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Marriage and Annulment

Zaneska Vergara is a dominant personality. She always gets what she desires in life. She is the type of woman who is willing to forego her own wealth in order to achieve her goals. She was a queen in her own empire, the heir to her own company, but she lacked one thing: a man who would be there for her no matter what. She met her best friend's boyfriend, Zander Harreon Arcanghel, a man with a simple life, a public school teacher, for the first time. It was as if an arrow had struck her and landed in her heart. She is head over heels in love with her best friend's boyfriend.

Unfortunately, the man does not see any other woman besides her best friend, Mitch Saika Claveniria. They're getting married, and she'll be a sad and hurt. However, when her best friend's father was diagnosed with severe Leukaemia, it changed their lives together. So she made a large offer in exchange for the man she adored. She is relieved that her best friend gave up their friendship in exchange for her father's life.


As a result, she entered Zander's life. She did everything she could to make the man love her as well. Her efforts bore fruit after a year. He proposed a marriage to her that she would thoroughly enjoy. Finally, she achieved what she had hoped for: she truly claimed the man she adored. However, the man discovered her secret two years into their marriage. He made the decision to divorce her and filed for annulment.

Can Zaneska Vergara save her marriage to Zander Harreon Arcanghel, or will she let him leave her for good?