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    Hi, I’m Cheeto. (That’s short for a very very strange name: “CheetoCheetoChickenAlfredo." Don't.... don't question it.) I’m your average local writaholic. As of now I’m just a hobbyist writer trying to polish my craft, although I am looking to be a professional in some years. Currently, I specialize in writing urban fantasy, contemporary, action, and dystopia genres. I mainly create OG fiction; fanfic is fine, but I don’t really write it. While I mostly write prose and fiction, I occasionally dabble in poetry from time to time, though I consider that more of a 'side activity.' As of now (October-December 2022) I only have some short stories up, but, hopefully I will soon be uploading my own novels and series in early 2023. The editing and revising process for those longer works tend to take a while, and therefore they'll be released later. Regardless of what types or genres I write, I hope you all enjoy my work here, and *constructive feedback is always welcome. ——— Pronouns: They/them *Note: I strive to make my page a safe place for everyone. Constructive feedback is much appreciated. However, if you are going to spread hate and/or discrimination of any kind, I suggest you click off my profile, as that will not be tolerated. Thank you.
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Any And All [of my] Posted Scribblings (APS)


Any (and all of my) Posted Scribblings. 


Yeah, I guess the title is pretty indirect as to what this blog is about. But basically, this is a blog for my (hopefully upcoming?) book series, APS (which does not have the same meaning as this blog’s title.) As of October-December 2022, it's still undergoing a (very painful) rewrite, I'm planning on keeping this blog here for anything APS-related: updates, character profiles, random posts, whatever you can think of. I guess it's supposed to help the series in a way.