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Authors Who Like Fiction Better Than Life
Authors Who Like Fiction Better Than Life
Intorduce Yourself
shnuffeluv3 years ago
Here you can just say what you want people to know about you, say what you like writing, why you write, whatever. I'm going to say right off the bat I have dealt with anorexia and recurring depression through my life, and when I don't want to talk to my parents about it, since they will then hover over me for the next week or so, I put my black moods and worst-case scenarios in my writing. Sometimes though even that gets hard, and I might just start a thread on here where I can rant about how my life seems to be setting itself up to fail. Despite this, I'm adamant about other people feeling as happy as they can, so I'm at base a pessimist who tries to convert others to optimism. Good luck to all ye who try to make me see otherwise.
roseofnoonvale3 years ago
My username is Roseofnoonvale, but you can call me Rose. Lately, a lot of my writing has taken on a darker, or more depressing side than when I was younger. Most of the emotions portrayed in my writing is either that of close friends or my own. My darker, or more emotional based works will appear when helping friends through a rough time or going through my  own rough time. It's my escape from reality, and the hurting world. I'm not just a writer, I'd be glad to make friends with anyone, though I'm slow to open up about anything in my personal life outside of writing. I want my friends to be happy, and will  do my best to make them happy. I'm always up for a chat about anything. Nice to meet any and everyone who reads this
shnuffeluv3 years ago
Hello, Rose!
PoisonPurple3 years ago
Hi I'm Poison or Hannah. Now growing up for me has been...er different. Growing up I have never thought or acted like my age... not like I goof around quite the opposite, I remember in year 4 when everyone was playing tag I was sitting in the field doing homework or reading a book, however I always had friends but that's more of the problem: I had been friends with EVERYONE. No one was my 'best friend' to say, while everyone paired of I would be the one working alone and I have grown to be okay with that but I does get me down. This year being a 'Young pre-teen/Just teen' I have finally been invited to a conference at a MUN school debate (model united nations) I remember walking in and have all the older kids (18-20) telling me to go back home and do real kid stuff. That really hurt me. People used too say I was too happy all the time but in truth I was never happy, I was always alone, we always moved due to my Father's job so I never had time to socialise, in class I was picked on for being 'Smart and lame'. I enjoyed video games and I was always more comfortable around guys yet I still feel awkward around everyone. Sat in bathroom stalls eating my lunch.

Books had always been my favourite, with English class being a priority, I read most classics so now I'm my English lessons I refer to books such a Pride and Prejudice when people who are 2 years above me haven't started yet. I enjoy reading books such a s 'Freedom: a collection of short stories based on the Declaration of human rights' Fictional characters understand more and this is why I flock to sites like these, I feel normal around you guys and I like to have friends, I hope we all get along!
Nor3 years ago
Hi Hannah! My life is literally the same. I guess my most vivid memory of pre-school was behind the shed... I love all the classics and need to read Freedom as I saw it in a bookshop a while ago.
XXjoeyXX3 years ago
My names Joey, and fiction is one of my escapes from reality. I have PDD-NOS, PTSD, depression, and a few other things I wont mention. I won't say much about me yet, because I don't know how quick people are to judge and I've been judged enough. I haven't been writing long, but its helped me cope with life, and this place feels safe to me, though i'm slow to trust.

Most of my writing contains bits of my life, in a way i feel safe to express it...so hi *waves*
shnuffeluv3 years ago
Hey! Welcome!
ihavenoidea3 years ago
Hey, names Dylan. I will spare you the details, but my childhood was hell. Writing is a newish hobby, and slowly moving away from what used to be my only genre of writing. I have depression and anger issues, though I'm managing better. So, not reallly much to say. I'm not a man of many words at times, though others I could talk for hours.
MagicInk7623 years ago

Writing would probably have to be one of the most important things in my life. I use it as a way to deal with the things that really upset me, that I otherwise probably wouldn't be able to cope with. During the past five years I have experienced, depression, anxiety, really bad anger management issues, and anorexia that developed into bulimia.

I've never really found it easy to get along with people (thank you Aspergers...) and up until year 7, I was bullied (still am a little bit) and there was no one I could properly call a friend. Because of that, I used to spend lunch alone in the library reading.

If any of you ever want to talk to someone, I will always be here to listen. xx
shnuffeluv3 years ago
Welcome, both of you! If you guys ever need a talk, I'm here, and I have gone through a lot in my life too, I'm always willing to support!
Pook3 years ago
Hii, my name is Maya but i like to go by Pook. I'm 17 and kind of shy. I don't really have friends accept my boyfriend of 2 years and people that only say hi to me in school. In middle school people used tp tease me about being short and having hair on my arms. And now peoplr accuse me of being stuck up and snooty because i keep to myself and try to walk with courage. I am completely anti social and I remember that my sophomore year in high school I talked to absolutely no one. It gets me depressed sometimes because I don't know why I act this way, it's just an unfortunate subconscious instinct. The people that do know me know that I'm very funny and silly when I can be, but I have a bit of a temper also. I don't show my emotions often and the only way I can really express myself is through music and writing. I'm obsessed with dystopia/zombie genres at the moment; maybe it's my way of expressing being alone and having to battle through the chaos of socializing . I have no idea really haha but it is just an interesting topic and I hope to find a Zombie Awareness Society on here. But yup that's my gist. Bye :)
shnuffeluv3 years ago
Welcome welcome! I'd love to read some of those stories you like!
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