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If you don't know what an SCP is, then I'd advise you to look it up before reading this issue because I'm not going to explain it.

So, back in my younger days I was kinda into SCPs and stuff like that and wanted to write some. Although I've never posted them, I wrote about 6 in total. In this issue, I'm going to tell you about them and briefly go over what they were about.

1: The first one I wrote was SCP-4866 or "Severed Giant's Arm". It was about how a portal opened up in some place (I forgot where) and a large arm popped out of it. But a second later, the portal closed and ended up severing the arm. Long story short, it was eventually brought to one of the SCP foundation's sites where they started to study it.

Here are some details about the arm

It is 13.7 meters in length

It is extremely hostile

Despite being severed, it can still move

For some unknown reason, the arm is (to put it simply) "allergic" to copper. If it comes into contact with some, it will have a sort of melting effect on its skin, burning it.

Its DNA was found to be almost identical to that of a guinea pig's.

Can regenerate, though, it is unknown why it hasn't grown a new body or something like that.

The arm's wound, the one it received when the portal cut it, bleeds constantly. If bandages and something (I don't know what) isn't applied every few hours or so, its cell (which is 20 meters x 10 meters x 10 meters) will fill up completely in a total of 8 days.

The object class is Euclid.

2: The second one is SCP- 4981- Dog's Walker. This one is a fleshy, humanoid creature, whose arms conjoin into something like a leash, that walks a dog around. The dog is a white huskie that never ages past the age it was when it was found. This thing was found walking the dog around someplace in Washington. The entity is only hostile when taken away from the dog. At which point, it will grow a mouth and proceed to attack anyone in sight. The dog itself is occasionally hostile, sometimes biting personnel for seemingly no reason and not letting go.

The object class is Safe

3: Third one is SCP- 4771- World's Globe

It's about a snow globe that has a small ball floating around inside that resembles the earth. I'm not gonna lie, this one is pretty stupid.

So, whenever this thing "activates", the snowflakes inside it will begin to float up, and depending on where they hit the miniature world, that area in the real world will be bombarded by large, solid, chunks of ice that are roughly the same size as school buses.

Trigger warning for this next part because I'm going to mention the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

So, this globe has only ever activated once before and when it did, the location that got hit was Pearl Harbor. The SCP foundation pretty much covered what really happened by blaming it on Japan. See, I told you this one was stupid.

The object class for this one is Safe.

4: Fourth one is SCP- 4576- Talking Paper

This one is about a talking piece of paper. And that's it.

The object class for this one is Safe.

5: Fifth one is SCP- 4346- Shampoo: Conditioner Edition

This one is about a bottle of shampoo that, when used, the user's skin and flesh will slowly start to replace with hair. Although the user's body is now hair, the person is still fine. Though, they do lose their sense of smell. When a person who is undergoing the effects gets wounded, from the cut, small hairs will start to fly out instead of blood. Tests have shown that the hair is genetically identical to the person's blood.

The following quote is from one of the researchers who were researching it.

" I recommend you feel their hair. It's so soft, and even after days of not being washed, it stays so clean!"

The object class for this one is Safe

6: Sixth, and final one is SCP- 4986- GiRLZ

It's about a phenomenon, where a concert will begin in some random area and everyone will act as if it's their favorite music group and whatnot when within a 10-kilometer radius of the event. Though, this phenomenon won't affect those who are Asian. Why? I don't know. Any and all who go to these "concerts" will die.

Depending on the song played during the "concerts", different things can occur. Though, I assure you, each one will cause everyone to die in the process. Since they're pretty messed up, I won't be listing them here, along with the character profiles I made for each of the band members.

The object class for this one is Keter and it is an uncontained SCP.

And that's it. If you read this through to the end, congratulations!! You win a special prize! One of these six SCPs will be sent directly to your house! Good luck and have fun!

*If the prize does not arrive within 4-5 business days, you, the reader, cannot hold me accountable nor request we send you another.

What doesn't kill you STILL FUCKING HURTS

What doesn"t kill you makes you stronger right? Iwill forever laugh in the face of that saying. Why do people believe such cliche false forms of positivity? Ive been on the edge of death way more than a 13 year old should ever be. So I know the things that have failed to kill you will make a point of following you everywhere and causing you internal agony for as long as you survive. Once it becomes too much and It becomes obvious to others you will have to deal with being looked at as crazy or odd. It becomes natural, soon you will learn that smiling will do you well. And some humor and jokes if you're into that. Now I encourage you not to become the way I am. You will lose yourself and all you will be is a body. You will be dead and no one will see that. They only notice you when you really break. Then you will be treated as if you will crumble at the slighest touch and people wont understand it because just a few weeks ago all you wanted was people to lay back off you so your sudden rage at the care they are taking will confuse them People dont understand how your brain works at all. Oh and just wait until you become the list of diagonises. Slowly you will become what you always feared to be. You will hate what you see when you look in the mirror. You wont feel hungry anymore and You will feel a literal weight in your body. Then it stops it all stops. oh HAHA you thought I meant everything starts to feel better. Nope thats just not how this works. You will become numb and at first it feels great because you have always hoped for all the pain and emotion to go away, but sooner or later that numb becomes a severe state of depression. Its likely that you will have no tears to cry and you will become a zombie. You will sleep and then eat and sit at school but you will also tear yourself apart ( sometimes in the literal sense) Now you are wasted away and there is no light in your eyes. You hate yourself because you cant do the simplest of things and you feel so lazy but you cant even get up and take a walk because whats more fucking safed than laying down in bed in complete darkness and sleeping through the pain. And oh shit, Im sorry if you have ptsd because now youll likley be plauged by nightmares leaving you with no comfort at all. I know that somewhere in the process you have had to have fallen to some self destrective way of feeling alright or else you would have been gone, so what is it to you intoxicate yourself and get wasted till you cant feel your skin. Do you find it comfortable to slit your wrists and watch the blood flow just so you can feel something? Did you become a druggie in order to avoid putting a gun to your head? whatever it is that youve done. I want to let you know your chances are very slim of being able to get back to the place you were at before. Maybe you will become happy again but It never stays that way. Ive seen it before, Ive felt it all before. And I gave up awhile ago. So fuck the rules and fuck doing the right thing. People like me have to find their own way to survive. Heres to the saying what doesnt kill you makes you stronger because we all know that what doesnt kill you will kill you next time :)

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I Don't Remember This in Titanic...

No trigger warning, but be prepared. Nothing makes sense here.

I'm rereading after typing half of it, and damn. This is so bad.

Date of the dream: June 11, 2022

I dreamed that I was watching a Titanic sequel. Well, I wasn't watching it through a screen, but it kind of felt like I was the cameraman.

Jack and Rose were still alive and young. However, Rose had leukemia and had shorter, thinner hair. They both met again on a tiny boat that could probably tip over if you sat on the edge. Jack asked her why she had stopped communication with him ever since Doctor Who. (Doctor Who? What does that even mean??) Suddenly, the boat whirls around as they hold each others' hands. They thought it was romantic.

Next, I spawned in some kind of party. This was the kind of party where everyone was dancing in costumes. There was a camera on me the entire time like I was the main character of a movie they were filming. Turned out, I was. I participated in a dance competition with two others. I copied the exact moves of the girl in front of me, but I still lost. (I thought main characters never lose dance battles!) The two other competitors won, dammit.

My grandma came over for dinner. She was known for having a lot of boyfriends. Today, she brought me a video game I immediately became addicted to.

Wow, it's like I can never stay in the same spot for five minutes. First, I was at some Titanic reunion, then a party, then at my dinner table. Next, I was spawned at my elementary school. Keep in mind, I'm still part of this "movie" they were filming. I ran up to this boy (who was supposed to be a celebrity). He was a classmate I had in real life years ago.

I just wanted to ask him if he was the real celebrity who played in some show I forgot the name of, but he thought I wanted his autograph so he scurried away. I screamed and ran around the campus of the school out of anger. Sheesh.

The ending scene of my dream was strange and completely out of the blue. A dude's grandma took off her sweater to reveal a gym outfit. The camera zoomed in on the dude's face, who looked pretty disgusted.

That's it. And I woke up.