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    I love you all and myself ofc because #selflovebeproud <3 我愛你們所有人和我自己,因為#自愛要驕傲<3 Los amo a todos and yo misma por supuesto porque #amordeunomismoyorgullosa <3 • https://buddymeter.com/quiz.html?q=utlppOe • Matching with Seong-min (I have no idea how to say this in Mandarin) Mismos perfiles con Seong-min • I am constantly changing my profile picture 我正在不斷更改我的個人資料圖片 Estoy constantemente cambiando mi photo de perfil • Pronouns - She/her and or they/them (I don’t care which one you use) 代詞-她/她和或他們/他們(我不在乎你用哪一個) Pronombres - Ella y/o Ellos (no me importa cuál usas) • From Guatemala and live in the US 來自瓜地馬拉,住在美國 De Guatemala y vivo el los Estados Unidos • Selena Quintanilla and Romeo Santos = good music (just try to change my mind >:D) 賽琳娜·金塔尼利亞和羅密歐·桑託斯=好音樂(試著改變我的想法>:D) Selena Quintanilla y Romeo Santos = música buena (solo intenta cambiar mi opinión >:D) • I curse and talk about inappropriate subjects sometimes (often but not super often) 我有時詛咒和談論不恰當的主題(通常但不經常) Aveces digo malas palabras y hablo de temas inapropiados (mucho pero no mucho) • Omnisexual + Omniromantic and proud >:D 為成為LGBT而自豪 Omnisexual + Omniromantico(a) y orgullosa >:D • Women are hot and you can’t change my mind 女人很性感,你不能改變我的想法 Las mujeres son atractivas y no puedes cambiar mi opinión • Consider following: 考慮以下內容: Consideren siguiendo: - Mira - E.G. - Jada ♡ - Alex - bunnybear - ♡KAT♡ - RozzyAuthor - 2ignature Sm1ley-Face - geeky_greeky_nerd - A. KAUF - Cheeto - 太子~陳浩南 - Isabella ☆ - Zeta - _.ash._ - ❤️queerroyaltykc❤️ - Annie20 - RampantStrawberry - Clovers - Alexis Konze - Jay Ellis - Mia Flame - ♡Dolle♡ - ༺Myko༻ - izzie <3 - 古潮兒 - 逆水千帆 - 戒指 - 성민 - Raine Violet - Trisha - Anahi - 生薑 • I love manhwa/manhua/manga 我喜歡曼瓦, 曼吉阿, 和漫畫 Amo el manhwa/manhua/manga • I like anime but not so much that I turn into an otaku 我喜歡動漫,但還不那麼喜歡,以至以至上我變成了一個宅男 Me gusta el anime pero no mucho que me convierta el una otaku • I love champagne (no alcohol) 我喜歡香檳 (不含酒精) Amo el champán (sin alcohol) • I really love BL/yaoi 我真的很喜歡BL/yaoi Amo mucho el BL/yaoi • Favorite Lyrics (changes): 最喜歡的歌詞(更改): Letras favoritas (cambia): "You caught me, you had me in your hands. You taught me how inhuman and how unhappy you can be. You pretended to be exactly in love. Although you have never loved me, I know it. You told me that I could never forget you. That later I would go to beg you and ask you, "Kiss me" I fought against the love I had for you and it left. And now I've forgotten you" - Ivy Queen “你抓住了我,你把我放在你手裡。 你教我你是多麼不人道,多麼不快樂。 你假裝完全戀愛了。 雖然你從未愛過我,但我知道。 你告訴我,我永遠不會忘記你。 稍後我會去求你,問你,“吻我” 我與我對你的愛作鬥爭,它離開了。 現在我忘記了你” - 常春藤女王 "Me atrapaste, me tuviste entre tus manos Me enseñaste lo inhumano y lo infeliz que puedes ser Te fingiste exactamente enamorado Aunque nunca me has amado, yo lo sé Me dijiste que jamás podría olvidarte Que después iría a rogarte y a pedirte, "Bésame" Yo luché contra el amor que te tenía y se fue Y ahora ya te olvidé” - Ivy Queen • My favorite manhwas are probably 我最喜歡的曼赫瓦斯可能是 Mis favoritas manhwas tal vez son: - Angel Buddy - Your Regrets Mean Nothing To Me - Killing Stalking - On or Off - Senior is Bad - Little Rain - Sign - Jinx - Painter Of The Night - Under The Oak Tree - Dangerous Convenience Store - A Villainess For The Tyrant - Cherry Blossoms After Winter - Business Proposal - The Adventures Of Demon King’s Daughter - What’s Wrong with You, Duke? - Dear Door - Whose Baby Is It? - The Villainess Needs Her Tyrant - Clean and Dirty - Sweet not Sugar - It’s My Baby! - Swapping - The Origin of Species - The Words In Your Snare - The Scatter - Arima Wants To Be An Omega - I Married The Male Lead’s Dad - The Guy She Was Interested In Wasn’t A Guy At All! - The Titan’s Bride - How To Get My Husband On My Side - Assorted Wildness - When The Yakuza Falls Inlove - Don’t Touch Me - Perfectly Broken Love - No Love Zone - Wolf In The House
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