had planned on the bright screen in front of them.

She watched as the album belonging to him was displayed as he started to play a certain track. It was the one he decided to put first above all the other songs.

He instructed her to close her eyes and just listen to the specific tune, and so she did just that. Her eyelids fluttered closed as she let the music flow through her ears, there was something about this song though.

"Ah,"she beamed to herself remembering.

She recognized the instrumental as he would constantly ask if it was to her liking as if this was meant for her.

At last the instrumental faded and she opened her eyes to the jittery man. She got worried as if he could've possibly think that she didn't like the relaxing melody. "Won-jae, what's wrong?" She gently held his hand which immediately relaxed into her own.

"Well I have something to tell you," he began which started to worry her. She nodded letting him know all her attention was settled on him.

The moment was perfect and he felt like he was floating on air. He longed to finally utter the words he had wanted to say for so long. He felt like he could finally express the love he had for her.

The song was his way of expressing those feelings and dedicating it to her. It was his way of telling her that she was special and that his feelings for her were real. He wanted her to know that he would always love her and be there for her.

He had never said those three little words before, but when he was making the song he knew what he had to do, he knew it was time to take the plunge. With a racing heart and trembling hands, he took a deep breath and said the words to her, "I love you."

PG Completed
Short Story
The Story of a Misunderstood Man

TW: Mild use of cuss words.

I didn't plan on releasing this, but after rereading this passage a few weeks later, I thought it should be said.

Before you go, “oh, are you kidding me? Jordan Peterson? That misogynistic, sexist, transphobic son of a bitch?” Shut up. Have you ever seen him and heard him talk for over 5 minutes? Something outside of those 30 second tiktoks taken out of context? Something outside of those heavily biased news headlines written by liberals who don’t know right from wrong? Hear me out. Throw out your assumptions and biases for a second. “Oh, it’s a Jordan Peterson fanboy… pfft.” …Are you serious? If you really think that way, please read the previous issues of my blog. If you still think that way and have absolutely no intention of changing and being open to new ideas, then just don’t. Don’t even comment.

This is going to be a rough one. There’s so many things to say, and honestly, if I even begin to address his point of view on transgenderism, I wouldn’t hear the end of it, so I’ll either briefly address it or none at all.

In a previous issue, I said that people who still have love and faith for humanity despite going through hell are the real winners. Jordan Peterson is that kind of person. If you listened, actually listened to him, you’ll soon realise that this highly intelligent man has a love for humanity. He does not say things with the aim of entertainment or to insult others, but the aim to make a difference and improve the state of humanity. Yes, he has his flaws; there are things we do not agree on and he has admitted being wrong before. But at the end of the day, he is human. He has a family he loves dearly. He gets depressed. Overcomes it. Despite all the hate he gets, he keeps speaking as he knows the amount of young men and women he’s helped to get his life together.

I don’t have an interest nor a good understanding of politics, so I can’t comment on his apparently highly controversial political views. His views on women as well. While he might come off as “misogynistic,” he really doesn’t look down on or think men are better than women. This is a man who cares for women, probably more than women care about women… (Saw this statement in a comment lol) Yes, some of his views might no longer be relevant, and you might think he’s degrading women, but please. Let down your biases and see the truth. Men and women. Have biological differences. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Just because he’s saying that generally, women are more suited to work white collared jobs or generally, women tend to be more emotional than men because of hormones or something, doesn’t mean he’s marginalising women!!! Because, generally, it’s true! Of course there’s logical women and those who are suited for blue-collared jobs, but these are the minority. Don’t you think it’s common sense to cater to the majority? If you can only make one type of cookie, and you find that 70% likes choc chip and 30% likes oats, you’re not going to make oat cookies. Of course, eventually, you’ll also be able to make oat cookies as well, and companies are trying their best to cater for the minority as well. Now imagine you’re getting insulted by the 30% who insist they are entitled to their own oat cookie, and you’re marginalising and dismissing them. Seriously? It’s just a cookie! You’d think they would have more pressing issues to worry about, like earning a living, or not getting kicked out of your apartment.

I know we live in a self-centered generation, where everyone is trained to think about themselves first. But please, think about these things a little. People, in general, don’t care about you. Stop trying to get them to acknowledge you and accept and accommodate you. Please start with yourself. I’m not saying this because I want to invalidate your identity, or want to personally attack you.

Before putting your identity in something, please think clearly about it. Why are you really doing this? What is the real reason behind your gender dysphoria? If you’re white, but culturally and socially, you fit into the norms of a dark-skinned community, can you identify as a dark-skinned person? You don’t feel white, right? Should you change your skin colour to match that of a dark-skinned person? No? You should learn to accept your skin colour and prove to others yourself that skin colour isn’t reflective of your personality and actions? Now apply the same to gender. Just because you do not fit into the societal constructs of what “a man” or “woman” is, doesn’t mean you have to make up a new word that kind of summarises what you really feel like…

I don’t feel the need to go out of the way to impose my pronouns and sexuality on other people. I don’t feel too comfortable in my body, but I can learn to accept it. Plus, gaining muscles isn’t too hard. I’m slightly offended when someone makes a wrong assumption about me based on my appearance, but I’ll just prove them wrong. Of course, there are people who experience gender dysphoria at a very young age, at which they need professional help and diagnosis. You might ask, why are you going out of your way to say this? Don’t you have better things to do than to stick you nose into someone else’s business? You don’t know how I feel! Just let me be me!

Well, frankly, I don’t really care about what you identify as unless it affects me directly. And you know what, most people don’t, either! People who do and go out of their way to actively insult you, sorry about those pathetic losers. To be so invested in a stranger’s life… So why AM I saying all this? I’m just a little afraid of what society will become. Where people have nothing better to do but to act entitled and “express themselves” however they want, whether it’ crawling around in all fours and barking in public or kids being encouraged to participate in drag shows. Too much freedom is terrifying.

And I’m selfish. But I know that I’m self-centered, so I want people out there who are always complaining about others to realise that they’re the problem. Just like I did.

Before you try to convince everyone to accept and accommodate you, please accept yourself. Easier said than done, I know. If I made you think, good. Please keep thinking. If I made you offended, um… why? I’d apologise but I don’t think suggesting people to think clearly before identifying as something should be something to be offended about. If you thought it through, really really thought it through, cool! I’d really like to know why you decided to identify as… anything but the “default”. I personally like to follow facts, ie. my chromosomal arrangement and my skin colour, but yeah. Identity is a strong word. What makes me, me. Well, a lot of things. Mainly my personality. Identity should not be based on others’ perception of you, but I know that’s the basis of quite a few peoples’ identity. Things like achievements, monetary success… it’s easy to place your identity in these things, but once you fail, you’ll fall into a crisis.

Whoops, I ended up rambling. So. Jordan Peterson. A much more knowledgeable, intelligent and kind human being than most. Though he has flaws, his way of speaking and level of articulacy is no joke. I just admire the concern he has for the new generation when they hate his guts. It’s incredibly difficult for intelligent people to have such love for humanity. After all, we’re just about trash. That’s why I admire him. I'm a professional hater of humanity... I don't really know how to stop, because in one way or another, humanity just keeps disappointing me, despite my expectations being the bare minimum. It's pretty tiring, having such a bleak outlook on humanity.

He doesn’t deserve all the hate. And yes, I did relatively in-depth research reasons why people dislike Jordan Peterson so I'm not blindly praising all his good points.

If you actually read all of this, thanks.