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    Mia Flame
    Mia Flame
    Hey guys! I'm just somebody that does writing in my spare time. My love is with screenwriting, but that doesn't mean I won't randomly write a poem about something weird. (no joke. I wrote a poem about memorizing the alphabet.) My dream is to someday be the screenwriter and director of good, clean movies that share the Good News of Salvation and Jesus Christ. All feedback is appreciated so please don't hesitate to give it! Be kind and courageous!! -Mia Flame Alright, I need to get back to folding the dishes and putting the fridge in the milk, but you go on ahead and explore my showcase. Have fun. Don't die. (And you might die. Careful when you click on the TBOFC.) Eeeeewwww. You weird stalker! Why are you still reading?! But anyway, who is running hell why you are up here on earth? For all those new to Penana, go check out- DragonCanine Mark Twain 2.0 SouthernSquid Clovers Julia Hope Bluemoon Scriptor Rose15 Geeky_Greeky_Nerd 2ignature Sm1ley-face RampantStrawberry Zeta
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Phantom Stallion Episode 1
G On Break

As a teenager, I have fallen in love with the Phantom Stallion series. I really hope someday to make it into a 2 seasons/25 episodes tv show. I took the book and wrote a screenplay for it. If you have read the Phantom Stallion series, you will recognized that I change a lot from the book to the screenplay. This was to lower the budget and time needed to make the episodes. Also, thoughts had to be transformed into action and dialogue, which was quite an interesting challenge. 

And I apologize if there are any typos. I haven't had much time to go through it. 

Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to make it better!

-Mia Flame

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