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    The name (As you can see) Kouki but please call me Kou! Age- 16, Likes-???? Dislikes-??? Rps all day! Single male. (Oc Info for Neeftagee Hisogi) 13 years old, male, shy, kind, sweet, responsible, and a bit anti-social. Likes: drawing/Art, music, dance & being alone. Dislikes: Loud noises, Big crowds, and his journal being taken by his bullies. (This is the oc I'll use for rps. I have a second one but this is the main one for this social app. Thx for understanding, Sundoves! ^.-u-.^
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Nexet Kimo, a bad-boy in a bad gang had a busy experience. One that could cost him his life if his boss found out. 

​ One night, on a supply drop-off, he came across a small child who had seen what he did. He followed him until losing him in a dead ended alleyway. 

It wasn't over tho.. Something happened that night. 

A white haired kid stood facing away from him. His aura was sickening and stiff causing the tense feeling in the air. Nexet had wanted to rush to kill him but he couldn't. 

More like.... His body wouldn't allow him...

Something this kid was doing, was causing him to stand still. But he didn't feel endanger until...

...He turned around....

His gaze.. His face..

Something about him wasn't normal...

Then he saw it...
His eyes were the color of blood. His teeth were like fangs. 

He wasn't human

Nexet was now stuck with a non-human person that was only 5 feet away from him. What was he going to do? How would he escape this living nightmare..? 

Something happened that night... 

Something that couldn't be put into words...