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So a bit of background info on what Grazeland is. It’s a like place. Which is quite open and there’s a bunch of different food stalls!!! They also have live music and a few goods stalls! It’s like amazing. There’s a really wide variety of food as well so you can be introduced into a lot of different things and types of food. Honestly it’s a foodies dream. I recommend going once you’re over 18 as well so you can drink and stuff.

ALRIGHT FOOD TIME! My bestie and I got smaller foods and quite a few of them. We also shared them!

Our first food was this South African BBQ! This was the signature Zuya Chicken for $18

Imma be honest it was a bit dry. But that is because my dumbass forgot the sauce. In my defence I didn’t know what my friend wanted either. Though this was so well seasoned and tasted absolutely deeeelicious! Dispute the fact we kept choking on it. Note to self: next time put sauce on even if you don’t know what it is!

Aight next is something I’ve had once! Pierogi! These are Polish Dumplings!

Okay so ours were really yummy! I’m so lucky I took pictures of the menu because I forgot what flavors…

AH I HAVE WHAT WE ORDERED! It was the small, Kielbasa (cheese and smoked polish sausage) with bacon as the topping! We didn’t order any extras so our total was only $8 a steal honestly if you wanna convert that to usd to make it seem more like a steal thats like five bucks trod. Anyways! TASTE! They were so so good. All the floors balanced out really well and they cooked so it crunchy but soft at the same time?? Yeah crazy?

Okay next is this. My mom got it and I took a photo. I ate some too.

It was like a big meat thing. OH RIBS IT WAS A RIB! Chips were like chippie ones. Crunchy with special salt. The meat? TENDER AF literally melted in your mouth and pulled apart so so well. It was juicy and flavourful!

After that my friend and is walked around for a while because that was quite filling for the both of us it’s quite a fun place to walk around too! Some random Indian guy came up to me while I was taking photos and I had to take group photos lol.

Anyways after that! We found this place selling something really cool. Croioli what is that you ask? It’s what they call ravioli but a pastry version. YEAH IKR? COOL RIGHT? So of course we bought some!

this beauty was the mars bar option. Istg this was so sweet but so so so good! These are also fruit filled! My friend and I chose the strawberry filling as you can see in the next pic.

Ignore the choc sauce on my finger. I was enjoying it. The strawberry flavour while sweet also managed to balance out the sweetness of chocolate and caramel sauce out really nicely! Though they were quite hot since they were made fresh. Nothing too bad but I got an amazing video of my bestie dying because it was too hot and they shoved it all in their mouth. Anyways sweet but really goooooood! Annoyingly I forgot to take a photo of the prices for this one 😅.

You think we are done? Heck no. Two more things to go! The croioli was a small thing for us to eat since we thought it would be nice and lite. We walked around again for ages then got the last thing on a list we had made earlier of things we wanted to eat.

This is a bao burger. My friend and I looked at it and knew we had to get one. So we did Ofc.we got the slow cooked beef one! I ate most of it honestly but whatever. My friend wasn’t that hungry. This was quite a messy meal honestly. I got juice and mayo on my fingers. But meh that’s the fun of eating.look at it. Deliciousness right there. The bao bun was nice and sweet and the meat tender and juicyyyy. It was kinda small but that’s okay it was a good meal. This was $13.

LAST is something adorable. Fairy flosss! For the Americans and weirdos “Cotton Candy”

Here it is

This was meant to be a chic. We chose it cus it was cheap and funny cus we are both into girls and like yeahhh. Anyways each colour was a different flavor which I loveddd. Inside it was purple too! I have so many fun pics of my friend and I with this thing. It was $13

So yeah Grazeland. It was amazingggg. Loved ittt. If you ever come down to Melbourne I highly recommend! if you want more information I recommend checking out their Insta page!


Alright...I think I said I'd do this a while ago but couldn't find the time to write it all out. So here we go.

The countries of Iddenu

Bellona country name- Bellona is the Roman goddess of war. I thought it would be fitting as it was at war with Dueglestein for quite some time.

Hilgaria country name- Hilgaria is basically Bulgaria but with an added spice from me. Thought it sounded cool.

Thuron country and language name- Basically Thorin from the Hobbit but once again with some flavor provided by yours truly.

Dueglstein country name- I made it up. Right on the spot. It's stupid, I know.

The Six's names and character traits

​​​​​​​Luke- Actually based on a joke, with Luke Skywalker from Star Wars being named Luke with blonde hair and blue eyes and then me seeing Luke in Percy Jackson with blonde hair and blue eyes so I had to keep it running thing. Also, the name means: "light-giving", which is pretty fitting now that I think about it.

His character design was based off of the joke, obviously, but also this character Tom from Kate Forsyth's Impossible Quest series which heavily inspired Quest of the Six.

Also, Luke was a character from a story I tried to write years ago based on a game me and my siblings came up with, "The Quest for the Golden Husky Head". No, serious. I am not joking. Anyways, most of the characters in Quest of the Six were based on them with minor changes to their names and overall designs, but major changes to their personalities and stories.

Skylar- Basically the badass I'll never be. She was based lightly on the character Quinn in The Impossible Quest series, also was based on the character Skylar from "The Quest for the Golden Husky Head" where she was still a badass with Greek armor actually, and she used a spear and, of course, a bow and arrow. So you can see where I kept some things and got rid of others.

Her name means: "scholar", actually, which take with that what you will. I wouldn't say she's necessarily a scholar, I mean, she can't actually read, but don't worry about that too much. I actually chose the name because I thought it was cool and fell in love with it, so her name did not change from the original character.

HOWEVER, in the original piece she was supposed to be a bit more rude at the beginning, kind of a snob like Richard was, but let's forget about that. Also, she wasn't meant to be a healer at the beginning, either, so let's just be glad she never was THAT bad.

Richard- Okay, so from the original piece...you're gonna laugh, I just know it, but he was supposed to be a little ugly. Like...ugly. I don't just mean in the physical aspect, I mean, he was supposed to have a nose that looked like a weasel's and people would call him "Weaselbaster" which is stupid, I know, I know, but he also wasn't supposed to have character development until MUCH later on.

I got the name Richard primarily from family, and it also means: "powerful" and "hardy" which makes sense as well later on. He also wasn't meant to play much of a role in "The Golden Husky Head" more just as a rich and self-absorbed snob who added one-liners and conflict whenever it was needed.

Richard was also based off of The Impossible Quest, primarily the character, Sebastion. Funny fact, Sebastian inspired THREE different characters. Yes, three. His personality and snobbiness at the beginning for Richard, his physical description for Peter, and his name for...well, I can't say that yet.

Helen- Helen's character actually didn't change much from both "The Golden Husky Head" and the original drafts for Into the Woods. She was always this kind and caring person, making sure that everyone's okay and infatuated with flowers. She was always meant to be the love interest for Richard, although I thought at one point that Luke might have had a crush on her before realizing that Skylar was meant for him.

Her name means: "torch", or "light", which, once again, explains a lot. She didn't change much from the original drafts of QoS, either, except that her feelings for Richard started a little earlier than in the work we have today.

Her character design and personality was based on Eleanor from Impossible Quest, although in that book she was commonly associated with the color green, but in Into the Woods she is more associated with the color pink.

Peter- So, as I said before, his design was based on Sebastion from Impossible Quest, with the red hair and whatsoever, but his personality originally was supposed to be waydifferent.

He was supposed to be a bit of a scaredy-cat, which, although I don't like using that word, was the one I originally thought would describe him. He couldn't fight, and oftentimes was afraid of his own voice along with his fear of fire, and he was supposed to get a big redeeming moment somewhere in the story, but that was never anything permanent, and it changed before I actually wrote anything down.

His name comes from my family, (again) but also I guess the Bible? I mean, his name meaning comes from the Bible, meaning : "rock" or "stone" which you can take with that what you will He definitely becomes the "rock" of his family later on, once he has children as an adult and helps his partner in keeping the family together.

Alice- Okay, so you know how I said earlier that one of the characters' names changed between "The Golden Husky Head" and Into the Woods? Yeah, this is the one. So, the big reveal....Alice's original name was.....Athena! Yep. The goddess of wisdom and war.

But she was definitely supposed to be the smart one in "The Golden Husky Head", and the name I feel fit her well. But by the time that I started writing Into the Woods, I forgot her name in that work. Yep. I remembered everyone's name except for Athena. However, I knew that it started with an Aand wanted to keep the theme so made her name Alice. The name Alice means, "noble", which will have a weird coincidence with another character that I'll explain later.

Her character design was based on Lady Eslanda from The Ickabog by JK Rowling, as at the time I thought her character was very interesting and loved the art one of the kids made of her. So...yeah, that was basically the inspiration for Alice.

Adalene- Alright, and you know how I said there was the weird coincidence with a name meaning "noble"? Well, this is the character the coincidence happens with. Adalene also means: "noble" so...that's weird. Anyways, Adalene wasn't in "The Golden Husky Head" or much of the original draft of Into the Woods, and I came up with her character mostly of my own imagination. She'll also play a much bigger role in the next books than Into the Woods, so I hope you like her!

And that's about it! If you have any other questions about what things inspired others, so please tell me in the commens!

Have a good day and remember to love each other always!


Short Story

Daffi: Oh my gosh did you see that?

Kai: Yes...


Kai: I'm still processing that.

Daffi: They must be dating then.

Kai: Maybe they are siblings?

Daffi: Why are you in denial? First, ew. Second NO WAY!

Kai: I just find it so weird. Zinnia has a person.

Daffi: Yeah true. But remember you also have a girlfriend.

Kai: We don't kiss though.

Daffi: You might.

Kai: I mean, maybe? Anyways Zinnia's person.

Daffi: We have to ask about it.

Kai: Oh definitely. But be subtle.

(The next day at the centre)

Daffi: Sooooo Zinnia we saw you with a thing yesterday...

Kai: Another person actually.

Zinnia: You two finally figured it out?

Kai: Finally?

Zinnia: Yes finally I've literally kissed him before in front of you to tellibubbies.

Daffi: WHEN?


Zinnia: Last week.

Daffi: You sure we saw that?

Zinnia: Well you two did stare at us.

Kai: Yeah nah mate, I have no recollection of this at all.

Zinnia: You two have rocks for brains I swear...

Kai: Okay whatever, do you have a partner??

Daffi: You don't even need to tell us the guy's name we just need to know if you guys are dating.

Kai: Speak for yourself! I wanna know his name.

Daffi: But then they won't tell us!!! We have to seem like we don't mind how much they tell us.

Kai: But don't you at least wanna know a name?

Zinnia: If you two shut up and stop this interrogation I'll tell you if we are going out his name and what school he goes too.

Daffi and Kai: DEAL!

They learnt everything that day

I'm not smart.

I'm not smart, but I get good grades. I'm not smart, but my test scores are above average.

People complain that they don't get good grades, that they're not smart enough. Trust me, I'm not one of those naturally smart people either.

But are you trying? I want you to ask yourself that. Are you really trying?

I want you to be honest with yourself. Don't sugarcoat it. Are. You. Trying.

What's trying to me? In school.

Trying, really trying to me is studying for the whole day, making sure I learn the material, asking for help, practicing, practicing, practicing. Drilling it into my head until I get it.

Not really trying for me is about 30 minutes of studying and memorizing.

One thing you need to know is that im not one of those people who are naturally smart. my memory is shit, i zone out in class, hell i barely speak. but when i get home i put in the work, if i really want it that is.

When i really want something i put the work in, thats what my parents and other people have noticed. I just need to want it.

Its kinda funny, cause people are sometimes surprised at my work ethic.

If you really want something, you'd try. Do you care about it enough?

When I get a bad result it takes a toll on me, but after a while I force myself to try harder.

What's your motive?

Everyone has a motive, be it good or bad. Me, personally, I want to be as smart as my older brother and sister were. I don't want to be labeled the "dumb one". I want to be as good as they were.

As harmful as that may sound, how much "be your own person" you'd want to say, that's my motive. That's why I'm so "smart".