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1st Reason: Time-consuming (a.k.a. time-wasting). Using TikTok just for a few seconds can turn into hours, which can then turn into a whole day. You can literally waste a whole day just scrolling on TikTok, and doing nothing else. I honestly believe that is a huge waste of time. There are so many other things you can be doing that are useful, productive, helpful, and make a positive impact on your life.

2nd Reason: Tiktok is decreasing your attention span. Human beings already have quite a short attention span. Using Tiktok will just decrease it more. I'm sure I don't have to explain why having a very short attention span is bad.

3rd Reason: A lot of "tiktokers" are bad influences. They're teaching you all that you don't have to have any talent to be famous, you can post offending content and still be liked, you don't need education, you just need to be attractive to be popular, you need to fit in with the crowd, you should flip other people off for fun, revenge is the best medicine, you need to dance inappropriately to be famous, you should have a boyfriend or girlfriend at a young age, and you need to grow up or else you are not normal. All of those are false, and those influencers shouldn't be teaching people those things.

4th Reason: You're missing out on the world. By spending so much time on Tiktok, you are focusing more on the application rather than the world you live in. The world is so beautiful: from the nature, to God, to the beings around you. Some people would even rather spend time on Tiktok than spend time with their own family or loved ones!

5th Reason: You are focusing on tiktokers rather than on yourselves. You are constantly supporting them, and at least you are spreading positivity, but remember to also love and care for yourself as well. You are amazing and deserve to be treated good as well.

6th Reason: This goes for all technology, but it's bad for your health. The radiation is not good for you, and just looking through a screen all day is not at all healthy.

7th Reason: You are leading yourself away from your spirituality. By focusing on Tiktok, you are focusing on the outside physical world, and not the spiritual world. You will start to be materialistic, and have a mindset that these people have everything that a person could dream of, deserve it, and are the best when they are NOT.

I mean no harm in making this post. Sending love and positive vibes!!!

I hope this post gave you insight! God bless.