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    ✒ Likes: Writing, art, reading, sleep, +more. ✒ Dislikes: Interruptions, arguments, loud noises, bugs, cantaloupe, +more. ✒ Favorite book(s): WoF series; The Maze Runner series, Erth Dragons, etc. ✒ Pronouns: he/him __________________ Hey, name’s Cheeto, I’m just your average writaholic. Little fact about my name — it’s shorthand for the monstrosity that is: “CheetoCheetoChickenAlfredo." (I’d rather you not question it right now…) Moving on, I’m a hobbyist writer who hopes to be a professional someday, although that day is not today, since I’m certainly not ready for that yet. My showcase focuses in on full-length books (generally ~50K - ~100K words) and some short stories as well (~1K - ~10K words). The blogs are honestly more for fun and stupidity. Lots of stupidity. And, you know what, I’ll make that work. Aside from writing, I’m a visual artist, a reader, and a certified Nervous Mess :). You’ll usually find me working on something, procrastinating on working on something, or thinking about what to work on when there’s so many things at once. I hope you all enjoy my writing here, and see me through on this journey to polish up my writing. Because I’ll be doing that for a pretty long while. __________________ *Note: I strive to make my page a safe place for everyone. Constructive, calm, and civil criticism is much appreciated. However, if you’re going to speak rudely, spread hate and discrimination of any kind (e.g., racism, sexism, ableism, homo/transphobia, xenophobia, etc.), I suggest you click off my profile, as that will NOT be tolerated. Thank you.
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