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    ✒ Likes: Writing, art (visual), reading, sleep, +bunch of other things. ✒ Dislikes: Interruptions, arguments, loud noises, bugs, cantaloupe, +more. ✒ Favorite book(s): WoF series; The Maze Runner series, Erth Dragons, etc. ✒ Pronouns: he/him __________________ Hey! Name’s Cheeto. That’s just shorthand for a very very strange moniker: “CheetoCheetoChickenAlfredo." (I’d rather you not question it right now…) Moving on. I’m your local average writaholic. Right now I’m just a hobbyist writer trying to polish my craft, although I’m looking to be a professional in some years. I specialize in writing urban fantasy, contemporary, action, and dystopia genres — but the bottom line is just all original fiction. Currently (October-December 2022) I only have a few short stories up, but hopefully I’ll be posting my own novels/series in early 2023. Regardless of what types or genres I write, I hope you guys enjoy my work here, and *constructive feedback is always welcome. __________________ *Note: I strive to make my page a safe place for everyone. Constructive, calm, and civil criticism is much appreciated. However, if you’re going to speak rudely or spread hate or discrimination of any kind, I suggest you click off my profile, as that won’t be tolerated. Thank you.
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A Powerful Secret Book 01: PowerGen


Talia Mako knows that secrecy is vital.

Keeping her abilities under wraps is absolutely necessary, and imperative for every superhuman (even if her friend Caster has something to say about it.). The government’s already bad enough, so who knows what they’d do if they discovered superpowers? 

 Talia doesn’t want to find out. 

… Until she does.

Until a life-threatening incident and a quick slip-up exposes the realm of superhumans for good, and the damage can’t be undone. 

Talia’s on her own — her life gets flipped around instantly, and she hates her new way of living. Stuck in one building — the complex of an organization called PowerGen — with about 35 other superhumans, she’s unable to do anything other than train and get taken in for experiments on the rare occasion.

She hates it. Hates it, hates it, hates it. 

And yet there’s no going back. Only moving forward. Only changing the life she has now, even if she needs to climb over a mountain of doubt just to do so. 

Because if she really wants to get out of here, she can’t stop at just anything.

This content contains depictions of violence, death, mentions of suicide, and moderate language, which may be disturbing for some readers. Viewer discretion advised.