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Short Story
The Yeti and the Four Idiots

We were a group of young delinquents who had just been released from jail. Why were we in jail? Good question. I won’t answer. We decided to turn our lives around and venture to the cold, snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas. Our goal? To capture the mysterious creature whose existence is argued among experts – The Yeti. We were determined to hunt down this legendary beast which had always managed to escape the eyes of humanity.

Our group consisted of me, Julienne Dawson from England, and my fellow idiots, Andrew Owens from the USA, Seiji Hiroshi from Japan and Santo Melendez from Spain. The four of us attended the same university and befriended each other. From the day of our meeting, we have gotten into trouble together, gone to jail together, gotten stabbed together, gotten drunk together, etc. . . . In a few words, we became partners in crime. Which is how we ended up in jail. We did a literal crime.

And so, in shattering hopes of turning our lives around, we arrived in Kathmandu and began our adventure. We looked around the mountains, forests, and everywhere our eyes could see. We scoured around looking for anything but to no avail, we ended up with nothing. This went on for eight days.

Seiji then suggested we ask a sherpa to guide us and what a genius idea it was! Looking back, we should’ve done that in the first place. A sherpa agreed to guide us in exchange for an extremely unnecessary amount of money. Filthy piece of shi–

We never told the sherpa about what we were looking for, in case we scared him off. I suppose the sherpa thought we were just some random tourists. The interesting thing is, the inhabitants and villagers seemed to have some sort of godly respect and even seemed to worship this Yeti figure.

As we were walking around, we approached a trail of unusual-looking footprints.

“It’s larger than any footprint of an animal that can be found in the Himalayas,” Andrew observed. “And the shape of the foot seems quite odd too.”

I turned around to ask the sherpa about this but that useless rat had disappeared! He had run away and abandoned us to rot and die in this mountain of snowy madness! We were lost.

Santo sighed and said, “Let’s just follow the footprints.” We looked at one another in silent agreement and shrugged, deciding to go with Santo’s instruction. I looked back to find the trail we were following, vanishing in the snow. We quickened our pace, hoping we wouldn’t lose track.

“The trail seems quite fresh,” I noted, narrowing my eyes at the trail which never seemed to end.

After what seemed like hours (which was actually seven minutes), we heard the most peculiar sound. It sounded as if a wolf, a bear, a monkey and a rooster had a child, and that child suffered from throat cancer. The sound sent chills down my spine. We looked around with shaky eyes and started looking for shelter. We eventually found a cave and went in.

It was quite dark inside but one of us flicked on a torch and gave light to the whole cave. It was an enormous cavern extending in many directions. There were what appeared to be these small paintings of a yeti doing splits on the walls. Suddenly, we heard the steady thumps of footsteps coming in our direction. Soon the footsteps began to get louder and faster. Andrew took a peek outside and he gasped. He described the source of the sound as,

“Some sort of big ass monkey man with white fur running around like a moronic child chasing an ice-cream truck.”

I frowned. There wasn’t much detail in that description so I went to see this monkey man figure myself. It was snowing quite heavily so I couldn’t see it properly. But Andrew’s description was kind of right. It actually was a big ass monkey man with white fur running around like a moronic child chasing an ice-cream truck. It appeared to be hunting something. Us probably. The probably-a-yeti started coming towards us so we quickly hid behind a rock structure trying to control our rapid breathing. The footsteps suddenly became quiet.

And that was when shit went down.

The most-definitely-a-yeti appeared in front of us and we screamed bloody mary. We ran out of there as if a yeti was chasing us, which was actually what was happening. We made it out of the cave and when I said ‘we’, I meant only three out of the four of us. Seiji, our fellow idiot, who I didn’t really like, got caught by the Yeti and it tore Seiji from limb to limb and threw him on the floor. Blood and organs spilled out of his headless body. I had to admit, the red looked good on the snow. It gives this sort of nice texture to the white. Well, he’s dead,I thought. It was good while it lasted.

Later, we learned Santo managed to take a picture of the furry abomination but it was blurred.

Overall, the expedition was okay, I suppose. I give it a seven out of ten. Can do better.

A few weeks later, Andrew, Santo and I found ourselves sitting in front of a therapist who looked like she needed a therapist.

“Hold on, hold on, hold on,” the therapist sputtered. “So you’re telling me, that you people went to Nepal to hunt a Yeti and one of you ended up dead?!”

“Unfortunately, yes.”

The therapist stared down at our past records, criminal activities and so on. She stared at us for a very uncomfortable ten minutes. She proceeded to call her buddy therapist to book an appointment. She cut the call and said,

“Get the fuck out of my office, you bunch of yeti-hunting lunatics.”

We ended up killing her of course. Afterwards we ended up in jail. We got out of jail. Went yeti-hunting. Again.We met monkey-man and this time both Andrew andSanto died. And here I am, writing about our story, sitting in my jail cell, wondering if the yeti was true or if it was just a figment of my mental disorder.


Short Story
A Villain's Hero

Kasper let out a shaky breath as he walked over the city bridge. He had removed his masquerade mask and villain suit, and changed into a hoodie and jeans. He let himself absorb the odd but lovely view of the purple-shaded night sky, the lit up buildings and people scurrying home, back to their loved ones. He plugged in his earphones and clicked on a random song. A slow smile crept up his face when he heard the familiar tune of Haunting Memories.

Kasper kept walking on the sidewalk of the bridge. He thought of his villain identity. No, he does not have a tragic past. No, he did not desire revenge. He doesn't need any of that bullshit. He had loving parents. He had a roof over my head. He was never hungry. He had friends. Life was perfect.No, too perfect.Life became boring. He always got whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. It was the same day all over again. He didn’t want that. He wanted to end it. He wanted to live.He just didn't know how. But it all changed that day. . . .

Eight years ago. . .

Kasper remembered that day very clearly. Even after eight years. The day he did his first sin. The day that his hands became tainted. The day everythingchanged.

His friends were in the mood to party and Kasper immediately knew it meant trouble.

“Come on Kasp!” his friend whined. “Get your head out of those books and wild out for once!”

“I’m not sure,” Kasper replied, rubbing my arm anxiously. “You know my alcohol tolerance is pretty much non-existent.”

“It’ll be fine Kasp! Just this once! Please?”

The boy sighed and gave in. Fighting with that person was like fighting a wall. He grudgingly went back home and changed into tight black pants and a red long-sleeve button up shirt. Kasper took his wallet and phone, and skipped downstairs. He had to admit, brushing off his fear, that he was kind of excited. This was his first time going to a club.

“Where do you think you’re going,” his father began, examining his outfit, “dressed like that?”

He shrugged and answered, “Clubbing.”

Father narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips together. His mother entered at the perfect moment and said, “Oh darling, stop it. He’s grown up now. Let the child have some fun.”

Father huffed and left the room without a word. His mother, however, winked at him with a mischievous smile and followed after his father. Kasper shook his head in confusion and went outside the mansion. It didn’t feel like home though. His parents are always on business trips and they rarely interact. The only interactions were rare and short moments like these, which were coincidental encounters.

He got in the driver’s seat and drove towards his destination, the number one club in the city: Midnight Chaos. It was owned by Aurelius Midnight, a distant friend of his.

He got out of the car and went inside the club. It’s like everything he hated was packed up in one room. Everything was so loud, with music blasting from every corner and people yelling and chattering which didn’t really help, Everywhere Kasper looked, someone was drunkenly grinding against someone else. On the wall, on the floor, on the bar, everywhere. He saw his friends hooting at him and beckoning him to come over. He smiled and walked over to the bar, sitting down next to Aurelius, who decided to join them.

“Hey,” she said, smiling at him. He returned the greeting politely and ordered everyone’s drinks. He got himself a nice Sea Breeze cocktail and sat back down on the bar stool. He sipped his drink, letting the fruity taste envelop his mouth and leave a stinging pain down his throat. He looked around the club. This seemed like life to others. The debauchery, the getting-into-trouble, having sex, the fun and games.

But Kasper did not like this. It did not make him happy. He did not enjoy it. His body felt cold and stiff, looking around awkwardly. He can definitely see why people go clubbing but it wasn’t his thing. He came here because of his friends. What he does like is classical or soft music, reading books or coloring pictures. He also loved collecting pretty mini-glass bottles, collecting dead butterflies, then pasting the butterflies on books. He of course enjoyed doing these but he still felt something missing in his life. He had friends, many of them, in fact, but strangely he felt so. . . . lonely? He felt so happy but he felt so sad? He just didn’t understand anymore. He wanted to break out of this cycle of perfection. But how?

He tuned out everything and became imprisoned in his thoughts, unable to stop them. He unknowingly kept on picking up more drinks, sipping them occasionally to keep him company, along with his troubled mind. Slowly, slowly, his cheeks became flushed, his vision slightly hazy but clear, and his mind, a big, messed up mess.

He had enough awareness left in him to know that he was drunk and that he had to get back to the mansion. He stood up, swaying slightly, and made his way to the door. He wobbled outside, into the starless night, and went inside a dark alley, leaning against the wall to balance himself. He breathed in and exhaled deeply. Just then he heard multiple footsteps coming in the direction of the alley. He then realized what a big mistake he made by coming into the alley. He was alone and unprotected. Shit.

Kasper tried to stand up straight but he collapsed against the wall due to the dizziness sparking up again. Suddenly, he heard low chuckles, the sounds growing louder and closer. He looked up and saw five tall men wearing black shirts and black jeans, with black tattoos running around their arms and neck. They grinned at him maliciously. Kasper felt cold fear creep up his body.

“My, my, my,” one of the men crooned, “what do we have here?”

The men laughed louder. “Well, guess it’s our lucky day, boys,” another man said, his eyes glinting with madness.

“Get- Get away f-from me,” Kasper groaned, pressing himself against the wall.

The men only grinned wider in reply and one of them pulled out a short dagger. Kasper noticed the blade had dried blood on it. Kasper’s eyes widened at the thought of it being human blood. He started shaking violently on the fact that his blood might be the one decorating that dagger next.

“N-no,” Kasper whimpered. The men stalked over to him slowly in an almost teasing manner.

“Someone! Help! Please!” he yelled and called for help.

“No one’s going to save you, pretty boy,” the shortest of the five said.

“No! Please don’t!” he begged.

“Shhhhh, don’t worry, we’ll make sure you’re screaming in no time.”

One of them suddenly sprang and kicked him in the stomach, making him collapse onto the floor, groaning. Another strangled him by the neck and pulled him up. The man punched him in his right cheek and slammed him against the wall. Kasper felt his breath get knocked out and he almost passed out due to the impact. Kasper tried to fight back and punch the man but two of the rest held his hands in tight grip. They forced him down to the ground and the man who kicked him before approached him, the knife carelessly dangling in his hand.

The man knelt down in front of Kasper’s restrained, gasping body. Kasper let out a scream as the man dragged the knife from his neck to his chest. Thankfully the cut was shallow and thin. That couldn’t be said for the other wound the man inflicted on him. Kasper gasped and let out a pained yell, collapsing backwards, at the sudden feeling of being punched in the gut. But it wasn’t actually a punch. He looked down with wide eyes to see the hilt of the dagger protruding from his waist. Kasper let out another shout as the man pulled it out, creating a tearing sensation within him. The pull made an odd noise, filling the quiet alley. The men laughed in joy, looking at Kasper who was gasping for breath, his body feeling hot and cold at the same time. Tears dripped down the corners of his eyes and he let out a strangled sob.

“Please, I'm begging you,” he pleaded, “stop, please, please– AH!”

The man had slashed his shoulder with the dagger, Kasper’s blood now adorning the silver blade. The two men had let go of him and now he lay on the ground whimpering in pain as blood spilled out of his wounds onto the alley floor, like scarlet rivers on a stone map.

His suffering did not end there as the men took turns. They broke his right leg and snapped his left wrist. Five of his fingers were broken on his left hand. Kasper was once again grabbed by his wrists - he let out a yelp when searing pain woke in his left wrist - and held up. A man kicked him in the ribs, a cracking sound echoing in the alley.

“This is getting boring,” one of the men said, leaning against a wall looking bored. “Just kill him off.”

Another man huffed and replied, “Fine. Give me the fucking dagger. Can’t wait to drive this through his heart.”

No. I don’t want to die. Please. No. No. No. No! NO!

He wanted to scream. He wanted to yell but he couldn’t. His throat and mouth were bruised and bloody. His mind became clogged up as the man brought up the dagger.


A surge of strength suddenly washed over him, his fear only fueling his fire. He gathered all his strength and punched the man holding the dagger, hard in the stomach. The man let out a surprised yell and let go of the dagger. It fell on the ground with a clatter and Kasper quickly picked up stabbing the man in the eye.

Kasper was filled with an unexpected rage, as if something had snapped inside him. This only strengthened him and he snarled. The four others started yelling incoherently and sprang in to attack him. He ducked down, avoiding a punch and drove his elbow into the man’s stomach and managed to slash the male’s cheek with a knife. The man backed off groaning in pain.

“STOP! FUCKING STOP!” Kasper shrieked at them, thrusting the dagger towards the men. “GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!”

A man jumped forward but Kasper was quicker and kicked the man in the crotch.

Three down, two to go,a voice in his mind said.

This time Kasper jumped forward and attacked the remaining men. He ignored the burning, bleeding wounds on his body and focused on trying to attack the men. He punched one of the men with his good wrist and kicked the other man in the chest. The man’s back hit a wall, hitting his head on it.

Kill them,the voice said again. And Kasper did exactly what it said.

He went over to each of them and stabbed them, repeatedly. He took pleasure in their screams. It felt so good.He stepped back, grinning widely, to examine his work of art. He admired the lifeless, bruised bodies and the small ocean of blood he’s created. Hell, it looked beautiful.

Kasper was shocked at his thoughts.

No. No! It’s not beautiful! This is wrong. I killed someone. Ikilled. I’m a murderer. No, no, no–

He fell to the floor gasping. His wounds, he remembered. He broke down sobbing.

What the hell?

Kasper hastily got up, clutching the red-coated dagger with his hand, when he heard a noise from the opening of the alley.

“Hello?” a male voice said. It sounded unthreatening but he’ll be damned if he trusts anyone again. They might try to kill him.

“Hello?” the voice tried again. “Anyone in here?”

It was dark so Kasper could not clearly see the figure coming towards him.

“Please, if anyone’s there, it’s okay,” the voice assured. “I won’t hurt you.”

When the figure received no reply, a sigh could be heard, then Kasper could hear the sound of retreating footsteps. Kasper let out a relieved sigh, his tears still dripping down his cheeks. He started coughing and spitting out blood. He stood up hastily and dragged himself to his car which was parked a few blocks away. Thank the non-existent Gods that it was midnight and everyone was asleep. What if the people know he killed someone? Oh no, he surely wouldn’t want that. He drove towards the mansion, soaking the seat and his clothes in blood and tears. He stumbled into the mansion. He managed to lift the phone to call the family doctor and mumble, “Help.”

He passed out soon afterwards with golden visions sticking into his mind. He remembered vaguely that it was the color of the mysterious figure’s hair and eyes.

Short Story
A Villain's Hero

Elijah ducked in time to avoid a sharp jack-knife flung at his direction.

“No but seriously, isn’t the name Elijah pretty nice?” he asked.

“It is nice,” the person who flung the dagger at him admitted. “But it’s too cliché. Literally every Wattpad story has this suave character named Elijah!”

“Oh please! It’s not like your name’s any better!” Elijah shouted back. He grabbed a dagger from his belt and flung it at his opponent. “Kasper? Really? It sounds like a cat’s name! And I’ve actually read a book where the cat’s name is actually Kasper!”

“You’re referring to Michael Morpugo’s ‘Kaspar – Prince of Cats’!”

“You read the book too?”

“Yes, very interesting, the book was.”

“Okay but honestly, just who would name a person Kasper?”

“My mother!” the person, Kasper, shot back.

“Well,” Elijah said, “she clearly has horrible tastes in names!”

“No shit? She named our dog ‘Mr. Meow Meow’!” Then he added exasperatedly, “And the dog was a girl!”

“You serious?”


Now their story is quite common. Kasper Delcour, the city’s biggest and only villain. So, if Kasper is the villain, then obviously the dear golden boy, Elijah Vergara, is the hero. They had dug deep into personal information and found out the other one’s name. Both of them knew they could not expose the opposing person’s name as the other could do the same. It would be a disaster.

To keep their identities anonymous, both of them wore elegant, hand-crafted masquerade masks. Kasper's mask was a dark blue color with neat, smooth, silver linings while Elijah wore a pure white mask which adorned gold ornaments.

Elijah’s eyes widened when Kasper threw a small object towards his way. He squinted his gold eyes and realized it was actually an explosive device. “Shit!” he cursed and jumped away from the bomb. He was too late though, as the impact of the bomb sent him flying. His back hit the railing -they were fighting on top of a building- and he collapsed to the floor, coughing.

“Our little chat was fun while it lasted but now it’s over,” Kasper said, smirking smugly. “Time to send you to Jesus golden boy. I’ve finally beat you.”

Elijah merely grinned and said, “Trust me, Jesus isn’t a big fan of me. Besides. . . who said you beat me?” The blond grasped Kasper’s leg and pulled the other man down. He proceeded to spin them around with Kasper underneath him, his wrists were pinned to the ground by Elijah’s strong hands. Their fight did not stop there as Kasper kicked him in the chest. The hit was enough for Elijah’s grip to come loose slightly enough for Kasper to slip away. Kasper threw another bomb towards him but this time Elijah had enough time to dodge it.

The villain prowled closer, his blue-eyed gaze similar to a predator.

“You know,” Elijah said in a flirty manner, “if you keep looking at me like that I might think that you'd want to have a bit of a. . . spicy time with me."

“Oh, I am soflustered right now," Kasper replied, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Stop being so cold darling,” he responded, pouting. “You wound me. Plus, I gotta admit, you arepretty hot.” Then he added, winking confidently, “I’d love to get you underneath me.”

This actually caught the brunet off-guard. This small distraction gave Elijah ample time to punch Kasper in the face and spin him around to face the wall. The hero pushed the other man forward and pinned his hands behind his back. He wedged his knee between Kasper’s thighs so he couldn't escape.

Elijah smirked, “Gotcha.” He took a moment to let his eyes wander and appreciate the pleasing view of Kasper’s backside. From his brown hair, slender build and slim waist to his circular hips and tightly-clothed thighs.

Kasper snarled at him, “Let me go you fucker!”

The blond plunged his knee even further between the other’s thighs. “Make me,” he whispered in the brunet’s ear, his hot breath sending cold shivers down Kasper’s spine.

Shit,Kasper thought. I almost moaned.

Elijah spun the other around, still pinning Kasper’s arms down on the cold, cement floor. The blond took in Kasper’s full-black crumpled suit, which underneath it’s many layers hid daggers, shurikens, kunais, bombs. . . . The list goes on forever. You name it, the man’s got it.

Kasper stared up into I could probably drown in them, Kasper thought, staring up into Elijah’s dark gold eyes. They were so dark that it was impossible to see a reflection in them. It was then that Kasper noticed the tiny black mole on the side of his eyes. Suddenly, Elijah's lips slightly tilted up to form a small smirk, making the other man blush.

“I’m loving this position,” Elijah drawled, admiring the lovely red flush on the man beneath him.

Kasper snapped out of his daze, alarmed at what happened. They should not be doing this, he thought. The feelings he’s tried so hard to bury were resurfacing again and that scaredhim. Terrified him even. He had to escape. He glared up at the other male and head-butted the hero on the head. Elijah fell back groaning.

“Rude,” Elijah commented, rubbing his forehead in pain. “You don’t do that in such an intimate scene.”

But the blue-eyed villain was long gone, swiftly leaping through rooftops, desperate to get away from the golden-eyed hero, his heart thudding in his chest as the wind caressed his face in a teasing touch.

Short Story
I've been cleaning out docs

“You come here, asking for my forgiveness and love. After you make your action against my family. You sir think you shall get everything you want because you have money? You forget I am also wealthy. Until that party you never acknowledged me nor did you know my name. You humiliated me and my family. Yet you come to me pleading like a dog asking to come inside saying things like ‘Oh Emily I didn’t mean it I did not know it was her. T’was your sister who came on to me.’ You underestimate my knowledge and bond with my family. Never come near me or my family again. If your skull is too thick to understand. I shall put it simply. I reject your proposal. Never come near the Oveangleen household again you filthy prick.” I said.

I had enough of this. Men exploit others and women because they think we will not understand. They come again and again and again asking for marriage. Not even introducing themselves just.

“Emily I love you, will you take my hand in marriage.” They say.

There is no your smile fills up the empty space in me or I feel full when I am with you. They just want me for my name. Nothing else. I can’t trust anyone. But this man was the lowest of low. Trying to convince me that he didn’t try to court my sister the same night…disgusting.

I just wish I could escape from here. Away from this timeline where marriage is for love, not alliance or wealth. Where I can wear trousers and do what I want. But who am I kidding? That would never happen.

I woke up in pyjamas that weren’t mine. They were rougher and were two pieces. While my nightclothes was just a dress. Where was I? I looked in the mirror and I looked the same. Same brown eyes and brown hair. Everything was the same besides where I was.

I don't even know where I was going with this. I think I was trying to write something with pride and prejudice vibes,

Short Story
Best friends.

*you heard a voice and quickly turned around to look at the person and to ask for directions. You see a tall and extremely handsome young man with chiselled feautures, dark hair and bright grey eyes. He was wearing robes with yellow linings and embroidered Hufflepuff crest.*

You: who are you?

Cedric: I am Cedric Diggory, y/n. Are you lost?

You: well uh yeah I was exploring the castle and now i am lost.. *you chuckle nervously*

Cedric: don't worry I can show you around if you want. But I am a Hufflepuff so i don't think you want to go around with m-

You: Oh, I would love to go, Cedric.

Cedric: Oh My God. I don't know if anyone's ever told you this but You are the nicest- *his words were interrupted by you*

You: Nicest Slytherin you've ever met *you chuckle* well, while I was crossing the Gryffindor Common Room, I met three Gryffindors and they said the same to me. Its was Ron, Harry and hermione. I guess y'all haven't met many decent Slytherins yet *you smile and look at him* anyways lets go

Cedric: wanna see Hufflepuff Common Room? And then the black lake?

You: can we see the black lake first? I mean its a lake and its night, the view would be adorable right now.. not to mention I love lakes..

Cedric: sure i don't mind. Lets get going. *Cedric leads the way and you follow him. Its almost midnight and you two reach the lake*

(PS: Cedric doesn't have a lot of friends right now)

You: woah. *you run towards the beautiful lake* this is-

Cedric: beautiful.

*you sit down on the soft green grass and look at the amazing view, stare at the clean water. Cedric does the same*

Cedric: so uhm y/n why didn't you start from 1st year?

You: well, I was shifted here from Beauxbatons.. mum and dad said Hogwarts is better than Beauxbatons and wanted me to study here. Mind me asking which year are you in?

Cedric: I am 5th year. Same as you are...

You: oh thats great I guess. You are here since your first year so you might have loads of friends right?

Cedric: *he was now looking down, really upset* well no.. *he lays down on the grass and looks up at the stars*

*you turn around to look at him* why not, Cedric?

Cedric: doesn't mat-

You: it does matter! Now tell me..

Cedric: *he took a long, deep sigh and looked at you while still laying down* well, at First I didn't believe I was a Hufflepuff I mean I was always rude to everyone and now thats my first impression. No one ever believes thar I have changed. In my first year I only wanted my friends to be Purebloods and now I have no one to talk to. No one wishes to talk to me.

You: I am sorry about that Cedric, but if you want I can be your friend...


You: yes really I don't mind *you lay down next to him*