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The Small Things

I am dead. School starts in like two weeks, and I still haven't started my math assignment. Also, I literally just got back from vacation fifteen minutes ago, and holy crap, I am so tired. I can barely type this. I'm just glad I don't have to hit my head on the top bunk every time I go to lay on the bottom bunk. So yeah, my math is super easy, but I also have a babysitting job soon and multiple home projects to start/finish. PlusI have a huuuuuuge list of books to finish before summer ends, so...

In other words, I'm screwed.

I also had to read a book and make a "one pager" on it, and of course, like every year, I chose the worst possible book to read. I don't know how I get stuck with the boring ones, but it always happens.The book was Bloomby Kenneth Oppel. I do not recommend it. I also don't get why my school is making teenagers read middle-grade books. I could've read it in one sitting, but I was too busy using sticky notes and noting...stuff. Anyway, I stopped noting on page 78, but I still had 116 sticky notes.

More news!I'm considering having my current story put on break, but I don't know if I should. I'm probably going to be crazy busy this school year, so I might not update as often.

Here's a funny story:So my younger cousins are in camp right now, and two of my best friends are counselors there. Apparently, one of my friends was a counselor for my girl cousin and they told her, "I know your cousin, ***." Now I think my cousin thinks my friend has legit superpowers...

Fun times, am I right? I think I'm gonna take a nap now.


Ok,  so let's talk about this thing called planning.


Seriously, pretty much all my writing works have zero planning and are made up along the way. And I know that that's kind of how writing works, but I've seen people have whole posters filled with Post-It notes planning the plot and spend monthsbefore they start the first draft.

Not me.

Well, at least for right this second.

For those of you who don't know, ITW is basically the 4th draft that I'm posting on Penana right now. But with Maddox, my Beta Reader's help, I'll probably update the posted chapters of ITW after this is all posted. Don't worry, it won't change too much. Mostly grammatical errors and just things to help the story look better.

But what some of you don'tknow, is that the first draft for the second book is already written. That's right, the second book. And with that, I have started the planning process for the third book.

Yep, I'm planning this one, baby.

Basically, it's like a plot outline that I'm working on so I know which main plot point happens and everything else.

So yeah, planning. It's a new experience for me. I've never felt so organized.

But wait, there's more!

I already have the main idea for how the fourth and fifth books are gonna go, along with the ending. And let me tell ya, folks, it's gonna be great. Well, I mean, for me it'll be great, cause I'll finally be done with this mess, but for you, maybe not. I don't know. Depends on how well you like the ending.

And...just a fair warning, there will be death. Lots of death. I mean, you've already experienced a little bit of my creative power killing people through the deaths of most of the characters' parents. But there will be more. Gut-wrenching, tear-jerking, book-throwing death! You will want to kidnap the characters and give them ice cream so bad, that you'll go insane! I mean, seriously, there are a lot of good and bad people dying. Just...everyone who isn't one of the main characters can and probably will die. Well, okay, the main characters can die, too, but I just choose when they will or won't.

I know, I'm seriously not okay. But I wanted to at least warn you of the amount of death before you experience it for yourself.

Despite all this death, it will also be extremely hilarious, and a couple of times reading it again I will laugh out loud. And...romance. It isn't too much, and no explicit scenes, (remember this is still PG-13) but you might be able to already see some of the bonds growing.

Speaking of that, tell me your potential ships in the comments below!

But anyways, have a good day and remember to love each other always!


The GEU - Ghostwriter Extended Universe

I forgot I had this blog and was about to make a super long stream post lmao

Anyway, I recently realized that I have I have eleven ideas for stories in the Ghostwriter universe. (The * ones don't have a title yet)

In order of timeline we have:1: *Mythsian Rom-Com - A Mythsian constantly fangirls over the people in the worlds she watches, until eventually falling in love with a human. Rom-com hijinks ensue since she has never actually interacted with people and is incrediblyawkward. (This was also kind of Gironashi's idea so we'll see who makes it first lmao)2: Bloodshiners: Already got into this one a bit, but this is a 1870-1920s mafia type story containing magic drugs and starring teen Wile3: World Jumper - Kind of a prequel to Ghostwriter, would be a bunch of short stories/comics following teenage Kage watching all sorts of different worlds and quests. I would also be able to go into a lot more detail about Islestar and the Mythsians. It would be more of a fun story, with some hints at the things to come.4: *Collab with Gironashi that takes place in Mirac, the world in Ghostwriter Book 2. We had some awesome ideas for this and even started it, but never got any further. I personally think it would be really good though, so I want to finish eventually.5: *considering "Love, Murder, and Other Plans for the Future" as the title. It came to me at like 1am last night though so we'll see if it sticks. Starring two characters I can't name because of spoilers, their backstory is going to be briefly covered in one of the Ghostwriter books, but I honestly think I could make a whole story out of it.6: Ghostwriter 1 - The one I'm very, very slowly writing. The one with the chapter I promised would be out soon like a week ago (I'm sorry)7: Ghostwriter 2 - This one has the coolest world. There's just no room for debate8: Ghostwriter 3 - The conclusion of the trilogy! (yes, there's a book 4 right below)9: Ghostwriter 4 - This one's kind of an epilogue(I should really make titles for these huh)10: *Wile's After Story - Exactly like it sounds. Wile's appearance Ghostwriter is when he's in his mid 20s I'd say? This story would take place right after that, when a war causes him to leave the country and go wreak havoc elsewhere for a while.11: *Finale/Finale's Girl (I also thought of this title randomly at work yesterday, does it sound stupid? I can't decide if it's stupid or genius(since you know, the Final Girl is a trope in horror movies)) - This would be my first attempt at horror, and would most likely be a comic. I was thinking about a finale for Wile's story, and I think a horror-type thing with a new main character would be the only way to give it a satisfying ending.I'm hoping to do concept art for all of these soon.

What do you think? Good ideas? Bad ideas? Any thoughts on titles?