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The Age Of Demons

The world fell into darkness. The day all humanity knew was twisted and contorted into something unstable and evil. The Capital city of this dark time Ōkoku was a town like others where the people lived their daily lives but this night was the night all would become none of what it once was. On a nearby boat fishermen were doing their job trying to catch big fish for the city and their own families so they could make their living and be done with it. But one fisherman spotted something across the sea. It was getting closer and closer, a creature at sea and it was speeding across the water as if it were on land! The men shouted at each other to ready the guns and cannons as they began firing at the beast; the bullets and cannonballs bounced off like pellets. The demon charged lightning in its mouth and fired out a blast setting the ship ablaze and leaping over it rushing into Ōkoku, burning and killing civilians. Just as that demon entered Ōkoku other demons began to follow shortly. They all rushed into the city, birdlike creatures flew in and fired waves after waves of searing flame down onto the city, torching people. Demons ran through the streets eating people, swallowing their souls and breaking buildings as their commander made himself known among all the chaos.

"Such beautiful suffering, I can't believe it has finally come, to think I almost missed the end of the world. Such pure pure ecstasy." His wings spread as he motioned for all the demons under his command to attack.

"The demons have shown themselves to the world, now we have no reason to hide ourselves. Kill as many as you can without worry of being spotted." A man's voice echoed through the heads of many. A man stood on a roof with his rifle aimed at the lion looking beast that destroyed and killed those people at the harbor. He lined up his shot and took fire, sending the beast flying and crashing down dead. A comrade of his used her Naginata to cut the legs off of one of the many giant demons before spinning around and slashing its head clean off. Another warrior tossed his chain onto the wing of a flying demon, sinking the blade in using the momentum of the demon's flight he launched into the air, zipped around, and came down slicing its back open, killing it in a single strike. It came down with a screech crashing to the ground as the man landed on it. These were the rays of hope that these citizens needed, allies who were just as powerful if not more powerful than the demons. So much so they could be considered demons themselves but not just any demons. These were The Fiends, Demons who kill Demons! They came in full force following the orders from their capital, known as the Divine Mountain. They all stood together strong and with wills unbendable and emotions incorruptible and with them came their captain. A warrior who graduated to the top of the Divine Mountain in mere weeks, a record unheard of by any Fiends known to record. Known as "The Tyrant Of The Battlefield", they called him a Warlord and One Of The Divine Mount's Greatest Fiends.

<div style="text-align:center;font-weight:bold;">Writer</div>Verdant Lore<div style="text-align:center;font-weight:bold;">Co-Writer</div>SaltyTank<div style="text-align:center;font-weight:bold;">Co-Writer</div>xiannie
Night of the Broken Gliph

“We live in a world of gliphs.”

“The left arm chamber, right arm chamber, left leg chamber, right leg chamber, wind chamber and the heart chamber. These are the six chambers of gliph that represent a glipher’s quality.”

In his previous life, he was the best metalsmith on the continent; even the most powerful fighters came to him for weapons. He was no doubt a powerful man, but sadly, his incapability to retaliate left him at the mercy of others.

Chui Yim, once dead, reincarnated into the world of gliphs, accompanied by Heaven’s Flame. However, the violent introduction of Heaven’s flame crippled his heart chamber.

Born with a heart deficiency, he was unable to perform strenuous exercise, let alone engage in physical fights. As such, his father who worked as a doctor made him study hard and sent him to the Riding Clouds Academy, where he met a close friend who was escaping from his family’s murderer.

Determined to write his own destiny, Chui Yim vowed to break limits and take up the path of a cultivator.

​​​​​​​Join Chui Yim as he embarks on his journey of cultivation, a thorny journey full of blood, tears, and enlightenment. This mystical and martial arts chivalry novel, “Night of the Broken Gliph”, by the famous Hong Kong author, Maple Shing, will definitely not disappoint!

Translator: Xiannie

Original Work: 破紋夜by Maple Shing

Schedule: 4 chapters per week

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PG-13 Paid content
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